Ray/Darby, According to Plan

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Ray had tagged along with Cal to see Gavin about the mission to Enjon for entirely professional reasons, of course. If he was going to make it as an artefact hunter, he needed to know how Cal did it, and what kinds of meetings he had and how he got information and how he related to his patron and all that. Knowing how to deal with a prince was an important part of the job, after all.

And since Darby was Gavin’s son, that meant he was also a prince, and since Cal was busy with Gavin, Ray figured it was up to him to deal with Darby. So, while Cal and Gavin sat down at the table, Ray went over to the couch where Darby was laying on his belly all by himself, doodling on some paper, and tapped Darby’s head, right between his ears.

Darby looked up, eyes flashing as he smiled that cute, slightly nervous smile he had, and Ray smiled down at him. Darby’s tail started to wag. He got up and signed something at Ray. Ray signed back Hi, which was one of the only signs he’d managed to learn so far.

Darby climbed over the back of the couch, getting in Ray’s space like he always did, but that was okay. He didn’t even smell that bad today. Someone must have made him take a bath. Tail wagging super fast, he took Ray’s hand and pulled him towards one of the rooms in the fancy royal apartment.

Ray glanced back at Cal, who just waved at him, and Ray waved back. He could do this. He’d practiced. He shut the door behind them when Darby didn’t, looking around Darby’s bedroom. He’d only been here a while but he’d already messed it up, the bed a tangle and some clothes—he didn’t even wear clothes most of the time—scattered on the floor.

Darby was already on his knees, reaching to undo Ray’s pants. No, that wasn’t what Ray wanted. Well, it was, but he had a plan. So he took Darby’s hands to stop him, and knelt down himself. Darby cocked his head, an ear twitching, and Ray smiled, and kissed him. Getting the hint quickly, Darby kissed him back, slobbering on Ray’s mouth, which Ray tried to tell himself wasn’t as gross as it seemed. Ray tried to use his tongue like Wes had shown him, but Darby was so energetic and aggressive—in a good way—that it was hard to properly explore his mouth. Darby kissed harder, leaning so far forward they both fell to the ground, and also licked Ray’s mouth and chin like they were the same activity.

But he was having fun, and Ray was too, and he remembered his most important lesson. As long as everyone was having fun, that was what mattered.

The next part of Ray’s plan involved getting Darby on the bed, so he stopped kissing for a minute, got him to stand up. Darby was watching him, and Ray gestured for the bed. Darby nodded, obediently heading over there. He followed instructions very well, which was good, it would make this easier. Ray followed him, taking off his shirt as he went. Darby sat on the bed and watched Ray as Ray dropped his shirt on the floor and started to undo his pants. They were his favourite pair; his mom had made them for him with a hole for his tail, and they were half undone already.

Darby grinned and pulled them down for Ray, which was very thoughtful but did make them snag on Ray’s tail because Ray hadn’t undone the button in the back. Ray yelped, but mostly out of instinct. It didn’t really hurt, though he did feel his hackles rising. Stupid dog. Darby must have sensed he’d done something stupid, because he looked up at Ray sadly.

Ray sighed, pulling his tail out of his pants and smallclothes. It wasn’t his fault he was dumb as a bag of straw. He kissed Darby again, on the forehead, to show he wasn’t mad. Darby grinned, and, maybe as an apology, took Ray’s dick and started licking the head.

Ray let him do that while he composed himself. The next thing he had to do was get the oil out of his pants—actually no, there was some on Darby’s bedside table, so they could use that—and prepare himself. He’d stretched himself this morning because he knew Darby would be impatient. Then he’d get Darby to insert…to fuck him. Ray had thought for a long time about what position he’d like to be in, thinking through the ones he’d tried and the ones he’d seen the other guys use. Ultimately, though it had really appealed to Ray—it had appealed to him several times over the last few days—to be on his hands and knees while Darby fucked him from behind, he’d decided he wanted to be on his back so he could see Darby’s face and keep kissing him.

If everything went well, they’d do this again sometime, so they could do it like dogs next time. For now, Ray nodded, happy that he’d sorted everything out. He put his hand between Darby’s ears again, scratching to get his attention. And Ray smiled, and pointed at the bottle of oil on the bedside table.

Darby jumped in place, and leapt to go get it, tail still wagging as Ray took the moment to appreciate Darby’s backside. It looked firm, tight. He had good thigh muscles, like he did a lot of running.

