Character Profile: Grey Rain

Physical attributes differentiated by a / indicate before/after Grey Rain’s monthly transformation.

Name: Grey Rain Sanct, Darby Trapp-ven Sancte (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Darby, Dabby, Gay Wane, Hungry, the wolf

Title(s): Prince of Dolovai

Hair Colour: Grey-brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 134 cm/187 cm

Weight: 40 kg/107 kg

Build: Petit/bestial

Distinguishing Marks: Grey-brown wolf ears and tail

Dick Size: Large (by human standards, above average by werewolf standards)/very large (very large by werewolf standards)

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Snowball (mate/brother), Paper Mouse, Honeybird, Shadow Fox, Rosecloud, Black Sky, Sun Hare, many others (sex partners)

Family Relationships: Red Wolf and King Cat (parents), Light Stag (head bodyguard/fathers’ husband), Axe Hound (father’s squire), Leopard Queen, Cave Watcher and Night Falcon (aunt and uncles), Gold Stork and Sun Thrower, Star Smoke and Shadow Claw (grandparents), Moonflower and God Singer (uncles), Sun Nail (second cousin), Gold Tongue and Double Star, Thunder Eye and Dust Hunter (great grandparents), Owl Song (great grandfather, deceased), Oak Heart and Star River (biological parents), Elk Fang (biological brother, deceased), Blue Tail and Coyote Eye (biological aunt and uncle), Dawn Thunder, Whisper Storm and Ice Cloud (biological cousins), Green Dawn and Panther Thorn (biological grandparents), Dream Fox and Dark Spire (biological cousins, once removed), the Sunwood Pack (former pack)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Doggy style, missionary, on his knees, bent over a flat surface, pressed against a wall

Kinks: Submission, bondage, anonymity, praise, headpats

Orgies Attended: Narwhal Junction Werewolf Orgies, Pelican Bay Alley Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born to an herbalist and a storyteller in Narwhal Junction’s Horn District, Grey Rain grew up in a predominantly werewolf neighbourhood with his family. His parents didn’t want him interacting with humans too much, fearing that they’d hurt him or try to indoctrinate him, preventing him from growing up and being the spiritualist they wanted him to be. He still snuck out to have adventures in Narwhal Junction sometimes, though slightly less so after his brother died of an illness. When some demons showed up one day looking for a werewolf to experiment on, Grey Rain’s parents gave him to them, and he was taken to the Citadel in the Amaran Mountains, where a series of alterations were made to him at a cellular level. He was rescued by a coalition of people led by Gavin ven Sancte and his husband, to whom Grey Rain immediately attached himself, seeing in Red Wolf the hero he wanted himself to be. Now living with his new parents and his mate Snowball (who is also his brother), Grey Rain has a family again, and one that is letting him find his own future, rather than deciding it for him.


  • The midwife who delivered Grey Rain determined at birth that he would be a champion for his people; his parents therefore raised him to be a spiritual leader and made sure he was taught everything about their gods and history
  • Grey Rain grew up particularly close to his cousin Dawn Thunder, who often minded the pack’s children. He used to want to be Dawn Thunder’s mate when he grew up
  • Grey Rain’s biggest regret is that he wasn’t there when Elk Fang died. He came home and was told his brother had died of an illness Grey Rain hadn’t even been told he’d had
  • Grey Rain’s parents always told him that humans would try to turn him into a human. He had many human friends his age who were always very nice to him and seemed perfectly happy with him being a werewolf
  • Grey Rain is fully literate in Skaja, the Enjoni werewolf language used in Narwhal Junction, as well as Nathnjek. He can read but not write Eesk, and also knows the alphabet in Gronnde. He reads lips in Skaja and Nathnjek and Enjoni sign is his first language. He mildly resents that he’s being forced to learn to read and write in Daolo when he already knows four and a half other languages
  • Now that he lives primarily among humans, Grey Rain makes more of an effort to preserve his werewolf heritage than he ever did when he was at home, feeling it’s an important part of who he is
  • Grey Rain isn’t sure if it’s because Dolovin winter isn’t as cold or if it is one of his demon modifications, but he finds he’s not cold enough to need clothes most of the time anymore, even when he’s outside
  • Grey Rain doesn’t remember almost any of what the demons did to him; he was asleep through most of it. He remembers being alone in a stone room a lot, and being sore a lot. He’s not sure if the things that happen in his nightmares really happened or if he just made them up
  • Grey Rain’s goal is to become a knight like Red Wolf so he can protect everyone like Red Wolf does. This goal became doubly important to him after he met Snowball
  • Having been adopted by Gavin, Grey Rain is currently third in line for the crown of Dolovai


