Character Profile: Daisy

Name: Daisy H’boll

Aliases/AKAs: Dandelion

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Build: Slim

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Jonah Narrak (husband, deceased), Solomon and Samson of Clan Netzer (rapists)

Family Relationships: Dahlia and Tamir H’boll (parents), Donnatella and Karl Ubyll (sister and brother-in-law), Darla and Derek Ubyll (niece and nephew), Delilah of Clan Netzer (daughter), Tegan H’boll (brother, deceased)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On top

Kinks: Blindfolds, group sex

Orgies Attended: Kasseh River Orgies

Bio: Born in the southern Ech’kent village of Kasseh to a pair of farmers, Daisy was the middle of three children, and the one who planned to stay home and inherit her family’s farm after her parents grew too old. Unfortunately, Daisy caught the Sorcerer King’s attention and her husband was killed and she taken to the king’s castle, where she was raped by the Sorcerer King, then given to his son to take out his sexual frustrations on, before being taken back by Solomon. When she was discovered to be pregnant, Daisy was cared for in the castle as she was bearing an heir to Clan Netzer, even after Solomon died. She is now the mother to Delilah of Clan Netzer, and is treated somewhat better than she was before, because Samson isn’t interested in hurting her and wants her to take care of Delilah for him, and because her nephew Derek has quietly ensured that nobody in the castle bothers her. She has no intention of continuing to live with Sam for the rest of her life, and though Derek has promised her he has a plan to get her out, she also knows she can only be so patient.


  • Daisy had never left Kasseh before being taken to the castle and had never wanted to
  • It was a few months after he’d been living there before Daisy realized Derek was in the castle too
  • Daisy was raised in the Catechism, though like many people from Ech’kent she was suspicious of its priests and God
  • Daisy was very aware that being pregnant was the only thing that stopped Solomon from killing her. That didn’t stop her from considering trying to have an abortion
  • Tegan died of a bleeding illness when he was eight. At the time, Daisy didn’t understand why her parents didn’t take him to the Sorcerer King for healing and was very angry with them
  • Though they’d had a bit of a falling out when Daisy was younger and Donnatella had moved out to marry Karl, Daisy had a good relationship with her sister and saw her niece and nephew frequently
  • Daisy and Jonah were childhood friends who didn’t start dating until they were adults
  • Even after living there for a year, Daisy has not seen most of the castle outside of the room she lives in
  • Daisy had been married to Jonah for only two months when she was taken to the Sorcerer King’s castle
  • Daisy has long since decided that if her hopes of escaping the castle disappear, she would rather die than stay living there


  • “I’ve never been a mother before.”
  • “Henry’s been such a dear.”
  • “Sometimes I think she wants to kick her way out of me.”
  • “I have always liked the name Salome. Or Delilah.”
  • “I’m a bit tired of being a piece of furniture.”
  • “She’s not very happy. She’s had a bit of a hard day.”
  • “You’re a much nicer person than your father was.”
  • “Hopefully she grows up.”
  • “I don’t think this is a good idea.”
  • “We’re not stupid, Derek. We can see what you’re doing.”
  • “Since when is anything easy?”


  • Daisy was the fastest swimmer in Kasseh as a young girl
  • Daisy used to believe she had the power to make it rain, because whenever she wished for it, it would rain the next day
  • Daisy’s first sexual experience was with a girl and boy from the neighbouring farm, Ruby and Paul. They played exploratory sexual games with each other for several years starting when Daisy was ten
  • Daisy always had more financial acumen than her parents or sister
  • Daisy has never liked dresses or any other traditional women’s clothing, she finds they get in the way
  • Daisy and Jonah first had sex when they were fourteen and continued to be sexually active together after that, but it was five years before Daisy gave Jonah a knife
  • Periodically growing up, Daisy would organize orgies with her friends in the river near Kasseh. Usually they would happen at night and have an attendance of ten to twenty people
  • Daisy is allergic to garlic and onions
  • As a teenager, Daisy once had a strange experience of bathing in the river with several of her friends where they all spontaneously decided it was very important to compare their chest sizes, involving a lot of pressing up against each other and groping each other, and giggling. None of them knew what had come over them afterwards
  • Daisy’s least favourite thing about the castle (aside from the people in it) is that the floors are always too cold

Modern AU: Modern Daisy was the former (unwilling) mistress of mob boss Solomon Netzer, and when he died, she remained living with the mob. The new boss isn’t interested in her, but he does seem to care about her daughter, so she has no choice but to continue staying with him. She’s mostly left to her own devices, she’s even allowed to leave the mob’s compound as long as someone goes with her to monitor her. She is looking for a way to become a police informant, but isn’t willing to risk her own life to do it. Daisy was partway through a physiotherapy degree when she was taken to the mob,  and wishes she could go back to it. She enjoys all manner of music but especially jazz, and plays the flute and the trumpet, though she is out of practice. She also likes cooking, rock climbing and amateur archaeology, and can often be found on the roof of the mob’s compound, tending to a small rooftop garden and spending a lot of time thinking.

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