Character Profile: Aria

Name: Aria Hammertooth of Clan Heyjen, Aria Heyjen (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Ari, Fang Singer

Title(s): Captain of the Young Band (retired)

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Build: Wiry, strong

Distinguishing Marks: Diagonal scar across her belly, ring tattoo around her right ankle

Vagina Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Sir Graham (lover, deceased), Cleo Glassbreaker (partner)

Family Relationships: Amelia and Oswin of Clan Heyjen (parents), Abel, Alan and Arielle of Clan Heyjen (siblings), Aaron, Deidre, Annette and Kenneth of Clan Heyjen (aunts and uncles), Anton, Arnault, Ava, Austin, Asher, Alexandra and Angela of Clan Heyjen (cousins), Penelope of Clan Heyjen (maternal grandmother), Archibald of Clan Heyjen (great uncle), Otto and Janelle of Great Scar (paternal grandparents, deceased), Anthony of Clan Heyjen (maternal grandfather, deceased), Clan Heyjen (clan), the Young Band (mercenary troop, former)

Sexuality: Pansexual, aromantic

Preferred Positions: On her side

Kinks: Long-term sex toy use, flogging

Orgies Attended: Young Band Celebratory Orgies

Bio: A non-sorcerer born into northern Dolovai’s Clan Heyjen, Aria never quite fit in with the rest of her family and often found herself the subject of pity, which she really rather didn’t like. Though she grew up happy for the most part, she was also frequently discontent and felt that her accomplishments and skills weren’t respected as much as her other family members’ and especially her brother’s. When Sylvia of the destroyed Clan Netzer, her childhood friend, showed up at her door one day asking for help, Aria left home without a second thought and became a professional mercenary, building a career for herself in the world of bandit and monster hunting, which included founding, leading and eventually passing on leadership of the famed Young Band of mercenaries, and killing the multiply-reviving Great Lich in single combat. Recently, Aria hired some up and coming new mercenaries to help her kill a wizard who was trying to end the world with eternal winter, and ended up being hired as one of Prince Gavin ven Sancte’s bodyguards, where she was taken to the capital. There, she also became involved in a coalition to destroy the remnants of Clan Netzer before they can destroy he world, something she has a personal investment in.


  • Aria never considered her lack of sorcerous powers particularly debilitating, and always found it irritating that other people did
  • When Aria learned how to fight, she was told that because she was on the short side, a smaller weapon would suit her. She chose the largest, heaviest weapon she could find and began training with that immediately
  • Now as an adult, Aria regrets that she doesn’t have a better relationship with her siblings, especially her brother Abel
  • When Solomon killed everyone in Clan Netzer and fled, Aria was worried for years that he might come back and do the same to her family
  • When Sylvia returned to ask for Aria’s help, they spent nearly two days talking about everything Sylvia knew and everything that had happened in her clan, and when they left Aria’s home, they did it with a plan
  • Aria and Cleo didn’t mean to found a mercenary band, it just sort of happened when they were drinking with some friends one night
  • Aria has always been notoriously selective about which jobs she took on, and her criteria are a mystery to everyone but her and Cleo. Sometimes, she feels strongly enough about a job she’ll take it on for free or very cheap to edge out the competition
  • Aria maintains acquaintanceships with magic practitioners and nobility across Dolovai, from which she ends up getting most of her work
  • Though she feels that the coalition to destroy the remnants of Clan Netzer is probably ultimately futile, she’s working with it anyway because it’s important even if they don’t accomplish their main goal
  • Aria often feels like she’s just biding her time waiting for something, which is true, but she also knows that the work she’s doing now will be very important when that something comes


  • “Now, that’s not very honourable.”
  • “You’ve got promise. You’re hired. Hired being a loose term, since we’re not being paid.”
  • “He’s also got a healthy taste for the theatrical. Moreso than common sense, probably. A floating ice palace is a bit…much.”
  • “Demon summoning is a rather taboo topic these days. I’d rather it didn’t get around that Cleo can do it.”
  • “Sometimes there aren’t answers, Owen. Just more questions.”
  • “God knows humbleness is not an asset in this profession.”
  • “There’s a shortage of decent people in the world, and hanging one of them seems shortsighted. Gabrielle ought to know better than this.”
  • “The magnitude of things I know that you don’t could level cities, Owen.”
  • “If I hated everyone who’d bested me in one skirmish, I’d have no friends in the world.”
  • “The plan is to go for the neck, yes?”
  • “He’s after some collection of magical bullshit for God knows what reason. Your typical evil overlord type from what Cleo tells me. She ran away as a teenager to escape his crazy.”
  • “There are a lot of people I’d like to bring harm to, sir.”
  • “So just to be clear, you stormed a demon fortress, got your ass kicked by the smoking hot queen of demons, fought an immortal ocean wizard, killed a kraken, got married, got a boyfriend, adopted two kids, and got over your dragon racism, all on the trip that I wasn’t invited on?


  • Aria never really understood why sorcerer clans have territory when they’re not tied to the land like witches are. When she asked about this, she was told she’d understand when she was older
  • Aria’s surname is taken from the name of her axe
  • Aria lost her virginity to a very distant cousin, Kennedy, who was also a non-sorcerous member of Clan Heyjen
  • After leaving home, Aria was somewhat surprised to discover that most people didn’t care about sorcerer clans, even the ones nearby
  • Aria once tried to learn to fight in heeled shoes, which did not go well
  • Aria and Cleo have had sex a few times, but they aren’t interested in being together romantically when they’re already life partners
  • On the Young Band’s first official mission, Aria killed a troll chieftain by falling on him axe-first and pretending she’d done it on purpose
  • Aria was offered a knighthood after killing the Great Lich, which was when she decided it was time to let someone else run the Band
  • Aria was once hit with a curse that made her chest double in size for two weeks. She was so unimpressed that when she got it returned to normal, she let the wizard helping her shrink everything just a little bit more
  • Aria has encountered more higher demons than any living non-sorcerer in the world

Modern AU: Modern Aria almost became a police officer until she decided she wasn’t enough of an asshole for the badge, and set up her own business as a private investigator instead. Though most of her work is the usual spying on people cheating on their spouses and stealing from their employers, she also does some interesting work uncovering the various secrets of the local mob, and is the anonymous tipster who led to a number of key Netzer officials (though irritatingly not the main Netzers) being arrested recently. She also does contract work for the mayor’s son when she’s not busy, which pays the bills better than her crusade against organized crime. When not fighting crime or ruining people’s secret affairs, Aria teaches Taekwondo to kids and adults, and runs free self-defence courses for women on the weekends. She also enjoys wine tastings and auditing political science classes at the local university, as well as white water kayaking.

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