Character Profile: Frederick

Name: Frederick of House DiGorre, Frederick DiGorre (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Feddik, Frankie, Fred, Freddy, Shadow Fox, The one who smells like dirt

Title(s): Page to Prince Franz DiGorre, House DiGorre Spymaster

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 140 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Build: Lean

Distinguishing Marks: Jagged scar on his upper left thigh

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Abby (girlfriend), Silas (boyfriend), various friends (non-romantic sex partners)

Family Relationships: Marianna and Frank (parents, deceased), Franz of House DiGorre (patron/older brother), Boey of House DiGorre (patron/older brother), Gabrielle of House ven Sancte and Hector of House Quate (brothers’ partners) Donovan, Flora and Dahlia DiGorre (siblings), Dragon (dog), various castle staff (found family)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On his back

Kinks: Exhibitionism, submission, lack of control, consensual nonconsent, begging

Orgies Attended: The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born to two castle servants in Three Hills’s royal palace, Frederick’s early life was relatively carefree and was one that prepared him to work with his parents when he got older. Most of his early years were spent alongside his best friend Silas, an orphan whom his parents had taken in. When he was seven, Frederick’s parents were both killed in a fire started as part of an assassination attempt against Prince Gavin. Electing to work in their honour and wanting to support Silas, Frederick began working as a castle servant a few months later. A few years into his service, Frederick also started working for a nobleman named Dominic, passing him information in exchange for Dominic providing medicine that Silas needed. Frederick’s duties were nonspecific and changed frequently for a number of years, until he came into the service of Prince Franz DiGorre, who took him in as a page and eventually a spymaster when Frederick stopping working for Dominic and showed a talent for espionage—or a talent for making friends, as he prefers to put it. Frederick is currently a valued member of Franz’s household and his family, and is in an open but committed relationship with Silas and his girlfriend Abby, and is working to actively expand his network of close personal friends who like to share information with him.


  • Frederick thinks that his nonspecific duties in the castle were because they couldn’t find a specific job for him. It’s actually because he was being trained to be the master of servants someday, which nobody ever told him
  • At three years old, Frederick fell out a window and was unconscious for three days, and dead for seven minutes before castle doctors were able to revive him. He does not remember this
  • Frederick knows everyone who works in the castle by name, including all the castle guards, and knows enough about all of them to ask after their personal circumstances when he sees them. He also knows nearly all of the servants who work for various nobility in the city, and has taken to making friends with passing merchants, craftspeople and visiting nobility’s servants as well
  • Frederick offered to work double to keep Silas in the castle after his parents died, but was refused
  • The other servants feared Frederick might blame Gavin for what happened to his parents. He never did, but he did grow up thinking how scary Gavin’s life must be knowing that people sometimes want to kill him
  • Animals tend to avoid Frederick, except for dogs. Dragon is the first dog to have ever done more than sniff him and then walk away
  • Frederick has never gotten lost, even in places he’s never been
  • As a result of working for Franz, Frederick has learned Kyn. Having heard Franz talk about issues in both the Fury Plateau and with Aergyre, he’s decided to also learn Chez’n and Gronnde, just in case. Having met Prince Gavin’s son Darby, he has also taken it upon himself to learn sign language. He is pleased that Jacob knows all these languages and is willing to teach him
  • Frederick is an extremely devout adherent to the Catechism, attends church services twice a week, has most of his scriptures memorized, and believes that the messiah will come during his lifetime
  • Frederick barely remembers his parents. When he thinks about his family, he thinks of Franz, Boey and their family
  • During the dragon attack during which Gavin was abducted, Frederick was the only one who saw that the dragon had carried the prince off, and was the one who reported such to the king and queen, who’d feared that Gavin was dead


  • “I…I’m terribly sorry, your Highness. I should have announced my entry before…”
  • “I’m just trying to protect my friend.”
  • “I never thought I’d…have a family.”
  • “I have a lot of friends, your Highness.”
  • “We’re your people, my prince. We can’t only be your people when it’s easy or convenient.”
  • “Stop the cart? I need to go lay under the wheels.”
  • “You’re a slow eater, sir. I’ve learned to accommodate that.”
  • “My prince. I…didn’t think you’d be back this, uh. Early.”
  • “Yeah. Uh, liking both is…good.”
  • “I’m not really sure what you do about a dragon except wait for it to go away.”
  • “I like…the attention, I guess. I like that people feel…that way about me.”
  • “Hurting you doesn’t make me feel good.”
  • “We came up with an agreement. So that nobody’s feelings have to get hurt anymore. Silas is going to let me, you know. Mess around with other people. Have sex with them. As long as we ask his permission first.”


  • Frederick was born in a doorway. He knows this because every castle servant who remembers his parents points the doorway out to him every time he’s in the servants’ quarters
  • Frederick eats a lot of sweet and tart foods. Everyone thinks this is because he has a sweet tooth, but it’s actually because he doesn’t taste most other flavour palates
  • Frederick jerked of a few times with other servants, but other than that, his first sexual experiences were mostly with Silas
  • When he was eight, Frederick fell in the moat and nearly drowned. Princess Gabrielle pulled him out
  • Frederick has won the ‘best ass’ contest among the younger castle servants three years in a row. This year is the first he’s really understood why it matters, and he’s excited to defend his title and earn the congratulatory spanks from everyone who voted
  • Frederick has had sex with Silas on or against every piece of furniture in Franz’s apartments, including Franz’s bed. This was accomplished over the course of one week, though it is taking slightly longer to repeat the achievement with Abby
  • When he was made a page, Frederick assumed Franz wanted to fuck him. He was mildly disappointed that he didn’t, but he got over that after a day or two
  • When Frederick was eleven he got drunk by accident at dinner and wandered away. He was later found completely naked, dead asleep on the king’s throne
  • Frederick switched to wearing loincloths after the first time he saw Franz in his. It was because he liked the way it looked, but after wearing them for a few days, he found he also preferred how much less restrictive it was than smallclothes
  • Once, Frederick was cleaning mould from the tiles in the king’s bathroom and he overheard the king and queen talking about something important they were plotting. As with all other information that Frederick has overheard as a servant, he never told anyone about it

Modern AU: Modern Frederick was orphaned at a young age after a kitchen fire, and lived in a group home for orphaned boys for a few years rather than being put in the foster system. The group home had a tendency to secretly find its tenants employment in domestic labour despite various labour laws, and Frederick ended up being subcontracted out to a cleaning company hired by Franz DiGorre, who, upon discovering what was happening, immediately fostered Frederick and had the group home put under new management (his own) that wouldn’t exploit the children. Now Frederick lives with Franz and his family and is happy to do housework sometimes because that’s what you do when you live in a family. He lives with his boyfriend, sees his girlfriend every day at school, has many friends and is very happy. Frederick hosts weekly sleepovers, usually just with a few friends, but sometimes with a lot of friends, and they tend to be clothing-optional at best. When not at school, doing housework or deciding how many pairs of underwear a sleepover really needs, Frederick enjoys beaches and swimming pools, writing music and then being too embarrassed to show it to anyone, and looking up revealing clothing and/or cool piercings to beg Silas and Abby for.

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Frederick

  1. “was unconscious for three days, and dead for seven minutes before castle doctors were able to revive him. … Animals tend to avoid Frederick”

    Is this a zombie?


      1. Is This a Zombie?, incidentally, is the title of a light novel series/anime whose main character dies in the first episode. And is promptly resurrected by a necromancer as a remarkably well-preserved sort of zombie. Later he becomes a chainsaw-wielding magical girl, complete with excessively frilly dress donned via transformation sequence.


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