  • “I can help you fight the bad people.”
  • “Clothes are stupid.”
  • “I’m still going to get stronger too! I’m going to be as strong as Red Wolf!”
  • “Can you lift me?”
  • “It’s not even cold. Stop oppressing my culture.”
  • “That’s stupid. Gods live in the woods and on the moon, everyone knows that.”
  • “I found him laying on the street while I was exploring! He won’t wake up and I’m worried he’s going to die!”
  • “I think he’s scared of everything. But I’m not scared of anything, so I can protect him.”
  • “I killed one of these with Red Wolf! It was huge! It was the biggest thing in the world! I jumped off the back of a dragon and exploded its eyeball! There was gross eyeball water everywhere! It was so cool!”
  • “Shark dragon. It’s a shark dragon.”
  • “Everyone smells! That’s how you tell people apart!”
  • “Thanks, dad.”
  • “Hi! There was a monster made of dark that smelled like flowers but I killed it!”
  • “I got thrown at the wall, but only a little bit!”
  • “Tell your evil friend that if I see her I’m going to bite her.”
  • “You should keep saying nice stuff to me. I like that.”
  • “I thought about it a lot. And I decided that’s stupid and it’s one of the things that makes most humans worse than werewolves. But that’s okay, because you’re better than other humans, so I can be patient until you figure that out and change your mind.”
  • “Snowball? What’s wrong? You’re crying.”
  • “Can I please hug you?”


  • Grey Rain knows the real names of all the werewolf gods and is therefore qualified to speak to them in a way that the vast majority of people are not
  • Elk Fang was a year older than Grey Rain and was a much bigger boy; he used to protect Grey Rain from bullies
  • Grey Rain’s first sexual experience was with Dawn Thunder, who taught him about sex and then let Grey Rain suck his dick when Grey Rain asked if he could
  • As is normal for werewolves, Grey Rain was sexually active with his brother and parents and all of his friends growing up, and though he was told that humans don’t behave that way, he has found that he’s just as sexually active since living with them as he was when he was younger (though he has noticed he’s far less sexually active with his new parents than his old ones)
  • Grey Rain once got his human friend Gold Flea to take him to a lot of human mystics to see what their spiritualism was like, and then got in trouble with his parents for corrupting his knowledge base
  • Grey Rain pretends to like girls sexually and has had sex with a few, but he isn’t actually interested in them except to be friends with
  • Based on everything he knows about Red Wolf, Grey Rain is confident that Red Wolf will change his mind about having sex with him someday
  • Since his experimentation, Grey Rain’s shapeshifting abilities are stronger and he can more readily shift into and hold a half-humanoid, half-wolf form, both of the standard variety that most werewolves can do and also the larger, more bestial form he now transforms into during the full moon, though using that form regularly makes him very hungry. Grey Rain thinks the demons might have given him the power to turn into other things besides a wolf, but he hasn’t asked and doesn’t know how to test this theory
  • If Grey Rain ever becomes king, his plan is to outlaw slavery, fully legalize incest for everyone, decriminalize public sex, ban smallclothes entirely, force rich people to give money to poor people so nobody has to be poor, and then abolish the monarchy, in that order
  • Grey Rain enjoys sex a lot and has it a lot, but would happily stop having it with everyone but Snowball if Snowball asked him to. He has never enjoyed sex as much as he has with Snowball

Modern AU: Modern Darby was born in a French Canadian community and raised there, until his parents decided to ship him off to France to boarding school because they were tired of him getting in trouble. He ran away from home and was fortunately picked up by some very nice people who adopted him after he was emancipated from his biological parents. Darby is now a radical communist anarchist nudist furry artist and writer with a passion for kink and underground music. Using his fursona Grey Rain, Darby posts a lot of erotic drawings and stories online and has a large following for his popular story Grey Rain’s Wolfy Adventure!, which may or may not be based on people he knows and the sexual fantasies he has about them. He attends school because he has to, but is resistant to state programming, and makes sure to stage acts of rebellion as often as he can, since his parents let him do that. He also spends as much time as possible with his boyfriend/brother Greg, whom he loves more than anything in the world. When he’s not fighting the power, creating pornography both real and artistic or snuggling Greg, Darby spends his time with his many, many friends, ideally naked; goes to underground shows with Sully; and works on his in-progress plan to convince Owen to have sex with him, which he feels is proceeding nicely.

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Grey Rain

  1. “force rich people to give money to poor people so nobody has to be poor, and then abolish the monarchy, in that order“

    Dunno about the sex stuff (I’m asexual and thus have no horse in this race) but Grey Rain has excellent priorities here.


  2. “Grey Rain thinks the demons might have given him the power to turn into other things besides a wolf, but he hasn’t asked and doesn’t know how to test this theory”

    Were-greater demon/greater angel/miscellaneous eldritch horror when?


    1. I guess when Grey Rain figures out how to unlock that particular power. 😀 Though given the abilities we know he has, we might well have already seen a preview of something like that.



      1. Ah, Kos, or some say Kosm… Do you hear our prayers? As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant us eyes, grant us eyes! Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy.


        1. Honestly parts of that sound pretty similar to a werewolf divine invokation. Maybe not so much the last part since werewolves are pretty sure they’re the literal pinnacle of creation, but the first parts, for sure.


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