Character Profile: Louis

Name: Hthcik’shesthethk-rngyou’szze’katc, Louis Allen (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Louis, Green Claw, Whoosh

Title(s): Patriarch, Amaran Dragon Colony; Emvel Degmen of the Imperium of Ran Errevir

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 189 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Curved black horns, black/green wings and prehensile tail, vertical scar on his left cheek, marriage tattoo around his right upper thigh

Dick Size: Very large (by human standards, average by dragon standards)

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Denver, Alse Nonth-Mel (tidal husbands), Edwin (land husband)

Family Relationships: Kjznyyr’dzjkkran’yyghethkkn (dam, deceased), Wvnxxk’tayshzjn-cknekjt’nvrkl’nmjr (sire), Zsnahgyjr’mmekn-hrchk’nkkjdr’hkathznz (siremate, deceased), Krnyln’oljka-skssnjl’tchkkhc’ktakkck (siremate), Kzarr’nnevethk-hngyou’eeen’tekth (friend/protectee), Natalie anNadya and Sheheren Janaj He’Sseri (Captain and her mate), Pax anNatalie and Nate anNadya (Human’s best friend and his mate), Cedric (cooking teacher), John (kitchen rival)

Sexuality: Dragon

Preferred Positions: Sitting, ridden by his partner

Kinks: Submission, biting, pet names, bruises

Orgies Attended: The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born into a clutch of five in the Amaran colony, Louis lived the ordinary life as a dragon, evicted from his home at the age of seven and forced to fight and fuck his way to survival with only a very small amount of help from his favourite siremate. Louis became very protective of one of that siremate’s offspring, taking great care to be careful with him. When his siremate was killed, Louis took over his cave and hoard and evicted the offspring for everyone’s own safety, and vigorously defended his new territory in hopes of being able to mate with the clan matriarch. When she was killed, he audaciously took control of the clan for himself, killing the two adolescent females competing for the position and eventually four others, rallying the rest of the colony behind the idea of a new kind of leadership. With that accomplished, Louis went with a foreign matriarch to rescue his friend, and ended up on an adventure on a boat that resulted in his gaining not one but two human mates, which he considers to be far more important than any of his other accomplishments.


  • Louis was never the biggest dragon of his clutch or his age group, but he was the best fighter
  • Louis discovered his shapeshifting ability relatively late in life, a few months after he started adolescence
  • Louis’s two favourite clutchmates were much smaller than him and one day both were killed by an older dragon looking to loot their sire’s cave
  • Louis felt so much affection for Joey that multiple times he gave up the opportunity to fight another dragon for treasure so he could hang out with Joey
  • After his siremate died, Louis pretended to have killed him. He also pretended to have killed the matriarch. He hated doing this, but it prevented a large number of dragons from attacking him who might otherwise have done so when he took over the colony
  • Louis was fully prepared to fight the southern matriarch to the death when she showed up. He was very surprised when she was in full support of him leading his colony on the condition that he help her run a small errand
  • Prior to coming to the ocean, Louis had never seen a large body of water before. He is afraid of it, but also fascinated by it
  • Louis would happily give up his colony if it meant staying with Denver. He is glad he doesn’t have to, however
  • As part of his plan to restructure the colony, Louis plans to start taking care of smaller, weaker dragons so that they’re not killed thoughtlessly
  • Of all his duties and responsibilities, Louis takes his duties as a protector the most seriously. He’ll protect Denver, Edwin, his colony and his ship with his life without hesitation


  • “Huh. Never seen a human up close before. Thought you’d be bigger.”
  • “I wanted to brag about my hoard, But it’s just some junk and you’ve already got a human. I guess even the runt wins sometimes.”
  • “I don’t have a human shape, all my shapes are dragon shapes. Don’t be racist.”
  • “Anyway, remind me to punch Owen when I see him.”
  • “Waking up a sleeping dragon is a bad fucking idea.”
  • “You feel good about yourself, big strong human? Picking on the runt? Fight a real dragon and then see how much you gloat.”
  • “What do humans like? Like if I wanted to give a human something. A present.”
  • “You’re on the list too, lizard boy. The fuck list.”
  • “I want to stay here on the ship. To…to join your crew, I mean.”
  • “I…I can’t leave him. I, look. I know I’m not supposed to say this. It’s the sort of thing humans get pissy about. But I fucking, I like him better, okay? I like you too but if I had to pick I’m going to pick him. It’s not, there’s nothing wrong with you. He’s just…my favourite.”
  • “When you’re seven. That’s how big you have to be to ride a dragon.”
  • “So if you ever want to get your ass kicked. Or pounded. I’m game either way.”
  • “I just like being able to feed Denver. It was the first thing I could do that actually impressed him.”


  • Louis was the only shapeshifter in his clutch, but one of his clutchmates did have two dicks, which they agreed was a pretty good trade-off
  • Louis has an irrational fear of things emerging from under the mountains to eat him
  • Louis’s was first fucked by his sire upon being evicted from the cave. Louis requested it, in order to demonstrate his independence from his sire
  • Louis spends far too much time worrying about what happens to goats that he’s eaten when he shifts into a smaller form
  • Of the many dragons he was sexually active with, Joey was the only one Louis genuinely enjoyed being with sexually
  • Louis only started cooking to impress Denver. He actually quite enjoys it
  • Having met humans with piercings and tattoos, Louis wants some of both, but is worried about how they’d work with his shapeshifting
  • Louis’s first times with both Denver and Edwin were both supposed to be casual hookups. He still doesn’t understand what happened to make them more than that
  • The idea of gold being useful for something other than sitting around in caves is the human idea Louis thinks dragons could benefit most from using, tied only with the concept of sex being fun and mutual. Clothes are the idea that he thinks dragons could benefit most from enacting a fiery crusade against
  • Louis’s favourite thing it the world is to wake up in the crow’s nest in the morning with Denver asleep on his chest, and to watch the sun rise like that

Modern AU: Modern Louis is a mixed martial artist and instructor who works at a local gym teaching Judo four nights a week, coaching boxing and wrestling and serving as a part-time nutritionist, almost entirely for underprivileged youth. On weekends he also volunteers to be beat up as a test dummy in self-defence classes for women. He spends his non work time working out, practicing for competitions, raising money for youth shelters and hanging out with his favourite nephew, and more recently spending most of his free time with his two boyfriends. Though he never thought much about a long-term relationship before now, nothing makes Louis happier than waking up with one or preferably both of Denver and Edwin in his bed, looking peaceful as they sleep. Aside from fighting, looking out for people who need it and being with the boys he loves, Louis enjoys basketball, tinkering with his motorcycle Green Claw, hooking up with random guys in gym showers and after matches, and long, full-contact hugs.

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Louis

  1. “ Louis has an irrational fear of things emerging from under the mountains to eat him”

    Given the existence of Scott? That’s not irrational at all. It is a very reasonable fear to have.


  2. “Louis was fully prepared to fight the southern matriarch to the death when she showed up. He was very surprised when she was in full support of him leading his colony on the condition that he help her run a small errand”

    This seems super suspicious, since we now know that Mathilda knew Solomon, who was responsible for killing the previous matriarch. Was Solomon somehow involved in some dragon politics here?


    1. Definitely not impossible! Solomon was dead by that point, but that doesn’t mean that at least part of that wasn’t part of some leftover plan of his. 🙂 After all, he had to have gotten his claws into the dragons of the Amaran colony somehow.



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