John/Edwin, Playdate

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John was way too big to go on playdates, but Uncle Nolan had told him he had to go on this one with Erik’s baby brother, so John had gone because he had no choice. At least he would get to spend time with Erik and Gus, because Uncle Nolan had to go to work. Edwin was so little, he was at least three years younger than John, so he couldn’t play any big kid games, but that was okay. He knew how to play hide and seek, and John was super good at hide and seek.

“Ready or not, here I come!” John opened his eyes and looked around Erik’s living room. They’d been supposed to go to the park, but it was pouring rain, so they had to stay inside. Erik was playing a video game on the couch and John wanted to play with him, but he had to play with Edwin instead. Gus was coming over later though, and then Erik had promised they could all play together.

John could have asked Erik where Edwin was like Edwin had for him on his last turn, but John was big enough not to need to do that. He looked in the closet because it was where he’d hid last time, and then in the basement near the laundry because that was where Edwin had hidden last time, but Edwin wasn’t in either place.

Scowling, John went back up into the kitchen. He’d been listening carefully and hadn’t heard Edwin go up the stairs, so he was on the first floor somewhere. They weren’t allowed to go outside by themselves. Where could he be hiding?

As he thought that maybe it wouldn’t be unfair to ask Erik for just a little hint, John heard sniffling from one of the cupboards. Quietly, he headed over to it, listening again. He could hear crying. He opened the cupboard. “Found you.”

Edwin was huddled in there, arms around his knees, crying. “Hey,” John said. “Don’t cry. Getting found is part of the game.”

“That’s not…that’s not why I’m…” Edwin started sobbing, and John pulled him out of the cupboard to hug him, and then he saw what was wrong.

“Oh,” John said. Edwin was wearing a pair of overalls over a red t-shirt, and it was obvious that he’d wet himself. “Hey, you don’t have to cry. Sometimes people wet themselves.”

“I just…I was having fun and I thought I could hold it in, and if Erik sees I peed myself he’s going to make me start wearing Pull-Ups again and I…”

Oh. John glanced over his shoulder. Erik was still in the living room, but they’d have to get past him to get up the stairs. He bit his lip. There had to be a way he could help Edwin. He was the big kid here.

An idea came to John, and he smiled. “I know what to do. Come here.”

He got Edwin to his feet, and pulled him to the basement. “Why are we doing downstairs?”

“Because that’s where your washing machine is,” John told him. “We’ll take your clothes off and put them in there, and then Erik will just think they’re regular dirty clothes.”

“You’re so smart!” Edwin said, clinging to John as they went down the scary stairs into the basement.

“Thanks,” said John. Edwin was so little that he would probably think anyone older than him was super smart, but that wasn’t his fault. And playing with him made John feel bigger. Down in the basement, he helped Edwin take his overalls off, and lifted his shirt over his head. He put those in the washing machine before carefully taking Edwin’s cute deer undies off. John wished he had a pair like that, though he wouldn’t want one that was stained with pee in the front.

Those went in the machine too, and John smiled. “There. Erik will never know.”

Edwin nodded, looking at John. “You should get naked too. Then we can tell him we were playing a naughty game if he asks.”

John had to admit that was a good idea, so he took off his sleeveless shirt—it said Rock on it—and slid down his shorts. Edwin giggled. “You’re not wearing any underwear!”

“That’s because I’m big,” John explained, and that was all he had time to say before Edwin grabbed his dick. “Hey!”

“It’s so much bigger than mine,” Edwin informed him, which John could see. He grinned. “It’s not as big as Erik’s, though.”

“Well, Erik is older than me by a bit, so…”

Edwin ignored him, putting his mouth over John’s dick and sucking on it. “Oh. Oh, okay,” John said, leaning back against the dryer. Edwin was sucking on his dick. Edwin was sucking on his dick, because…because John was the big boy here.

Edwin was very good at sucking on dicks, John thought, probably because he sucked on Erik’s a lot. That made John salivate a little, but he pushed that aside. He was a big boy now, and his job was to make Edwin happy by letting Edwin suck on his dick as much as he wanted to.

And Edwin obviously wanted to a lot, he just kept going and going and even when John started to squirt, he sucked all that down too; John wondered if he even tasted it. When Edwin was done he pulled off and hopped to his feet, giving John a big hug. “You’re so cool, John. I’m so glad we’re friends.”

“Me…me too,” John said, patting Edwin’s back. He hadn’t really been sure he wanted to be friends with someone as little as Edwin, but…maybe it was okay. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Edwin nodded. “You should stay naked! Erik’s friends are coming over later and Erik always makes me get naked before they get here anyway. Can we stop playing hide and seek?” he asked, as John led him up the stairs. “We could go play naughty games with Erik instead.”

John grinned at that. Getting to play with Erik but also not being the littlest boy sounded super fun. “Yeah, let’s go do that,” he said.

And he led his new friend up the stairs. Being the big boy felt really good.



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