Character Profile: Benedict

Name: Benedict of Merket, Benedict Slate (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Benny

Title(s): Steward to Theodore Silver

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 200 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Build: Slender

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Theodore Silver (former Master/employer)

Family Relationships: Brenda and Eamon (parents, deceased), Evelyn, Roswell (half-siblings), Emma (half-sister, deceased), Elle, Evan (niece and nephew), Ian, Trevor, Al, Hugh, Marcus, Daniel, Simon, several others (Master’s other slaves)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On bottom, on his knees

Kinks: Submission, anonymity

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: The illegitimate son of Lord Eamon Skyhan and a cook from his household, Benedict was raised as a servant in House Skyhan’s kitchen, even after his mother died when he was eleven. Just after his thirteenth birthday, Benedict’s parentage was discovered by Lady Rosalyn Skyhan, Eamon’s wife, and fearing that as Eamon’s eldest son he might be used to disinherit her children, Rosalyn insisted that Benedict be permanently removed from the household. Benedict was sold into slavery, where he was, after a week, put up to auction and bought by a young businessman named Theodore. Benedict initially did domestic labour for Theodore until eventually Theodore gave in to his urges and requested sex from him, and they had a sexual relationship for a short time, during which Benedict fell in love with Theodore. Seeing him hurt badly by another slave leaving the household, Benedict chose to stay, unwilling to hurt Theodore that way. Benedict remained as a paid servant in Theodore’s house, helping run it smoothly and helping take care of his endless rotation of young slave boys. Fully aware that most of them see him as a complicit monster and that Theodore will never again return his affections, Benedict remains steadfast regardless, protecting his master.


  • Benedict never knew who his father was until the day he was sold into slavery
  • Upon being sold, Benedict was terrified he’d end up being worked to death, when he realized he was only wanted for basic domestic chores that he already did for a living and then for sex with someone he found attractive, he was far less upset
  • Benedict has received job offers from a number of people who have offered to pay him more than Theodore does. He has never considered any of them
  • Benedict has kept a journal every day since he first learned to write
  • Benedict often feels he is being too cold towards the enslaved boys, but the combination of his age and status relative to them, and the necessity that he protect Theodore prevents him from changing this.
  • Aside from basic servants’ training he had as a child, nobody taught Benedict to do any of the tasks necessary in running a household. He learned all of it as he went
  • Benedict is aware of the harm Theodore causes to his slaves. On the whole he feels it is outweighed by the benefits, though he knows not all the slaves agree with him
  • Having to remove Denny’s body from where hung himself, tell Theodore about it and then prepare the funeral arrangements was the hardest thing Benedict has ever done
  • Benedict tries to keep in touch with all the slaves after they are freed. None of have stayed in touch with him for more than a few months
  • Benedict’s greatest fear is that someday Theodore will insist on releasing him from service


  • “The master requests your presence.”
  • “I believe you are likely to hurt him.”
  • “I was his second.”
  • “I rather wish you hadn’t kept that promise.”
  • “Most of your predecessors felt it was to their benefit to treat me respectfully, even to try to befriend me.”
  • “If you’re attempting to steal, then know that our security will catch you. If you’re hungry, there is a loaf of bread you may take on the counter here.”
  • “If the master came home and found out you’d bled to death in the pantry to save me cleaning up some broken glass, Daniel, I expect he’d be most displeased.”
  • “That isn’t what I meant. You’ve never seen him like I have. When Ian left it nearly destroyed him. He tried to make me leave as well. I believe he would have killed himself had I done so. When I became too old for him and he started to lose interest in me, I went to the market myself and procured a replacement slave for him to be intimate with.”
  • “He needs me. Not in his bed, but in his life. And that’s enough for me.”
  • “I believe you, more than any of us since Ian, have the potential to destroy him. And I’m not sure I could save him this time.”
  • “And thank you, for coming back.”
  • “It’s been a pleasure to know both of you. I hope…I know what your answer is likely to be. But if you require help finding employment, housing, anything. Please be in touch with me. I would be happy to help, and he would never know.”
  • “Honesty is helpful, Daniel.”


  • Benedict has never made an effort to be connected to his family, though he did attend his father’s public funeral
  • Benedict never liked the name Benny—the slavemaster called him that at auction. He was grateful when Theodore started using his full name after he was freed
  • Before he was sold into slavery, Benedict had a girlfriend in Lord Skyhan’s house. He lost his virginity to her on his thirteenth birthday, a few weeks before he was sold
  • Benedict has never considered marrying or having a family of his own—not because of his love for Theodore, but because he doesn’t feel he would have time to devote to a spouse or children
  • When Benedict began working as Theodore’s steward, he was given his own bedroom. It was the first time he’d ever had privacy of any sort
  • Benedict thought he and Theodore were just going to kiss the first time they had sex. It was several encounters later before he learned to like it
  • Benedict has allergies to a number of metals and cannot wear most jewellery. Even having metallic buttons rubbing against his skin can sometimes cause a reaction in him
  • Of all the various tasks associated with his job, Benedict enjoys cooking the most, though he does it least often as the house employs a full-time cook
  • Benedict has a prostitute to whom he has been a client for a number of years, whom he hires when he wants sex
  • Benedict keeps himself abreast of all local politics, including those between merchants and other people of note, in case said information becomes useful to Theodore.

Modern AU: Modern Benedict serves as a butler to his long-time employer Theodore, who served as his mentor in a big brother program when he was a teenager and who helped pull him out of poverty—and into Theodore’s bedroom. Knowing full well what Theodore does with the boys he fosters, Benedict remains employed with him, believing that despite that, Theodore is giving those boys better lives as he was given one. Though he spends most of his time working and has little social life, in his private time Benedict reads fantasy novels and is active in online fandoms for his favourites, and enjoys skiing, collecting sexy underwear and cultivating bonsai.

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