Character Profile: Leo

Name: Leo the Pale, Leo Lochlear (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Kitty, Mommy’s Boy, Sea Lion, Willowsong

Title(s): Squire of the Dolovin Order

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Build: Muscular, toned

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Isaac of Clearwater (boyfriend), Edwin Carpenter, Ty the Red (best friends/crushes), Sir Wyatt (mentor)

Family Relationships: Laura (mother), Rupert (father, deceased)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Against a wall

Kinks: Public sex, exhibitionism, drunk sex, skimpy clothing

Orgies Attended: Regular Squire Orgies, The Squires’ Pre-Anointing Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The only child of a cobbler and a fishseller in Pelican Bay’s Fish District, Leo was born a month premature and nearly died several times after his birth, but pulled through just barely. He grew up with his mother very protective of him, not letting him do anything she thought was dangerous or inappropriate. This behaviour became more dangerous after Leo’s father died when he was five, and Leo’s mother became emotionally and physically abusive whenever Leo did anything she considered inappropriate. As Leo grew older, he became more and more interested in appropriate behaviour like wrestling, sex and knighthood. Eventually, after his mother spent some two hours telling him about how he was ruining his own life by engaging in such disgusting behaviour and how he should just stay at home with her and be happy, Leo left home and went to the capital to become a knight, where he is much happier. Despite a rough few months involving a dead mentor and a suicidal friend, Leo is still much happier in Three Hills than he was in Pelican Bay, especially now that he’s potentially found himself a boyfriend.


  • Leo was trained to be a cobbler by his mother. He refuses to make his own shoes now that he doesn’t have to
  • Leo wrestled under the stage name Sea Lion for a club in Pelican Bay for several years starting when he was nine
  • Leo had no (metallic) swordplay or other weapons experience when he entered the training school. He found it hard to move in armour and couldn’t ride a horse, either. He had to practice twice as much as everyone else at first to be able to stay in the school
  • Leo doesn’t know what his father died of, but he does know that his parents had been arguing a lot in the days leading up to his father’s death
  • Leo is addicted to the recreational drug Hareflower and gets irritable and shaky if he doesn’t have some every other day or so
  • White is Leo’s least favourite colour to wear
  • Leo has been imagining a series of tattoos, mostly of animals and plants, he wants across his chest and back for several years, but can’t work up the nerve to go get them done
  • Leo never wonders if he made the wrong choice in becoming a knight. He does sometimes wonder if he’s unsuited to it
  • Leo stopped attending church and praying when he came to Three Hills, but he’s taken both up again recently
  • Leo’s greatest fear is being useless when something important is happening


  • “Got to do something to ease the boredom. You all bitching about getting it too often—I don’t even think old Dalton knows how to use his cock.”
  • “Fine, all of you just go. Nobody who gets teary eyed about a puppy could possibly be up to anything bad.”
  • “I did a shit job protecting you. You ended up doing all the work, and here I’m supposed to be a knight.”
  • “I’d like to get to know you. Not just in the way that makes clothes fall off.”
  • “I wasn’t even fucking here. I was shopping, like a…I wasn’t even here. I didn’t even help.”
  • “It’s crap, what they say about funerals. It doesn’t help you feel better.”
  • “It’s part of your job as a squire. It’s not you’re breaking into my house and…”
  • “I don’t fucking know. But you don’t talk like that unless something happened.”
  • “I don’t…I don’t get why you didn’t tell any of us you were feeling this way. We…we’d have helped you, Rudy.”
  • “Just, you know. Doing knight stuff.”
  • “Oh yeah, being a knight is terrible. You have to learn how to fight and you get all muscular and strong.”
  • “When you take a cute boy out for supper, you pay for him. Everyone knows that.”
  • “How do you tell someone you want to get to know them better but that you don’t just mean that you want to fuck them a lot?”


  • Leo’s mother named him Reginald when he was born, but then changed her mind the next day
  • As a child, Leo went to the sea monster museum in Pelican Bay every year on his birthday
  • Leo lost his virginity to his neighbour Rory when he was seven years old. Rory was twelve and he talked Leo into sucking him off and getting fucked in the same afternoon
  • Leo wanted to be a pirate until he was eight and was told that pirates were the bad guys. Then he wanted to be a knight
  • Leo paid for passage to Three Hills in the back of a merchants’ cart by agreeing to be the merchants’ cumrag for the whole trip there. They offered him a permanent job, but he refused
  • Leo was extremely sexually active with the boys in his wrestling club, and even though he was very good, he often lost matches on purpose so he could bottom for them
  • Leo carried a brightly coloured wool blanket around everywhere until he was six
  • Leo once had sex with a dog named Booker after losing a bet. He liked it, but he isn’t interested in repeating the experience
  • The first person Leo developed romantic feelings for was Ty, whom he dated for a few months before they both decided dating wasn’t for them. He then developed a crush on Edwin, which he never acted on. He claimed to have gotten over both of these crushes, which is a lie
  • When he was learning to ride a horse and struggling to stay in the saddle, Leo designed a new type of saddle that was easier to stay on thanks to a protrusion that slid into the rider’s butt, keeping him in place. He was never permitted to actually have his personal saddle made, but he’s kept the plans

Modern AU: Modern Leo ran away from home when he was twelve and the, when child protective services brought him back and found no evidence that his mother was abusing him, ran away again every few months after that. He has since had a huge falling out with his mother and been kicked out of the house, and has been living with his friend Ty for a few years now. Leo plays on his school’s basketball team, but has also recently rejoined the wrestling team, which he likes more and is better at. Leo is happy that he can finally move from playing wingman to his hopeless crushes and actually have a real boyfriend of his own, though mildly distraught that his ability to give dating advice hasn’t translated into an ability to date. When not wrestling, playing basketball or otherwise doing something homoerotic, Leo plays too many mobile gatcha games, futilely practices guitar and designs new and exciting sex toys for fun.

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Leo

  1. Hypothesis: Leo’s dad was cheating on his mom with a man, leading her to a) murder him, and b) strongly disapprove of her son engaging in homoerotic activities.

    Alternatively, Leo’s mom was as controlling and abusive to his dad as she was to Leo himself, and she simply shifted her focus to Leo after her husband died/was murdered for trying to stand up to and/or leave her.

    Either way, good on Leo for getting out while the getting was good.


  2. So that’s how Leo came to the city. And they liked it enough to offer him a job? Hot.

    Leo having sex with a dog? Interesting. Your Character profiles are always great. They really explore the person


    1. Thank you for saying that! I think it’s a really fun way to give insight into the characters, especially ones like Leo who we don’t see as often. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. 😀


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