Character Profile: Bertrand

Name: Bertrand of Merket, Bertrand White (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Bertrand the Brave

Title(s): Knight of the Dolovin Order (self-proclaimed)

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Theodore Silver (former master)

Family Relationships: Bertha and Helga (mothers), Henrietta (sister, deceased)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Atop his squire

Kinks: Role play, power

Orgies Attended: Pelican Bay Summer Orgies, Teown’s Sound Tower Orgies

Bio: Born to two actors in Merket, Bertrand grew up helping out at their theatre, planning to grow up and leave Merket someday to go on an adventure and become a knight. Seeing his opportunity one day when some knights passed through Merket, Bertrand ran away from home and tried to join them, only to be turned away. Rather than going home, Bertrand tried to start his adventuring career early, which resulted in his getting arrested breaking into a tavern and, when he refused to name any parents, sold into slavery. For several years, Bertrand was a bedslave to a wealthy young man named Theodore, who loved him for a time until he was too old, and then freed him. Bertrand left to become a knight worthy of Theodore, and travelled Dolovai for many years, training himself, honing his skills, and always finding a reason not to return home to Merket. As he grew as a knight, Bertrand began taking on squires here and there, generally only for a few days at a time when he passed through a town. Having fallen on slightly harder times, Bertrand has recently accepted stable work as a bodyguard in Pelican Bay, where his past has come back to remind him of who he really is.


  • Bertrand frequently worried that Theodore was physically unfit and in need of protecting, and took it upon himself to do this even after Theodore lost interest in him
  • Upon being freed, Bertrand went right to Three Hills to join the knights’ training school, but he lasted only two months in the programme before his refusal to accept criticism led him to leave  
  • Bertrand’s sexual attraction to younger boys began a year or so after he began travelling Dolovai as a knight, and he considered it merely part of his duty as a knight to train squires
  • Because he’d seen his mothers managing their finances in the theatre, Bertrand had an idea of how to save money, and made Theodore’s parting gifts to him last a very long time
  • Bertrand has made a career of ridding rural areas of small nuisances like wolves or ghouls. He is an above-average fighter and people in many towns report that he has helped them immensely
  • Bertrand only touches about half the boys he looks at and fantasizes about, and never touches the ones who aren’t interested in him
  • Though he knows his mothers miss him, Bertrand is too ashamed of how he left home to go back there. He writes them letters sometimes, and sends them money as well
  • Bertrand has joined one or two adventuring parties in his time, but generally prefers to work alone
  • Bertrand’s current job is as a bodyguard to a merchant’s son in Pelican Bay. He thought he’d lose that job after being arrested, but his employer bailed him out and even increased his hours
  • Many people have told Bertrand he is delusional. He feels bad that they must live in worlds so much less robust and interesting than his


  • “Hail, lads!”
  • “I am Bertrand the Brave, a knight of the realm!”
  • “The young prince was my squire for a time and I can assure you that the two of you look nothing alike.”
  • “Luck has no bearing on the performance of a knight such as I,”
  • “You might be the most talented squire I’ve ever trained.”
  • “The man in that carriage is in grave danger. You must let me through.”
  • “It’s…it’s me, Theo. It’s Bert. You don’t…”


  • Bertrand often dreams about the adventures he’s had, but he’s often a child in those dreams
  • Bertrand is afraid of the dark
  • Bertrand’s first sexual experience was with a young actor in the dressing room of the theatre, who taught him about blowjobs
  • Bertrand is a vegetarian
  • Whenever it rains, Bertrand likes to take off his clothes and stand in it for as long as he can
  • Theodore was Bertrand’s first long-term sexual partner. He was sexually active with Theodore’s other slaves after they’d also been forgotten, but he was never attracted to any of them
  • Bertrand once spent two days in a cave while trying to figure out how to kill the giant scorpion sleeping outside, only to realize the scorpion had died
  • Bertrand has only ever been on two boats and both of them sank
  • Once, after slaying some slimes in the cellar of an inn in Teown’s Sound, Bertrand was thanked by the innkeeper’s son, who then invited him to a party in an abandoned tower, which turned out to be an orgy for men like him and boys of various ages. He stayed in Teown’s Sound for several weeks to spend time with this group, and left with a standing invitation to return whenever he liked
  • Bertrand used a cream to permanently remove his body hair shortly after Theodore released him, and he now regrets that and wishes he had pubic hair

Modern AU: Modern Bertrand was a disenfranchised child who was lifted up by an up-and-coming businessman in his big brothers programme who let Bertrand live in his house and taught him many things about himself before Bertrand came of age and moved out. In his adulthood, Bertrand moves between different jobs as a coach for different sports, mostly baseball and soccer, trying to mentor and care for his players in the same way that he was mentored and cared for growing up. Aside from his work, Bertrand’s hobbies include origami and cooking, and he has a strong passion for travel and is always saving money for his next trip.

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Bertrand

  1. I have to say, I never thought I’d feel sorry for Bertrand of all people. But the reveal that his issues stem from being used up and thrown away by Theodore is quite tragic.

    He was a boy who wanted to be a knight, once. He could have been a great one, from the sound of things, if he’d ever had the chance. And Theodore turned him into…this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! He’s definitely the creep we all knew him to be, but there’s a reason why he is that way. He was made that way by someone far worse than him. I think he’s a really interesting study in cycles of abuse and how they work, because when we initially met him of course all we saw was what he was doing, but now that we have all this extra context about his background, he becomes this really tragic figure. He wasn’t much different from Owen or Edwin as a boy, and Theodore took that all away from him.

      I really like putting characters in new lights once we get to know them a little better. 🙂



  2. Amazing, how the first impression of a person can be wrong, when you take a closer look.

    to join the knights’ training school, but he lasted only two months in the programme before his refusal to accept criticism led him to leave

    Imaging him staying. It’s said he’s an above-average fighter- what a great knight he could have been. With all this glory and fame and squires to fuck…
    I like the sadness and tragedy, you hide behind the outer layers of your characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Bertrand could have genuinely had all he wanted if he’d just stuck with the training that he’d tried so hard to obtain. He really had what it took, but because of the delusions he built for himself to protect himself from Theodore, he ended up not being able to handle it. He’s basically never been able to hold down a job for that same reason.

      I’m glad you enjoy that! With the characters who starred in the anthology in particular, I really want to adhere to the idea in the title: Everyone is a main character, it’s just that some people we see less of.


      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a fascinating look at Bertrand. I really like how every character you make has depth to them.

    His story is honestly pretty tragic.

    Well, at least he has a stable job right now.

    And an orgy at Teowin’s Sound? I wouldn’t mind seeing that.



    1. Thank you so much! Something I work really hard on is making sure that all my characters come off as having depth and being real people outside of what they can do for the story, so it makes me really happy to hear that! He’s had a pretty rough life and his story is pretty sad, I think, even if he’s a bit of a lot of a creeper, haha.

      I’m happy that he has a stable job, though. His employer currently is really great and seems to want him to succeed, which is nice!

      I could put the Teown’s Sound tower orgies on the list! I’m sure they were fun for everyone involved. 😀



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