Knighthood, 82

A Temporary Role Reversal Is Fun, And if You Like it, Who Knows What Might Happen

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Edwin looked around Erik’s room, weirdly nervous. Everything was in place. He’d washed Erik’s sheets, made their bed tightly, polished and put away all his armour, done his laundry, folded it with sharp precision, oiled and sharpened his sword, put away all his books and even alphabetized them, and then he’d swept and mopped the floor, oiled the hinges on the door and on his chest and had cleaned and polished and sorted and organized everything that could possibly be in need of attention.

And now Edwin was kneeling in the middle of the room, waiting for Erik to come back.

This had seemed like a great idea when he’d had it, but now he was here, kneeling in Erik’s room, waiting for Erik, and Erik was taking a long time, and his knees hurt and he was getting cold, and maybe he should have actually told Erik he was doing this or something, even if it would have ruined the surprise. What if Erik decided that tonight was the night to stay out late? Or what if he was looking for Edwin somewhere, or…

Oh, the door was opening. Erik came in, pausing when he saw Edwin. “There you are,” he said, looking around the room. “What’s up, Ed?”

“I…” Edwin swallowed. He was being stupid. He’d committed to this, and he knew better by now than to second guess himself halfway through a plan. “I’ve cleaned your armour and done all your laundry, sir,” he told Erik. “And I’ve put everything away and changed your bedsheets as well. Is there anything else you require from me tonight, sir?”

“Edwin, what are you doing?”

Edwin looked at Erik. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m awaiting your orders. Seeing as tomorrow is my last day as your squire, I thought you’d appreciate an end to my usual impertinence and insubordination.”

The look on Erik’s face told Edwin he’d finally gotten it. It was about time. Erik shut the door behind him, smirking as he approached Edwin. “I do like you being nice and obedient,” he said, running a thumb down Edwin’s cheek. “You’ll do anything I say, huh?”

“Yes, sir,” said Edwin, nodding, mouth dry. “That’s my duty.”

Erik smiled, and got down on his knees, leaning into Edwin for a kiss, which surprised Edwin with its tenderness. “Okay, in that case, I want you to be in charge.”

Edwin blinked. “Excuse me, sir?”

“You heard me. That’s my order. I order you to be the boss for tonight.”

Uh. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. “Erik, I think you’re missing the point.”

“Not at all,” Erik told him. “This is what I want. Don’t worry, tomorrow I can make you follow me around and not let you say anything but ‘yes, sir,’ and lend you out to all my friends one last time, if you still feel like it. But tonight I want you to do whatever you want.”

Fucking Erik. But that…appealed to Edwin, honestly. He bit back a smile, stood up, his knees protesting. “Okay,” he said. “Well, I was so busy cleaning all your stuff that I forgot to polish my own sword. So you can go ahead and do that for me, then.”

Erik smiled and reached up to undo Edwin’s pants, which wasn’t hard since he just had on a loose white pair with a drawstring. He pulled that open and pulled the pants down, and underneath, Edwin was wearing a pair of Erik’s smallclothes. Erik paused at that, looking up at Edwin, who looked down at him with one eyebrow raised, daring him to comment. Grinning now, Erik pulled the front of the smallclothes down and freed Edwin’s cock, partly hard in anticipation.

Erik didn’t hesitate in licking Edwin’s cock up and down, cupping his balls gently, rolling them in his hand, not taking Edwin properly into his mouth yet. Edwin got harder and harder until his cock was throbbing, and still Erik kept his tongue on Edwin, licking him over and over again. Edwin’s knees started to shake, his whole body trembling with need. “Erik…”

“Yes, sir?” Erik asked, looking up at him, giving another lick.

Oh, oh. He was waiting for orders. Right. “Start…” Edwin trailed off, imagining the end of this. He rethought what he’d been about to say. “Take your shirt off, and pay more attention to my head.”

Erik nodded, taking off his shirt, his undershirt, and dropping them on the floor. He went back with vigour to licking Edwin’s cock, every other lick focused on Edwin’s head this time, slowly getting him closer and closer. Edwin put a hand in Erik’s hair, holding it tight, but letting Erik go at his own pace, willing to let this last as long as he possibly could.

