Joey/Wes, Wall

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Wes and Joey broke into the room kissing, competing for dominance in a fight that Joey had lost half an hour ago but refused to admit.

That was okay, though, Wes was the most fun person to lose a contest to. He manhandled Joey into the room, picking him right the hell up and holding him by the ass as Joey wrapped his legs around Wes, but only for a second. They’d been teasing each other for two hours. “Take my fucking pants off,” Joey growled, going back to making out with Wes.

In response, Wes reached down, letting Joey support himself for a minute, and he ripped the back of Joey’s gym shorts right open, tearing the whole garment in half and leaving Joey bottomless. Wes pushed his own shorts down, not bothering to get them off, while Joey refused to give up his place in Wes’s mouth.

Wes’s cock sprung free, hard and leaking and not willing to wait anymore, so Wes didn’t. He slams Joey up against the nearest wall, knowing exactly how rough Joey likes him to be, and presses his cock into Joey just like that, fucking him against the wall while devouring his mouth.

It’s at this point that you notice that the wall Wes is fucking Joey against doesn’t technically exist.

You get up, watching them fuck, confused as to why the author chose this angle that only lets you see Joey’s back and Wes’s dick as he thrusts. It’s hot as hell, sure, but if this is Joey’s point of view, how can he be seeing his own ass?

You reach out to touch, and are surprised to find warm flesh there, not the usual wall that separates you from the citizens of Nova. Joey is real, and so is Wes, and they’re in touching distance of you.

Normally all you touch while you’re reading about these guys is yourself, so you’re hardly going to pass up an opportunity like this when it’s been put right in front of you. You put your hands on Joey’s back, feeling the spot where his wings would be if he had them, and he gasps a gasp that isn’t accordant with Wes driving into him.

You smile, knowing that Joey can feel you just as much as you feel him, and your hands roam. You have limited surface are to work with Wes is occupying most of Joey’s front, but that’s not a problem. You touch Joey all up and down his back, his shoulders, even slip your arms around and briefly touch his chest. You touch his horns, which makes him tense up, and when you don’t let go, he soon cums with a pitiful moan against Wes, who doesn’t relent for a second.

Your own cock throbs in your pants and you drop those, freeing yourself. Your cock touches Joey’s ass, and you slide a hand down to cup that ass, touching Joey’s tail. Your other hand joins it as Joey makes loud, loud noises that travel right down your body to your cock. Your roving hands finds Joey’s stretched hole, Wes pounding it. Curious, you press a finger against it.

It pops inside, and Joey moans. Holy shit, you think. Holy shit, Wes is so big and yet your finger went right…

You pull it out, step back. Joey is with his boyfriend, not you. He’s not a real person but that doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want to…

His tail wraps around your wrist, stopping you from leaving and even tugging you closer. He reaches behind himself and finds your cock, grabbing it. He wants you to come closer. He doesn’t realize you’re there or that he’s not real, but subconsciously he must realize something is happening and he wants more of it, he wants more of you and he can feel you throbbing against him, he knows you want him too.

He pulls you right back to where you were and only lets go of your cock once its pressed against his hole. And so, knowing this is what Joey wants, you press against him, using Wes’s unflinching momentum to press inside.

Joey cries out and cums against as you enter his incredible tightness, his incredible heat. You knew dragons had a higher internal body temperature than humans, but you hadn’t realized that would mean his asshole was hotter than a human’s.

You’re not as tall as Wes, but he’s bending his legs as if to put Joey at a height you can reach, and you start thrusting into the dragon boy, wrapping one arm around him and stroking his horn with your other, kissing his neck. Joey’s tail wraps around your waist, keeping you connected to him and Wes. Wes’s cock slides alongside yours, thick and long, and you can’t believe that you two are inside Joey together.

Unfortunately, as much as you’d love for this to last forever, bodies have limits and soon you’re cumming. You can feel Wes shooting too, and for just a second he breaks his kiss with Joey to share one with you as the two of you fill Joey up together.

Wes’s knot starts to swell, and he pulls Joey away from the wall and off your cock, walking him towards the bed and laying down on his side, tied to Joey. The wall that usually separates you is back in place.

Joey snuggled Wes, feeling so content. “That was awesome,” he said. “It felt like you were two people.”

Wes chuckled, kissing Joey between his horns. “We’ll have to play that game a little more often.”

Joey nodded, dozing off for a short rest before Wes can decouple from him for round two. Behind the wall, you smile at them, happy that everyone is where they should be.



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