The Boy of the Eclipse (Fanfiction)

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This tale begins with a pair of dicks;
Not one, not three, definitely two;
They’d been at it all day, had these pricks,
And now you’ll hear how the night went, too

Summoned to the room of destiny,
These kings were not fit to be princes;
Without a lesson from young Remi,
Always high, would be their defences

Remi was born of light and shadow
Far from here, but always near and dear;
“Exotic?” Well, the door you’ll be shown;
Remi’s the boy next door, didn’t you hear

Too proud to talk during the daytime
(At least not with real sincerity),
But a pilgrimage to Remi’s shrine?
There, in Yoel, words would come so easy

And an altar of an ass has he,
A smile so bright men fold beneath it;
But his holes are meant for filling, see
So, front to back, his assets outwit

The two kings enter harder than stone,
Their tempers hot and their pants too tight;
After so many days far from home,
Remi knows how to show them the light

This servant’s room was humble, it’s true,
But many men had sat in his chair;
The southern king happily made do;
From Remi’s throne, no one else compared

And that’s how the two came to be found
By the anal man’s fool counterpart;
Shocked are both to see the other crown,
But such was the way of Remi’s art

And so these men must admit, resigned,
That mere pride maintains their great divide;
With one in his front and one behind,
Remi takes the countries’ heads inside

They are made to see, as they finish,
That they share great taste in wise young boys;
And so while their manhoods diminish,
They follow him, seeking further joys

Brought to the bed, swords leading the way,
Their positions shift, stances looser;
The northern king’s own concerns downplayed,
He probes from the south his seducer

His overtures are received warmly,
And negotiations long pent up
Resume as Remi smiles sorely;
They discuss as his legs are kept up

A little give here, some short slack there,
A hand running through Remi’s short hair,
Two royal moans filling the night air,
A deal is hammered out fair and square

Its details matter not, lost to time;
So long as Gabriel was grinding,
So long as King Francis felt sublime,
Their heads clear, their eyes shut tight, blinding

Both kings come, Remi satisfied too,
But the night still young, they shift once more;
For what once held one could now fit two,
And these new friends share Remi’s back door

Aligned at last, two dicks thrust as one;
Remi’s low moan is its own sweet reward;
As they hold him close, disputes undone,
Lips all over, their dear boy adored

As the sun dawns on the sleeping three,
Their tangled limbs don’t part easily;
And so their first accord is a plea,
To stay longer where they talk freely

Such is the magic of young Remi;
Only his fortress, with walls so high,
Could host two detested enemies,
And send home men with a matching sigh

Legend has it Remi’s waiting still,
For two who feel need to prove themself;
Those with too-sharp thoughts they must distill,
Those with arrogance of haughty elf,
To reach the truth? They would have to drill;
Princes, you must seek that out yourself

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