Edwin had always been the more patient of the two of them, and maybe if he modelled that, Erik would learn something for the next time Edwin was on his knees.

Erik licked a long strip up Edwin’s cock from his balls to his head, the tip of his tongue dragging up Edwin’s slit, then all the way up the top of Edwin’s cock until he hit hair. And then he went back down, before moving back down to the base of Edwin’s cock, teasing him down there, giving his balls a squeeze, and then licking all the way back up as slowly as he possibly could.

Edwin watched Erik, his face obscured by Edwin’s cock, as his tongue hit Edwin’s slit again. And that was it. Edwin came, hard and sudden despite all the lead-up, and Erik just sat there and let Edwin paint his face in dripping white. He looked down at Erik, chest heaving as he tried to get his breath. That might have been the best blowjob he’d ever had.

“Thank you, sir,” said Erik, tongue darting out to collect a drop. Edwin’s cock twitched.

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” Edwin ordered. “And then mine too.”

“Yes, sir,” Erik said, standing. He dropped his pants and stepped out of them, kicking his boots aside. Then he carefully lifted Edwin’s shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor, and pulled down Edwin’s pants as well.

Edwin put a hand on Erik’s chest, walking around him in a circle, dragging his hand around Erik’s side, his back. He touched Erik’s ass, giving it a tap, then walked back around, letting his fingers brush Erik’s hard cock. “I cleaned this room very meticulously,” Edwin told him, looking down at the discarded clothes. “And you made a mess. You couldn’t even be bothered to put the clothes away even though the laundry basket is right there.”

Erik blinked cum out of his eyes. “I’m…sorry, sir. I’ll clean it up right away.”

“No,” Edwin said, taking Erik by the cock. This was actually really fun. They should do it more often. “You won’t. Come here.” He pulled Erik by the cock to the bed, had him bend over. He got the oil from the bedside table and handed it to Erik. “Stretch yourself.”

“Yes, sir,” Erik said, sounding cheeky. “Are you going to punish me with that big sword of yours?”

“Go ahead,” Edwin told him, watching Erik open the oil. “Keep being snarky.”

As his second good decision of the night, Erik chose not to, reaching behind himself with an oiled-up hand and sliding a finger into his ass, slipping it in and out. Edwin waited patiently, cock throbbing again, while Erik did a second one. He knew Erik was going fast, but he also knew Erik wasn’t as used to bottoming as he might have been as a squire. Edwin waited quietly for about two minutes, watching Erik’s face, increasingly unable to stop himself from touching Erik’s legs, his belly, before reaching over and taking Erik’s hand away. “That should be enough,” he said. He was still standing beside Erik. “Are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes, sir…ow!” Erik flinched as Edwin smacked his ass. “What the fuck…”

Edwin spanked him again. “If you insist on being insubordinate, Erik, this is only going to get worse for you. I suggest you suffer your punishment in silence, like a knight should.”

Erik swallowed, but didn’t say anything. Edwin smiled, and spanked him again. He put his other hand over Erik’s on the bed. And then he spanked him again, and again. He didn’t really have a set number in mind and he wasn’t counting, so he just spanked Erik until his hand started to get sore and his wrist started to hurt. Erik never made a sound.

Edwin squeezed Erik’s hand before letting go and walking around to his backside, stroking Erik’s oiled crack with his cock. “Now,” he said, resting against Erik’s hole. “What are you going to do next time you undress us?”

“I’m going to…” Erik was panting, and paused to swallow. His ass was a nice shade of red. “I’m going to put the clothes in the laundry basket, sir.”

“Good answer,” Edwin said, pressing his cock inside. Erik grunted, but remained quiet. Edwin took just a little pity on him and went sort of slowly, sliding in partway before pulling out, pushing back in a little more. He fucked Erik slowly, gently. At least he did until he was all the way inside his brother. When he was fully hilted in Erik, he leaned forward, reaching around and brushing one of Erik’s nipples. “And if you can cum without me touching your cock,” he whispered, “I won’t punish you for the snarkiness.”

