Drew/Frederick, High

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Drew giggled as he floated into Frederick’s house. Everything was so bright and he was so horny.

“Hey, Drew,” Frederick said, on the couch with Silas. “What’s up?”

Drew grinned, plopping right into Frederick’s lap. “Hi. I want to fuck you.”


Honestly, Frederick didn’t have to act so surprised. It wasn’t like they hadn’t done it before and it wasn’t like Frederick didn’t know that Drew liked him. Drew looked at Silas, who also looked surprised. “Can I fuck him? Please?”

“Well…sure,” Silas said, shrugging.

Drew grinned and started making out with Frederick, who barely had time to ‘eep’ before his mouth was covered. He lifted Frederick’s shirt over his head and tossed it aside, then pushed him down, straddling him. “What’s gotten into you?” he asked as Drew undid his pants.

Whatever drugs Lyren had dosed him with so he could have fun at the party Lyren had thrown this weekend were what had gotten into Drew. They hadn’t worn off yet. “I’m just horny,” he told Frederick, getting Frederick’s silly shorts out of the way—why didn’t Silas just keep him bottomless all the time? Drew would have to raise that with him later—and getting to work on his own shorts, which were too big and came right off. “Is there lube somewhere?”

“We don’t usually keep it in the couch…oh, wow,” Frederick said. Drew had gotten bored during the story and just pressed his dick right in, figuring correctly that Frederick could take it. He’d bottomed so much this weekend, he just really wanted to fuck someone who wasn’t a hypnotized fuck slave, and Drew didn’t think that was too much to ask.

Drew leaned down and kissed Frederick possessively, hard, not worrying overly about occasionally biting his tongue a little. Frederick was his right now and that meant Drew could do want he wanted. Besides, Frederick was whinging and moaning and moving so much, and Drew could feel every atom of him vibrating sexily under him and wow, this was a lot, and…

Drew came so hard that it made him briefly leave his body, go into Frederick’s, cum again as Frederick, and then come back. “Oh, wow,” he said, shaking from both of those orgasms. “Wow.”

“Yeah. Wow.” Frederick had his hands on Drew’s hips. “Wow. That was…wow.”

Drew nodded, still wowing. He wanted to go again, but his stomach was rumbling. He pulled out and got up, shaking a lot. “I’m going to go get something to eat, do you want something?” he asked. “Then I’m going to come back and Silas I can fuck him again, right?”

“I…yeah, of course,” said Silas, holding Frederick now. “Sure.”

Drew beamed at them. “Maybe like seven or eight times? We’ll figure it out when I get back. Do you want doughnuts? I want doughnuts, you have some, right?”

Drew went into the kitchen to get doughnuts, vibrating all over. Lyren had assured him the drugs would wear off eventually, but Drew wouldn’t mind if they didn’t. This was great. Maybe he was special and drugs didn’t wear off from him. Maybe he wasn’t going to crash like Lyren had warned him about. Maybe he was going to feel like this forever, and then he could—



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