Map—Narwhal Junction

With the start of our new story on Sunday, it seemed useful to share a map of Mads’s setting of Narwhal Junction. As usual you’ll find the legend below the image. Unlike other cities we’ve seen, Narwhal Junction doesn’t have exterior walls, so where you see the roads and stuff just kind of ending, they don’t really but they do taper off until you’re not in the city anymore. Narwhal Junction is a major Enjoni port city, so it gets a lot of traffic from all over. It’s a fun city and I’m looking forward to exploring it with you guys the story progresses!

1. Oguen’s Tower
2. Webb’s Square
3. The White Market
4. Mauken Plaza
5. The High Temples
6. Hörin Harbour
7. Trader’s Quarter
8. Cold Quarter
9. Outer Streets
10. Guardian Cliffs
11. Wheel District
12. Horn District
13. Narwhal Road
14. Kazz Street
15. Black Street
16. Upper Street
17. Bone Street
18. Plaza Road
19. The Wishbone
20. Jôrut’s Road
21. Sailor’s Road
22. Breach Avenue
23. Lögga’s Avenue
24. St. Andrew’s Cathedeal
25. Kjöl Trading Post
26. The Eyes of Sovny
27. Solar Cathedral
28. Willen Library
29. Nügel
30. Little Road

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