Erik nodded, and Edwin started to fuck him hard, straightening to really slam his cock into Erik. He paid no regard for Erik’s comfort, not bothering to angle himself right or anything. He did change his angle, getting Erik to kneel on the bed for him so he could go faster, but that was only for his pleasure, so he could focus more on how tight and hot Erik was, on how his cock felt buried deep inside his brother. He held Erik’s hips tight, and couldn’t resist a kiss against Erik’s neck, going back to pounding him for all either of them was worth until he was cumming inside Erik, hard and heavy.

Edwin brushed a hand across Erik’s cock as he pulled out, finding precum there but nothing else. “No luck, huh?”

Erik shook his head. “Sorry, sir. I’ve never been much of a bottom.”

“Hm,” said Edwin. He slapped Erik’s ass, just once. “We’ll cure you of that. On your back, hold your knees.”

“Yes, sir,” Erik said, crawling up to obey. It was so…cool, how he just did everything Edwin said. Edwin would have loved to know what he was thinking as he did it. But he didn’t want to break this by asking. So he just crawled up once Erik was in position, getting in between his spread legs.

Erik’s ass was still nice and red, and Edwin pressed into his leaking, swollen hole easily, going slow this time. “We’ll show you how it’s done, don’t worry.”

Erik nodded, and Edwin fucked him slowly this time, angling himself so he could hit Erik in the right place. After the first few minutes he pulled Erik’s legs closer, and Edwin put them on his shoulders, pushing hard and deep into Erik. “No touching,” he told Erik, when his hand started to drift there. “You cum from this or you don’t cum.”

Erik nodded, putting his hands on his knees. He was sweating and panting, staring up at Edwin as Edwin fucked him. Edwin went slowly and gently and carefully, but firmly and with precision, keeping a close eye on Erik’s face, on his body language, on his leaking cock. He was going to make Erik cum from this, or Edwin would…no, there was no or. Edwin was going to do this.

He was nice and warmed up from his first two orgasms, not in need of a third instantly. All his practice with Owen and Gavin and Louis and Denver had really made it easier to go forever, and that was what Edwin would do if that was what it took. He started to tire after a while, but Edwin kept going, letting himself get sweaty. He was probably red in the face from exertion, but so was Erik and Edwin wanted his brother to enjoy himself.

And, finally, Erik’s breath started to pick up, he started to fist the sheets, panting. “S-sir..”

Edwin nodded, kept going. “You’re almost there, boy…”

“Yeah, I…”

Erik came in the middle of that, spurting shot after shot after shot of cum up onto himself, mostly his face with how his hips were angled. He was so hot like that, and he clenched around Edwin so tight, and fuck, Edwin was going to cum now too. He pulled out just in time to shoot his own load all over Erik, painting him further.

Erik’s knees slid off Edwin’s shoulders as Edwin leaned down to kiss Erik for real, both their cum mingling on his lips. Erik kissed him back, passionate, hard. “I’ve never cum just from bottoming before,” he muttered, into Edwin’s lips.

Edwin lifted up a little. “Really?” There was no way that was true.

Erik nodded. “Never. I’ve always had to jerk off or rub against the blanket or whatever. That was the first time I’ve ever cum just from a cock up my ass. I just assumed I couldn’t.”

“Fuck,” Edwin said, letting Erik’s legs down. Edwin slid back into his hole, and kissed Erik again. “You’ve been missing out and it’s my duty to show you exactly how much.”

“Clearly,” Erik agreed, wrapping his legs around Edwin. “Don’t forget you still owe me that punishment for the impertinence earlier, sir.”

“Oh, I won’t,” Edwin promised. “Once the pink on your ass starts to fade I’ll spank it red again. The goal is to keep it bright red and full of cock all night long.”

“Should have put you in charge much earlier,” Erik said with a grin.

“Damn right you should have,” Edwin agreed, giving a thrust. “Now, let’s show you what you’ve been missing out on.”

“Yes, sir.”

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