Character Profile: Todd

Name: Todd Beckt

Aliases/AKAs: Butt-Boy, Razor Rat

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Build: Skinny, underfed

Distinguishing Marks: Numerous scars and poorly healed bones

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Arthur Pfiln (boyfriend), Derek Ubyll (boyfriend/master), Samson and Henry Arkhewer (lords/tormentors), Gino Elser, Sawyer and Sean Mennd, Max Hebbet (lesser butt-boys), the population of G’djeck Castle (rapists)

Family Relationships: Thaddeus and Marla Beckt (parents, deceased)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On a bed, held by Arthur

Kinks: Chastity, rough sex, sadism, bloodplay

Orgies Attended: Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born to the head of Ech’kent’s chapter of the bard’s guild and his costume designer, Todd grew up in relative safety in Jdinrma-Hash, the leader of a small group of friends and in a warm home with money and privilege. This came to a very abrupt end when Todd’s father decided to petition Ech’kent’s Sorcerer King for permission for bards to play in the plateau, and both he and Todd’s mother were torn to pieces in front of Todd for their trouble. Todd was taken into the castle as a servant, and was determined not to give up. He tried to make friends with the Sorcerer King’s son, only to be brutally raped, which recurred several times after Samson took over as king. Every time Todd tried to exert any control over his rapidly declining situation, everything got worse, until he ended up with a seemingly permanent position as the entire castle’s butt-boy and personal servant to Derek, the king’s attendant. To his own surprise as much as anyone’s, Todd has managed to carve out a sort of contentment in his new life, finding there are times when he doesn’t entirely hate being an object, depending on the person doing it. He’s even managed to find one person who seems to actually like him, which is something Todd never thought would happen, so maybe things are looking up for him.  


  • Prior to being taken into the castle, Todd was a small-time bully, mostly limited to pushing other kids out of places where he wanted to play with his friends
  • Todd’s father taught him how to sing. Since being taken into the castle, Todd has never told anyone he had this ability, because he’s afraid of what would happen if he did
  • At present, Todd is raped an average of twenty times a day, though he doesn’t count the ones who only force him to blow them. He is still expected to carry out a series of domestic duties in the castle as well, mostly cleaning
  • Todd considers killing himself at least once a week. He knows exactly how he’d do it, and the only thing stopping him is that he knows Sam would laugh about it
  • Todd used to believe in the Catechism’s God, but can’t anymore
  • Todd has been forced to be naked so often that he’s now uncomfortable wearing clothes, partly because it gives people something extra to grab him by
  • When Todd takes time to think about it, he thinks that Derek loves him, but he’s too afraid to ask if that’s true, because he knows that if it isn’t, he’ll break
  • In his meaner moments, Todd hopes that there are people in situations like his everywhere. In his kinder ones, he hopes nobody suffers like him. His meaner moments are more frequent by far
  • Todd hates Henry more than Sam, because Henry pretends he’s only raping Todd to protect him from Sam, an untruth that pisses Todd off, and because Henry’s cock is bigger than Sam’s
  • Being sent to James’s house for a day was something Todd expected to hate. He found being around people in a similar relationship to his and Derek’s to be oddly gratifying, and wants to go back


  • “Sorry, your Majesty!”
  • “S-so you do plan to…to…to r-rape him,”
  • “I…thought…why would you…I thought you’d help…”
  • “Told you. He’s got that collar on.”
  • “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry, please…”
  • “I…P-please…your Majesty…please take me away from him…please?”
  • “D-do you w-w-want another one, your M-Majesty?”
  • “I’ll…I’ll do it the way I should have, instead. The way that…your first time should have been.”
  • “He…I’m not…like how I was. I’m diff—I’m better now. I’m a better…”
  • “I’d also be giving you what you want. You’d like it if I did that. It would prove you right. So I won’t.”
  • “Advice for the rest of you. You really don’t want the king to think you’re boring.”
  • “I don’t…I don’t know how to ask him, okay? I feel like a fucking idiot asking. I feel like an idiot admitting that he was right. That I’m…happier that way.”
  • “Do I look like some sort of romantic date?”
  • “You can count on me, I swear. I’d rather…I’d rather die than let you down.”


  • Todd’s parents tried to teach him to read for several years, but couldn’t; he found it too hard because the letters never made sense to him. He can read music without trouble, however
  • As a child, Todd used to throw rocks at stray animals for fun
  • Todd’s first sexual experience was with an older boy named Gus who stayed with his family for a few days when he was eight. Todd was fascinated by Gus’s huge dick, and Gus let him touch it a few times and didn’t even object when Todd put it in his mouth once to see what his cum tasted like
  • After being taken into the castle, Todd had fantasies of befriending Sam and running away with him to have adventures. Many of these fantasies included them eventually becoming boyfriends
  • Todd used to be afraid of stinging insects and mountain goats. Now all his fears centre around Sam and Derek
  • Though Derek makes him act like a dog, he’s never made Todd fuck a dog. The castle guards have several times, though
  • Todd has carefully planned out how he would kill everyone he knew if he wanted to, except Arthur, which he’s told himself is just because he hasn’t figured out Arthur’s weaknesses yet
  • Food that doesn’t have the kitchen staff’s cum in it is a rare treat for Todd
  • Todd sleeps poorly most of the time. He’s been trained to sleep better with a cock in his ass, however
  • Arthur once asked Todd if his cock cage counts as clothes, and the question has been bugging him ever since

Modern AU: Modern Todd was kidnapped by the mob after they killed his parents for informing on them. He was disappeared in the foster system and made to do domestic labour for the mob’s boss in exchange for his life, and after Solomon Netzer was killed, Todd’s duties were expanded to include sexually satisfying the new boss and his cronies. Now legally a ward of Samson Netzer, Todd is re-enrolled in school and is keeping his grades up (or else), and though more and more people keep finding out about his status as a free-to-use butt-boy and taking advantage of that, Todd finds he doesn’t hate his life as much as he used to, either because of Stockholm syndrome finally kicking in, because he’s found a relationship that satisfies him or because he’s finally being taught how to torture people, he’s not sure. When he’s not in school, engaging in criminal activities or endlessly replaying the world’s least inspired game of hide the cock, Todd likes violent movies, vandalizing public spaces and playing low-stress dating simulators when nobody can see him.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Todd

  1. Oof, I know Todd had it bad but ouch.

    I wouldn’t mind a snippet where Tom succedded in befriending Sam and running off to adventures. It’s bound to be interesting.


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