Geoffrey/Giacomo, Marriage Is A Contract

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Geoffrey had been livid when his father had suddenly announced an arranged marriage for him with some girl he’d never heard of before in order to make sure that all the good genes stayed in one family or something. He still was livid, but a few conversations with Giacomo about how these things were easier to handle in a way that would make sure Geoffrey’s genes would stay in his family where they belonged, and that had calmed him down a lot.

Now that he’d met the girl—her name was Dia—it wasn’t even that bad. Geoffrey could be charming, and she was nice enough, and they got along well enough in public so everyone could see what a perfect rich couple they were.

It helped that Dia wasn’t stupid. Giacomo had some dirt on her family but it didn’t matter, because they’d had an honest conversation and Dia didn’t want to be married to Geoffrey any more than Geoffrey wanted to be married to her, and so she’d gotten in on Giacomo’s plan. Which of course she had, everyone got in on Giacomo’s plans once they realized Giacomo knew best.

And all that was why Geoffrey was in an expensive hotel room in Amsterdam, his cock buried in Dia, fucking her as best he could while he made out with Giacomo to stay hard. Dia had earplugs in and a blindfold on, which had been her request so she could pretend he was someone else or that he was a sex toy or whatever, and that worked just fine for everyone.

Giacomo’s tongue explored all around Geoffrey’s mouth as if it had never been there before, his hand on Geoffrey’s ass to keep him going. Geoffrey’s arms were around Giacomo, holding himself up, doing his very best to pretend that his dick was in the right person instead of not.

When he finally came, he moved to pull out. “No,” Giacomo muttered, hand still on Geoffrey’s ass. “Stay plugged in there for a few minutes so my nephew can’t escape. Besides, she didn’t cum yet, don’t be an asshole.”

Geoffrey nodded, and kept fucking Dia, hoping it was good for her because nobody had bothered to tell him what to do. “You’re doing so good, Geoffrey,” Giacomo promised. “You’re awesome.”

Dia seemed pretty into it, he thought, though he was trying not to pay too much attention. After a while she did clench around him and get all shaky, though. Giacomo smiled. “There we go, that should be good. Let’s go.” He pulled Geoffrey out, and then patted Dia’s shoulder, pulling one of her earplugs out. “We’ll see you in Calcutta next week.”

Dia nodded, smiling vaguely. “See you there.”

Hand on Geoffrey’s dick, Giacomo pulled him right out of the room to give him his reward for being so good.

Dad had been annoyed that he’d needed to hastily arrange—and pay for—a shotgun wedding because of his stupid eugenics plan working out a little too well, which had made all the straight sex worth it for Geoffrey. He’d always figured he’d get a girl pregnant someday, but he hadn’t thought it would be this soon.

Plus, in a few years Dad was going to be even more annoyed when Geoffrey and Dia announced their divorce and the huge settlement Dia was getting in exchange for Geoffrey having custody of the kid. They’d already worked out which houses and shit Geoffrey was going to give her, and nothing made Geoffrey happier than giving away his dad’s shit.

He loosened his bowtie as the elevator reached his penthouse, and stepped inside, sighing. Dia had a different space and they basically weren’t going to be sleeping together for the duration of their marriage. Turned out she was fucking her brother too, which was how Giacomo had convinced her of all this. A few years of fake marriage and they could all just be incestuous like normal rich people, and nobody would bat an eye.

The light in his bedroom was on, and Geoffrey went inside, found Giacomo on his bed wearing Dia’s wedding veil. “Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” said Geoffrey, not surprised at all that Giacomo had managed to both get here first and steal part of his wife’s wardrobe. He tossed his tie and then his coat aside, working on the rest of his clothes. “What are you going to do when Dad decides to marry you off?”

Giacomo shrugged languidly, watching Geoffrey undress. “The mistake you make with Dad is letting him be in charge,” he said. “I’ve had him by the balls for almost as long as I’ve had your balls. He’s not going to make me do anything.”

That was almost definitely true. Geoffrey got on the bed, lifted up the veil. “May I kiss the bride?”

Giacomo pounced on him, making out with Geoffrey furiously, which turned into grinding, which turned into Giacomo mounting his cock and riding him hands-free, the wedding veil still on his head. “You know what I hope?” Giacomo asked, after a bit.

“What’s that?” Geoffrey was focused on his current task and didn’t really want to think about the future beyond the next few hours.

“I hope it’s a boy.”

“What’s a boy?”

“Your kid. I hope it’s a cute little son you can have full custody of to raise however we want,” Giacomo said, bouncing hard.

Geoffrey shuddered at the idea, came inside Giacomo. “That’d be perfect.”

Giacomo grinned at him, no sign of diminished energy. He hadn’t cum yet, either. “I know. I told you this would all work out, nii-san.”

Of course he had, and of course he’d been right.

Giacomo always knew what to do, after all.



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