Owen, Darby, Bonding

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Sorry that took so long! said Darby as he joined Owen again.

Owen shrugged. It’s fine. Darby had taken forever in the bathroom, but it had been a crowded bathroom. He’d probably found someone to mess around with.

There were these hot twins! Darby explained, as they made their way out of the movie theatre. So I let them both fuck me! And then their hot friend came and he fucked me too while I sucked their dicks.

Made sense to Owen. Does that mean you don’t want supper?

Of course I want supper! Darby signed, giving an exaggerated scowl. I’m starving! All I’ve had to eat since lunch is popcorn and cum!

He’d had an extra-large popcorn, which he claimed Owen had eaten all of even though Owen had eaten exactly one of Darby’s handfuls. He’d also had an extra-large drink. And though Owen hadn’t counted, he’d snuck off to suck dick at least three times during the movie. But Owen was a good enough parent not to let his son subsist on popcorn and cum, and he was hungry too, so he nodded.

They walked to the mall food court, which was packed, but they managed to find a table, and ate greasy pizza and French fries and chicken sandwiches in peace, chatting about the movie they’d just seen. It was slow going—they could talk all they wanted with their mouths full, but it was hard to hold a sandwich and talk about how hot the main actor had been at the same time. Darby obviously hadn’t been kidding about being hungry; he only lifted his leg to put his foot between Owen’s legs once.

After supper they went to the sports equipment store. Darby needed gym clothes, no matter how much he’d insisted he didn’t at the gym this morning. His set was too small even for him, which was saying something, and parts of it were threadbare. Owen didn’t really need new gear, but he may as well grab some while he was here. They both needed swimsuits as well.

Darby was mostly interested in how he would look wearing the gear, so Owen made sure he actually picked out the shit he needed. He did let Darby pick out swimsuits, though, and of course Darby decided on the smallest Speedos he could find—and insisted on Owen having some too. Owen convinced him to use the fitting rooms instead of the aisle to try stuff on by agreeing to go with him, and they went into a fitting room together.

He was more interested in watching Owen dress than trying stuff on at first, but Owen did eventually get his ass in gear, making Darby try his stuff on, which resulted in a lot of him looking in the mirror appreciatively. Owen kept his jock on, which obviously miffed the commando Darby, but that was how it went. Then they tried on the swimsuits, and Darby’s was so tight he looked fit to pop out of it, but that was fine. Swimsuits were a bit silly anyway, and he looked happy in it. He looked even happier when Owen dropped his jock to try his on, the same suit only a bit bigger. A bit. Owen barely fit into it, having to really cram his dick in there.

Not going to happen, he signed to Darby, who was looking at him with pleading eyes.

Darby raised his phone. Can I at least take a picture to remember?

Owen sighed, and let Darby do it, one of him and then one of both of them together in the mirror. And then they changed back, and Owen let Darby steal his jock to mollify him a little.

He went and got a proper suit off the rack, but he bought the tiny one anyway, just because Gavin would get a kick out of it and so would Darby when they next had a pool day. Darby didn’t even notice, too busy flirting with a boy who was in the store buying socks.

They left the store, got in the car to head home. Darby fell asleep, which was surprising, but it had been a pretty tiring day. When they pulled into the driveway, Owen didn’t wake him, just picked him up and carried him into the house. Darby slept soundly in Owen’s arms, and into his bed, though he must have woken up once Owen left, because he crawled into Owen and Gavin’s bed not ten minutes after Owen had turned off the lights, conking right out again on Owen’s chest.

Owen just put an arm around him and smiled. He had a good boy.



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