Malachi, Popular

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Malachi’s wing hurt and he had fresh scratches on his back, but he’d won so it didn’t matter.

Teaming up on a guy was a tactic for dragons who couldn’t win on their own, but it was a really dumb tactic for two dragons who couldn’t win even together. Now Malachi had a few scratches, but the other two guys were bleeding a lot, had lost a treasure from each of their hoards—just one each, Malachi wasn’t mean—had three loads of his cum inside them each, and had new jobs as his cock cleaners for the week.

So Malachi was having a good day even before he walked into the small pool. The small pool was a pond where shapeshifters hung out in their bipedal forms, because it was too small for anyone in their larger form to enter. It was in a cave sheltered from the sun, so it was one of the cooler places in the colony, though the pond itself was hot. It was lit by a series of glowing stones all over the place.

Malachi and his friends hung out here a lot, and there were about a dozen of them here now, wrestling and bathing and talking and fucking and often some combination of the four. Malachi was tackled into a wrestling match with Connor as soon as he walked in, but not before he saw that Belinda was here.

He might have let Connor win normally—he’d won a lot today already—but Malachi had been trying to impress Belinda lately, so he kicked Connor’s ass and then dumped him in the pond before very audaciously sitting beside Belinda on a rock. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey.” Belinda was the only female in their age group who hung out with them. She wrestled and talked and everything just like they did, and only got matriarchal with them if they tried to fuck her more than casually.

She hadn’t punched him or growled at him yet, which was a good sign. Malachi held out one of the treasures he’d won earlier, a silver amulet with a black stone in the centre. “I got this for you.”

Now Belinda looked at him, or at the amulet, eyeing it critically. “It’s pretty,” she conceded.

“So you want it? I fought two guys to take it for you. They ambushed me too, like cowards! But I still kicked both their asses, I don’t even think one of them will be able to fly for a few weeks. I left them alive, though, so everyone could see how bad I beat them up.” Malachi preferred to leave his opponents alive when he could. It made for a better story.

Belinda might have smiled at that. It was hard to tell. She’d never accepted any of the other gifts he’d tried to give her. Or any of the gifts anyone tried to give her. Though she also got annoyed if they didn’t offer her gifts once in a while. “I’ll take it,” she said.

Oh wow, oh, shit. Malachi beamed, and put it around her neck, clasping it carefully. It fell between her breasts, the dark stone matching her wings. “I’ll see if I can find you a ring to match.”

“Better do it quickly before I forget about it,” she teased.

“You won’t forget it, I won’t let you.”

“What was your name again?”

“Hey, that’s no way to talk to the guy who’s going to sire your offspring someday.”

She punched him in the stomach and Malachi doubled over, coughing. Belinda got up and walked over to the pool, got in, the boys making space for her. Malachi got his bearings, standing up. Xander was there, punching his arm as he stood. “She took it!”

“She took it,” Malachi agreed with a grin. Progress.

“Can I suck your cock? Maybe some of your success will wear off on me?”

“Fuck no,” Malachi said, standing straight. “Well, yes, but later. I’m going to go see if she’ll let me wash her first. I’ll be back.”

Malachi waded into the pool, prepared to get punched again. He was having such a good day, so he may as well try to make it better, right?



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