That was the only impression Ray was able to get before Darby came back with the oil, already opening it. Ray started to take it, but Darby poured some on his hands, and reached down to oil up Ray’s dick, which was already halfway there from the slobber. Ray blinked. “Wait’s, that’s not what I planned…”

Darby didn’t hear him, of course, grinning up at Ray. He fell onto his back, and reached between his own legs, rubbing the rest of the oil on his hole, even slipping two fingers inside, just for a second. Oh. Ray…Ray hadn’t planned this. He’d thought Darby would want to be the penetrative partner for sure.

But he was laying there, obviously so excited, looking up at Ray, his legs spread wide. He was holding his buttcheeks apart with one oiled-up hand, signing something self-evident with the other, and his dick was twitching.

It was important to be able to modify plans on the go, Ray decided. Sex never went exactly like people thought it would, like when he’d tried to swallow Mick’s cum the first time and had ended up with it in his hair instead. Ray nodded, crawling forward, hands on Darby’s hips. He took his dick in hand, pressed it carefully against Darby’s hole. He hadn’t practiced this. He should have. Cal had offered. But Ray had said he’d practice penetrating next time, not thinking he’d need it here. He’d have to figure it out as he went.

Well, he’d seen enough people do it. It couldn’t be any harder than his dick was, right? Ray pushed inside, and…oh.


Ray had known this would feel good, because everyone he’d seen do it had obviously liked it and it was self-evident that inserting his dick into a tight and warm space would feel good, that was how stimulating a sex organ worked. But he hadn’t…he hadn’t realized it would feel like this. It was so tight, and so warm, and so…awesome.

Darby whinged, making Ray realize he’d just slid part of his dick inside and stopped moving, overwhelmed. Ray nodded, and pulled out, then pushed back in, deciding how fast he wanted to go. He wanted to go very fast, but he knew it would last longer and be better if he didn’t. So he tried to go evenly, be slow about it. Darby was squirming underneath him and Ray wondered if it felt good for him too. He didn’t know how to ask that, so instead he leaned down and kissed Darby again, pressing their bodies together.

Darby started moving his hips in tune with Ray’s, or as close to in-tune as he could manage, and they moved mostly together, holding each other, kissing, Ray buried inside Darby, Darby’s dick rubbing a trail of pre-ejaculate against Ray’s belly. Darby’s tail was wagging so fast now, tickling back and forth behind Ray’s thighs as he pushed in and out. Darby was kissing less aggressively, mostly letting Ray control how their mouths moved, and it was hard for Ray to focus on that, on kissing him the right way, and on holding him the right way, and on moving his hips the right way, and on his feet being in the right place, there was just so much to pay attention to that Ray tried to pay attention to all of it and he got lost in that, he got lost in everything his body was feeling all over, Darby’s scent and Darby’s body and the noises Darby was making and the taste of Darby in his mouth overpowering him, and Ray had no idea what he did but he did it and then, and then, and then he felt everything all at once, letting out a yowl as he came inside Darby, gripping Darby’s shoulders hard, his claws extending.

Ray clung to Darby after, shaking all over from how powerful that had been. Holy crap, that had been so much all at once. His belly was wet, Darby obviously having cum too—Ray wished he could have seen that, damn—and the look on Darby’s face when Ray pulled back from their kiss told him Darby thought the same thing as him.

Ray smiled, and kissed him one more time, just a gentle touch of their lips. “I…really like you,” he whispered. “A lot. And I know you can’t hear me, but I wanted to say that.”

Darby just brought his hands up, and signed something, giving a dopey smile, and Ray had a feeling they were on the same page.

Ray sighed, and pulled out of Darby, laying on Darby’s shoulder. He licked the marks his claws had left in Darby’s shoulder, and then curled up beside him. He knew he was purring, and was just a little grateful that Darby couldn’t hear that. His plans didn’t say anything about this part, so they just lay there for a while, holding each other close, Ray’s ears brushing Darby’s nose, Darby’s fingers running back and forth over the back of his neck.

It was really nice, and they lay like that for a moment that lasted just long enough, just being together happily. And then Darby started to move, and Ray figured he must want to go pee or something and started to move as well. But no, Darby gently rolled Ray onto his back, sniffing his neck and chest, and…and climbed on top of Ray, looking down at him with a question on his face.

Ray’s dick was still mostly hard against Darby’s butt, and Ray nodded. Darby grinned, lifted up, and put Ray back inside him. Ray…hadn’t considered this position. But he wasn’t going to complain, not with the view of Darby on top of him, looking like he did, sweaty and happy and with claw marks in his shoulders. He moved his hands to Darby’s hips, not looking away for a second. No, Ray thought as Darby started to move again. It was no problem that this hadn’t gone according to his plan. Everything had worked out perfectly.



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