Drew/Edwin/Robby, Just Right

Ao3 Link

It turned out that Robby’s friend Edwin was the same Edwin who was dating Gavin, and Drew had always thought he was hot, so Drew had figured there would be no harm in using Robby’s phone to send Edwin a message with a special link in it one night when he was staying at Robby’s place.

Robby was busy anyway, between Drew’s legs sucking him off, so he didn’t even notice Drew borrowing his phone, sending the link. Then Drew lay back, enjoying the blowjob. Robby was good at those.

About a half hour passed by the time the window opened—the induction sequence had been about ten minutes, so Edwin must have been about twenty minutes away—and Edwin came in. Drew had long since cum in Robby’s mouth and now they were using toys on each other to stretch them a little. Drew smiled when Edwin came in. Robby looked over at him. “Hi, Edwin,” he said, getting up with a dildo still up his butt and going over to hug him. “Have you met Drew?”

Edwin nodded, kissing Robby. “Yeah, I have. You guys got started without me.”


“You invited Edwin over, remember?” Drew asked Robby, stroking his neck.

Robby blinked. “Right. Well, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Edwin took off his shirt, revealing his muscled chest, and Drew enjoyed looking at that while he undid his belt, pushed his pants down. He should go slower, Drew thought idly. He’d make sure to tell him that next time.

For now though, Edwin was basically naked, just stepping out of his pants, and he had a nice dick. “Robby, you should get Edwin wet,” Drew said.

Robby nodded, kneeling in front of Edwin and taking his cock into his mouth immediately. “Oh,” Edwin said, hand in Robby’s hair. Edwin had already been hard—and probably had been since a minute and a half after he’d opened the link—so it was just a matter of letting Robby work.

Drew got up, keeping his own toy in and turning down the vibrations, and put his hand on Edwin’s face. Edwin leaned down, kissing Drew like Drew was the only person in the room, hands on Drew’s body, moving up and down, groping his ass when he could. Drew groped him back, feeling his chest, his back, forgetting Robby was there and surprising himself when he bumped into him.

Drew pulled back. “Come here,” He said, pulling Edwin to the bed. Robby got up and sat beside them as Drew sat in Edwin’s lap, resuming kissing him. Edwin was rubbing his cock against Drew’s, and Drew rubbed back, pinching Edwin’s nipple.

Robby pulled Drew’s vibrator out and Drew sat up, letting Robby aim Edwin’s cock for him. Edwin thrust up and Drew yelped as he was penetrated, sliding down faster than he meant to. Edwin must have thought Drew wanted it harder because of that, and he turned them over, laying Drew on his back and driving into him, not letting up. Drew gripped his arms, legs splayed, gasping for breath as Edwin started to fuck him hard, harder than he’d expected. “Edwin…”

That was all Drew was able to say before Robby’s dick was in his mouth, and he started sucking on instinct, because that was what he did when a dick was in his mouth. Edwin picked up speed, and started kissing Robby, who also started fucking, both of them fucking Drew now from each end. This was perfect, Drew hadn’t planned for this exactly but he sure wasn’t complaining.

Drew reached between Robby’s legs and grabbed the base of his dildo, doing his best to play with it, to fuck Robby as Robby fucked his face, and Edwin fucked his ass even harder, and Drew shouted around Robby’s cock as he came. That was Edwin and Robby’s cue to cum as well, and they both did, filling Drew from both ends like the good, obedient boys Drew had made sure they both were.

They pulled apart, but Edwin didn’t pull out of Drew’s ass, and nor did Drew want him to. Drew pulled Robby’s dildo out, and directed him down, and Robby sat on Drew’s dick, facing Edwin, making out with him as he started to ride Drew, as Edwin fucked Drew gently this time, and Drew just lay there, let them do that, recovering a little. Just a little, though.

An hour or three later, the three of them were cuddled up in bed together exhausted and sticky, and Drew smiled at Edwin and Robby, both resting but not yet asleep. He had Edwin’s phone, and used it to download his special app for Edwin. Edwin was too old for Lyren, but he was just right for Drew, just once in a while.

Tonight had been just right for Drew.



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