Character Profile: Silas

Name: Silas of House DiGorre, Silas Doppler-DiGorre (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Scarecrow, Sias, Sugarwasp, The one who smells like clay

Title(s): Scribe to Prince Franz DiGorre

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 137 cm

Weight: 32 kg

Build: Skinny

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Slightly below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Frederick of House DiGorre (boyfriend), Jacob (adoptive brother/sub)

Family Relationships: Unknown parents, Sister Ellie (mother figure), various orphans at St. Hubert’s (siblings), Franz DiGorre and Boey (big brothers/mentors), Gabrielle ven Sancte and Hector Quate (brothers’ partners) Dahlia, Flora and Donovan DiGorre (adoptive siblings), Dragon (dog), Abby (boyfriend’s girlfriend)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Sitting

Kinks: Dominance, power, lending his partner out, semi-public sex, orgasm denial

Orgies Attended: The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: An orphan with no known parents, Silas showed up one day at the royal palace in Three Hills when he was a toddler and wasn’t able to say who’d brought him there. He immediately befriended a boy named Frederick, and Frederick’s parents raised Silas, taking care of him when he took ill with a lethal illness, until they were killed in a fire. Silas tried to work to earn his keep in the castle, but ultimately had to leave and found a home in St. Hubert’s church, a small church where a cleric fed and housed orphans. Silas always felt bad because Frederick was providing his life-saving medicine for him, and did his best to help the other kids around the church as much as he could until he was old enough to get a real job and help Frederick in return. Unfortunately, Silas’s life was threatened and he had to leave the church, coming to live with Prince Franz DiGorre, who is now his patron. Silas is now training to be a scribe and is dating Frederick, and each of those things alone would make him feel whole even if they weren’t happening together, and even if he hadn’t managed, over the course of all this upheaval, to find himself a real family.


  • Silas has spent most of his life aware that he could die if he loses access to his medication, and that he could die anyway. He consciously decided a few years ago that he couldn’t live acting like he would die tomorrow and chooses to assume he’ll live a full life
  • Silas doesn’t remember his parents at all. When he tries to think about them, he thinks about Frederick’s parents
  • Because St. Hubert’s is in a state of disrepair, Silas has learned how to patch holes in walls, repair furniture and sew clothes
  • Silas taught himself to read using the scripture around the church. Until recently, he was never sure if he could actually read or if he’d just memorized the scriptures
  • As part of managing his illness, Silas had learned not to eat much and to ignore the fact that he’s nearly always a little bit hungry. He’s recently been learning to eat a little more now that he has a new doctor, but he gets anxious if he feels like he’s eating too much
  • Silas has never slept by himself and the prospect of doing so when he moved in with Franz scared him, which is why he started sleeping with Frederick even before they were together
  • Silas started working as a scribe because it was a way to earn his keep, but he’s found he genuinely likes doing it
  • Silas occasionally experiences blackout headaches accompanied by severe nausea, which his first doctor told him was because of the sweet sickness, but which his new doctor thinks is caused by something else
  • Shortly before he was brought to live with Franz, Silas had been thinking about becoming a sex worker to make money, which he knew would upset Ellie and Frederick
  • Though he hates mornings, Silas’s favourite part of every day is when they all sit and eat breakfast together


  • “Frederick? These guards said you’d sent them to come get me. What’s going on, what’s wrong?”
  • “I don’t, um. Have any parents. So Frederick’s used to let me stay with them. When I got sick they took care of me, until they um…well, died.”
  • “I like Frederick and his attitude, though.”
  • “Who’s Abby?”
  • “So…can I ask you some more questions sometime?”
  • “Why do you guys think God is a lady?”
  • “Nothing good about a dog sticking his face in your crotch.”
  • “I hear in the east they still have whipping boys. Can I have a whipping boy?”
  • “I mean, it’s not like I can stop other people from thinking Frederick is cute.”
  • “Some of us top, you know.”
  • “I’m too young to stop getting laid. I only just started last month.”
  • “I’m just worried that you like flirting with them more than you like flirting with me. More than staying with me.”
  • “Sex is just something you do, right? You can have sex with someone else and still love me. You have sex with Abby and still love me.”


  • Silas always thought soap was abrasive and irritating. It turns out he was just allergic to the soap at the church
  • When he was little, Silas used to sing songs to himself to fall asleep, but he never remembered doing it
  • Silas learned to jerk off because there were some boys older than him at the church, including Jacob, and he did it with them a few times, including jerking each other off
  • When Jacob wasn’t home, Silas liked to climb up to the top of the bell tower and pee off it, seeing if he could hit the courtyard or the street. He accidentally hit a person once
  • Now that Silas has access to a library, he’s been borrowing books from it to read constantly. The ones he likes, he copies, ostensibly for Franz, but actually for himself
  • Silas’s favourite superficial thing about being part of the prince’s household is that he gets to wear nice clothes made from good fabric that fit him perfectly
  • Silas started messing around sexually with Frederick as soon as they started sleeping together, and they had most of their sexual firsts together
  • Silas wanted to hate Abby when he found out about her, but they ended up becoming good friends after talking once
  • Though he knows he can talk to Franz about anything, Silas’s first go-to is usually Boey when he has a problem
  • The thing Silas likes most about being a scribe is decorating the margins of the document after he’s done writing it

Modern AU: Modern Silas is an orphan who lived with Frederick’s parents until they died, and was put into the foster system, where he was split up from Frederick and put in a different group home, but managed to stay in touch with him. When Frederick found a place to live and managed to get Silas placed in the home too, Silas finally began to feel like he had a family again, living with Frederick, Franz and Boey feeling more real to him than anywhere else he’d been. Silas has also become recently re-acquainted with his friend Jacob, and is exploring a new relationship with him just as he is with Frederick. Silas is an aspiring writer who currently only writes horny fanfiction but is always trying to come up with an idea for an original story, and is practicing his art skills with the vague idea that he might draw a comic someday. Silas is in the history club at his school, and when he’s not there or at home with his family, Silas can generally be found in the library reading, in the mall buying things for Frederick or at his old group home volunteering as a big brother for the younger kids there.

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Silas

  1. Hmm. Is Silas another homunculus made by Klaus? Because those blackout headaches look suspiciously familiar…


    1. They do seem awfully similar to those experienced by a certain homunculus we know, don’t they? And he does apparently smell like clay…but of course, no comment for now. 😀

      Thanks, and sorry for missing this initially!


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