Character Profile: Skip

Name: Casper son of Sandra, Casper Shipwright (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Hoop Dancer, Skip

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: A half-dozen piercings in each ear

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Spencer Redwell (boyfriend)

Family Relationships: Sandra and Crispin (parents), Conrad (brother), Isaac of Clearwater and Peter Swiftheart (roommates)

Sexuality: Asexual, homoromantic

Preferred Positions: N/A

Kinks: Voyeurism

Orgies Attended: The Isaac of Clearwater Memorial Orgy, The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born in Suder’s Port to a dockmaster and a shipwright, Skip grew up around ships and merchants and sailors and he hated it, spending most of his time thinking up ways to go somewhere else. He never had his mother’s aptitude for administrative work or his father’s talent for building, and never had the motivation to teach himself either, especially after his parents divorced when he was twelve. None of Skip’s family was ever impressed with his lack of direction, and he was never impressed with their attempts to point him in various directions. When he developed powers as a mage, his father arranged for him to join one of the Empire’s enclaves to be trained, but Skip chose instead to stow away on a merchant vessel heading across the ocean to Dolovai and go to the academy there. There, he became roommates with two of the three chosen ones, and more importantly, got a boyfriend. He still doesn’t have a lot of direction in life, but until he finds it, he’s content where he is.


  • Skip doesn’t particularly hate his birth name, he just decided on getting to the academy that he didn’t want anyone calling him by it while he was there
  • Now that he lives inland, Skip misses the ocean
  • Skip tried to run away from home over a dozen times as a child, but never got far because everyone in Suder’s Port knew his family
  • In a rare display of unity, Skip’s parents both chastised him heavily for getting his ear pierced the first time, which is what convinced him to do it a second time
  • Skip learned Gronnde, Daolo, Kyn and Eesk growing up
  • Though he hated it, Skip worked for his mother for several years, mostly doing cargo inspections on incoming ships. He saved all the money she paid him to use when he finally left Suder’s Port
  • Skip always thought Conrad was looking down on him. Conrad thought Skip was spoiled. They fought a lot as children, and though Skip wanted them to have a closer relationship as he got older, neither of them could ever figure out how to talk about anything other than work without getting on each other’s nerves
  • Skip never knew how to make his father understand that he didn’t want to build things, or hang out in taverns or brothels, so he gave up trying
  • Since he started dating Spencer, Skip has stopped eating all meat except for fish
  • Skip was pretty sexually active as a child. It wasn’t until he got older that he stopped liking the idea of having sex with people


  • “Rules are important. If you’re going to live with people and not kill them, at least.”
  • ”I don’t like music. Any music, at all. I don’t get it. It just all sounds like noise to me.”
  • “Why do you think that you guys are going to be able to figure it out in one night when people have been reading that shit for a billion years?”
  • “I didn’t know they were that thick. Its wings are massive.”
  • “And then, we’ll let all the cats out in the exam halls, so they’ll have to cancel exams. And we’ll sneak a test away while that’s happening so we know what the questions will be when the exam gets rescheduled!”
  • “It’s not like they’re the worst or anything. My dad’s just hard to talk to and I have an awkward relationship with my brother, so it feels weird to just write to them and say ‘hey, took a literature exam today,’ you know?”
  • “God’s kind of a dickwad.”
  • “He’s trying. You can see that he’s trying. He told us, didn’t he? He could have just run away. He didn’t have to say anything.”
  • “I’m not going to let them do anything to you.”
  • “If you make him leave I’m going with him.”
  • “It’s weird not having all your racket. It’s weird coming back to the room and knowing for sure there’s not going to be some naked dude in there. It’s not like we’re afraid to kiss with you in the room. And Spencer’s right, the dog misses you.”
  • “Fish aren’t really animals in the same way that cows are.”
  • “Stop or I’ll punch you somewhere.”


  • Skip’s favourite class at the academy is theology
  • When Skip was six, a fortune teller told him he’d one day defeat a dragon in battle. He told his brother about this and got his nipple pinched
  • When noble people passed through Suder’s Port, his mother often entertained them while they waited. Skip’s first several sexual experiences were with some of their sons, whom he was very talented at convincing to undress for him
  • Skip and Conrad used to make each other’s lives harder on purpose. Skip once got Conrad arrested for theft, and Conrad once tried to sell Skip into slavery. They cooled off as they got a little older, but never were able to fully forgive each other for those or various other things
  • Skip loves thunderstorms. He likes to sit up all night and watch them
  • The closest Skip and Conrad came to overcoming their differences was on Skip’s thirteenth birthday, when they fucked. Afterwards, Skip decided he didn’t like the idea of doing it again—with Conrad or anyone else—which scuttled the new closeness they’d developed
  • Skip used to pretend to be worse at inventory and bookkeeping than he was so his mother wouldn’t make him do it for long. He didn’t have to pretend to be bad at carpentry to make the same thing happen with his dad, he just naturally was
  • It isn’t uncommon for harbourmasters in the Empire to own ships and rent them to captains. Skip’s mother put four of their harbour’s ships in his name
  • When he thought the academy was going to expel Spencer, Skip was fully prepared to leave and buy them a house together with all his savings
  • Skip is lactose intolerant, which he only learned after coming to the academy, where there was more cheese for him to eat

Modern AU: Modern Skip secretly applied for a scholarship to a fancy private school solely so he wouldn’t have to keep being sent back and forth between his divorced parents, neither of whom wanted him to live with them. His parents both have serious jobs and want him to have one too, but he currently works six hours a week at an aquarium giving tours to kids, and thinks it would be cool to do that full time. For now, though, he’s focusing on getting through school and being happy with the boyfriend he never thought he’d get to have. When he’s not studying, learning about exotic fish or going on dates with Spencer, Skip likes to watch video game charity streams, help younger students with their homework, and count the days until he can afford his next piercing.

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