Dragon, 94

Even the Most Cheerful Boys Have Moments of Unhappiness

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You have cum in your hair, Owen told Darby.

I do not, Darby said, looking up.

Owen rolled his eyes. Yes, you do. He leaned across the bathtub, tugged a sticky lock of Darby’s hair, just below his right ear. Right here. There’s cum in your ear, too.

Oh! That must have been Wyatt, Darby said with a grin. Leo didn’t cum on my face, but he did. Or maybe it was Noel…

Owen sighed. I don’t bring you to the fortress so you can fuck your way through the whole order, you know. I thought you wanted to train.

I can do both! Darby took the soap and put it in his hair to wash it, though. Besides, you fucked Edwin while you were supposed to be training. Twice. He tapped that last word against his shoulder to emphasize it.

It was hardly Owen’s fault that Edwin had looked so hot today. They’d fucked more than twice, but they’d only snuck away twice, anyway. He grinned at Darby. Yeah, I did. But we got to training early, and I cleaned up after.

Darby rolled his eyes, ducked under the water, rubbing aggressively at his head. As he was under there, he moved closer, then popped up right in front of Owen. Better?

A little, Owen confirmed. Here, let me get the rest. He got some actual soap, worked it into Darby’s hair, washing it. Darby looked down, posture a little weird. His tail was drooping. Owen stopped, tilted his head up. Are you okay?

Darby blinked, nodded, which made some suds fall on his face. It just feels nice when you do that.

Darby didn’t have even a bit of a boner, so Owen took that to mean something not horny for once, and he smiled. My dad used to wash my hair sometimes, he told Darby.

Darby grinned, tail swishing in the water, and Owen went back to washing him, taking the opportunity to do his back and under his arms for him, careful of the scratches on his arms and shoulders, getting Darby way cleaner than he’d ever do himself, and then getting him under the water to wash it all off, gently rinsing the soap clean from his hair and ears.

Just as Darby was coming up, his tongue darted out, lapping just once at the tip of Owen’s cock. Owen pulled Darby above the water by his hair, giving him a look. Darby just smiled. Thank you. I think all the cum is out of my hair.

Yeah, Owen told him. It is. Remember when I explained that we don’t do that?

Darby nodded. I thought about it a lot, he said. And I decided that’s stupid and it’s one of the things that makes most humans worse than werewolves. But that’s okay, because you’re better than other humans, so I can be patient until you figure that out and change your mind.

That was your idea of patient? Of course it was, why was Owen even asking?

Darby just beamed. I’m clean now so I’m going to jerk off!

That had become part of their bathtime ritual, and it was one of the things that Darby insisted on if he was going to have baths without complaining. Owen shook his head, though. You’re not clean everywhere and you know it. Finish washing up first. Owen resisted the urge to splash him after he’d said it. Darby would splash back and it wasn’t worth what would ensue.

Darby’s smile turned into a pout so fast, but he had no defence and he knew it, so he sat down. Owen washed his own hair and everywhere else too while he watched Darby try not to dick around. They’d spent most of the day at the fortress and Gavin had been very clear that neither of them was sitting at the supper table with him and Greg until they were clean.

Darby washed everywhere, including up his butt, saving his dick for last. And of course he washed that very thoroughly, transitioning from that into jerking off with a big grin when Owen nodded. When Owen didn’t start jerking off too, Darby put his foot up in between Owen’s legs, giving him a rub.

Owen rolled his eyes, moved Darby’s foot away from him. He took himself in hand, spreading his legs a little so Darby could see, since of course he wanted to. It was a bit funny, watching Darby try to go slow, trying not to bust right away. Owen would have gone really slow just to tease him, but he was hungry and there was food out there, so he set an okay pace. Darby shot way before him, but he happily leaned back in the tub, watching Owen get himself the rest of the way.

Owen dried Darby’s hair after they got out of the bathtub, then handed Darby the towel so he could dry his tail. Are you going to go with Cal when he goes to Enjon? Owen asked, reaching for his own towel.

Darby shrugged. Maybe. I guess. I don’t know.

That was…unusually indecisive for him. You don’t know?

Owen started drying himself off, and Darby did the same, not able to talk for a second. Greg wouldn’t want to go, he said when he dropped his towel on the floor. And I’d be gone for a long time, if he ever even finds the magic scroll of anchors, so…

It’s a map of anchors. Is that the real reason? Owen asked, gesturing for Darby to pick up his towel and put it in the basket. Because you know Cal will just set up a portal when he gets there so you can come back whenever you want.

Darby blushed. He bent down, picked up his towel, and slowly put it in the basket. Owen joined him, tossing his own in there. He put a hand on Darby’s back, rubbing him gently. It’s okay if you don’t want to go, he said, when Darby was looking at him again.

It’s just they’re going to be going to Hornfish Town, Darby said. Every time he said it that was still what Owen thought, especially because it was a way better name than Narwhal Junction.

That’s where you’re from, right? Owen asked, even though he knew the answer. Maybe your family would be there.

Darby glared down at the towels now. You’re my family.

Owen nodded, giving Darby a shoulder pat. I know. You don’t have to go back if you don’t want to.

I don’t know, Darby said. He sighed. My parents gave me to the demons.

What the fuck, Owen thought, feeling an immediate flash of anger. Why?

Don’t know. I guess they didn’t want me anymore. It doesn’t matter. I’m here now. I’m hungry.

Darby obviously didn’t want to talk about this, and Owen didn’t want to upset him. Me too. Let’s go have supper.

Darby turned and took his tooth necklace off the shelf, putting it on, and started out of the bathroom. Owen took his wrist, turning him around. One more thing.


Gavin and I are never going to give you away, okay? You don’t have to worry about that.

Darby flushed, biting his lip. I wasn’t worried about that, he said, swallowing.

Of course he hadn’t been. Owen nodded. I know. I love you. We both do.

Darby gave a nod, blinking a little to hide that there were tears in his eyes. He hugged Owen really tight, wrapping his arms all the way around and holding him there. Owen held him back, just standing there with him for a good few minutes. When he finally let go of Owen, Owen let him stand back, and he’d perked right back up, and was smiling again. Thank you.

Owen nodded. There’s nothing to thank me for. Let’s go eat, okay?

Okay! Hey, when are you going to tell me which knights are going to be mine and Greg’s bodyguards? I want to meet them!

You’ve already met them. The ones who’d been hired to be Darby’s bodyguards, Owen had noticed, had been careful about only fucking Darby after practice lately, instead of sneaking away during. It was an encouraging sign.

But I want to meet them again with Greg this time!

Owen nodded as they went out into the main room. Yeah. You’ll meet them in a few days, promise. They should meet Darby with everyone’s clothes on at least once, and they should definitely meet Greg too.

Darby nodded and raced over to the table, stopping to give Greg a kiss on the cheek, and then to give Gavin a big hug, before sitting down. Owen went in the bedroom and got dressed, joining them a minute later. They had a nice hot dinner and told each other about their days, and then had a quiet night together as a family. That night, Darby snuck into Owen and Gavin’s bed before they’d even fallen asleep, and he slept right in between them, holding Owen even tighter than usual.

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