Character Profile: Oliver

Name: Oliver son of Orlando, Oliver Mallas (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Olive Oil

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Build: Thick

Distinguishing Marks: Occasional goatee

Dick Size: Very large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Isaac of Clearwater (inappropriate crush), Irene and Ariel (ex-girlfriends)

Family Relationships: Orlando of North Trip and Vivian daughter of Constance (parents), Vincent, Octavian and Victor (brothers), Yancy of Heart’s Stone (mentor)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On his side

Kinks: Helplessness, intimate touch

Orgies Attended: Occasional Academy Dorm Orgies

Bio: The son of a bricklayer and a glassblower, Oliver was born in the Dolovin border city of Trip’s Cut, where he was an apprentice to his father until his powers as a mage manifested and he was taken to the academy for magecraft in Three Hills. Oliver’s time as a student was relatively unremarkable, and he developed an interest in history that led to him pursuing an apprenticeship under Yancy of Heart’s Stone, renowned historian and prophecy interpreter. His time as an apprentice has been much more notable, with his being involved in finding the chosen one, becoming friends with the chosen one, developing feelings for the chosen one and various other developments in his life that, if he thinks on it, almost all relate to the chosen one.


  • Oliver is not a very powerful mage and has always excelled at the more academic side of magic
  • Magic apparently runs in Oliver’s family. A year after his powers developed, Vincent developed wizardry, as did Octavian a year later. His family are now watching Victor carefully as he approaches the usual age range when people develop magic, just in case. Oliver is hoping he’ll be a mage
  • Oliver lives with a minor blood condition that is easily corrected with daily herbs, but if he doesn’t take them he gets headaches, nosebleeds and fatigue
  • As a student, Oliver touched Shadow first, and then Light, both in the same week after three months of training
  • Oliver tends towards chubbiness and his weight has fluctuated ever since he came to the academy and stopped doing manual labour. He has to work hard to keep weight off
  • Oliver was rarely single as a student, but also never had a relationship last more than three months, though he remains friends with all his exes. He says he hasn’t had much time to date since becoming an apprentice, but really he thinks he’s just bad at relationships and has stopped trying
  • Yancy offered Oliver an apprenticeship on the strength of a paper he wrote for Yancy about the relationship between Archmage Winona Whitespear, Knight Commander Armand of Long’s Leg, High Presbyter Ophelia Glakken and King Godric ven Sancte III, which Yancy felt was the most incisive analysis of the politics of that period he’d ever read
  • Oliver feels the academy’s policy about apprentices not dating students is reasonable and feels he would adhere to some version of it even if it weren’t an official rule. He also feels that without it he’d probably have made an Isaac-shaped exception a year ago
  • Oliver has his own room as an apprentice. It’s the first time he hasn’t shared sleeping space with someone and he doesn’t like it much
  • Since he came to the capital, Oliver has kept a calendar on which he writes all his assignments and other important dates and milestones. He crosses off the days so he can always clearly see how close he is to the next important thing


  • “I’m not…I’m not interested in y—in that.”
  • “Why are you doing this to me?”
  • “You can’t keep being mad at him, you know. He’s just doing his job.”
  • “The academy isn’t a prison, Isaac.”
  • “Forgetting mistakes is the biggest mistake you can make.”
  • “It’s mostly just that you’re a student. So, here’s the thing—why don’t we put a pin in that one for now, and when you’re not a student anymore we’ll come back to it and see how we feel, okay?”
  • “Christopher’s illusions are better than I remember.”
  • “He was my friend all that time and I never even noticed. I…”
  • “You know I’m a historian, right? History doesn’t really cure diseases.”
  • “I need to go to the library to get another book or fifty.”
  • “I’m starting to think that almost everything is beyond our understanding. Everywhere I look it’s just more and more things I don’t understand.”
  • “The best teachers tailor their material to their students’ interests.”
  • “Yeah, I guess they would be. Taking sexy magic lessons from a dead king probably doesn’t even register.”


  • Oliver grew up speaking Daolo and reading Kyn, and learned they were different languages when he was eight
  • Growing up in a border town, Oliver heard people talk occasionally about Queen Francesca and King Gerard. He was very surprised to learn at ten years old that they were not married to each other
  • Roughly once a month growing up, Oliver’s parents would leave town to visit friends of theirs. Once Oliver was old enough to take care of his brothers for a day or two, they usually stayed behind. On one such night when he was twelve, Oliver accidentally used an aphrodisiac potion instead of cooking oil and the four brothers ended up all losing their virginity together. They agreed never to talk about it again, but also kept having once-monthly sessions like that until Oliver left for the academy
  • Oliver was once told off by the archmage personally for vandalizing the foyer of the main tower with red paint, which had been Christopher’s idea
  • When he was at the academy, Oliver was very close friends with a very young non-magical student named Padraig, whom he credits with convincing him to become a better student
  • Oliver was sexually active with most of his partners, sometimes even after they broke up. He and his ex-boyfriend Paul continued to swap blowjobs up until they graduated.
  • As a student, Oliver used to fall asleep in class regularly
  • Once, as a result of an accident with a vanishing spell, Oliver saw Yancy without a beard and without clothes. He was disturbed more by the lack of beard
  • Oliver hires a sex worker once or twice a week, and he always asks for a massage before sex
  • Whenever Oliver has a nightmare, he wakes up with the ability to see through clothing, walls and people, which fades after about six hours

Modern AU: Modern Oliver is a graduate student in history who works as an assistant teacher at a local private school, where he helps shape the history curriculum to be more inclusive and more accessible for all its students. He also works part time as a lifeguard at a local pool, less because he needs the extra money and more because it gives him an excuse to stay in shape. When not working on his school work, working at his job, or working on making sure he looks okay in a bathing suit, Oliver likes to relax at museums and botanical gardens, pretend he has time to date people, and hang out with his favourite student.

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Oliver

  1. Does post-nightmare Oliver have the ability to be selective in what he sees through, or at least still perceive the things he’s seeing through? Because the alternative (complete isolation in a maze of invisible walls with familiar voices coming out of thin air) would be deeply disconcerting to wake up to under any circumstance, let alone just after a bad dream.


    1. It’s generally very total for the first ten or fifteen minutes, but after that it becomes more selective and he’s able to control it for the most part. He gains more and more control over it for the few hours it’s happening until it eventually disappears.



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