Character Profile: Beatrice

Name: Beatrice Sand

Aliases/AKAs: Bea, Bitch, Coyote Bite

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Build: Stocky, muscular

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Lillian Daughter of Leda (girlfriend), Cal, Wes, Mick, Sully, Travis, Joey, Ray (teammates)

Family Relationships: Father Noel (priest/father figure), Grey Rain (part-time teammate), Matty and Deck (former teammates), Boris and Adrianna (former teammates, deceased)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Against a wall

Kinks: Size kink, dirty talk, anal sex

Orgies Attended: The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Raised an orphan in central Dolovai’s Lonely Peak, Beatrice decided young that she didn’t plan to stay there and left as soon as she was old enough, intending to join Dolovai’s order of knights. Halfway there, she decided that didn’t sound as interesting as the band of mercenaries she happened by who were going to find treasure up north, and she went with them instead. Beatrice worked with different crews of treasure hunters for a few years before forming her own team, which quickly made a name for itself as being quite ruthless but getting good results. Lately, Beatrice’s team has disbanded and she’s ended up working for her professional archrival, which she’s finding isn’t so bad as she’d imagined.


  • Beatrice considers Noel her father, and is eternally grateful that he never tried to stop her leaving Lonely Peak
  • Beatrice quit the first band of mercenaries she worked with after just two jobs, deciding they weren’t paying her enough, and has refused to take low-paying work ever since
  • Noel taught Beatrice to read and write in Daolo, and then various people Beatrice worked with taught her Kyn, Chez’n, Razth and Gronnde, as well as a little bit of Eesk.
  • Because she was planning to be a knight, Beatrice taught herself swordplay and how to use a lance, as well as practiced fighting in heavy armour for a year
  • No matter how much she accomplishes, Beatrice has never been able to escape the feeling that she isn’t really worth much
  • After meeting Lillian, Beatrice became more exclusive about what jobs she took on
  • Beatrice started drinking when she became a mercenary, and rapidly it became a strong habit
  • Beatrice feels that stealing is a perfectly valid form of artefact retrieval, though she only does it if she and another artefact hunter are sent after the same object, because if someone is going to get paid for retrieving something, it may as well be her
  • Boris and Adrianna were on the mercenary team Beatrice first joined, and joined her team when they learned she was forming one. Beatrice considered them her closest friends
  • Beatrice initially only planned to help Cal rescue Wes and Mick. She stayed with him because, despite how much she professionally hated him, she found herself wanting to see through everything he’d gotten her involved in


  • “Just business, Cal.”
  • “If you were better at this you wouldn’t keep being the victim of theft.”
  • “We’re looking for a witch.”
  • “Is one of you going to explain what in the name of fuck is happening? Because I’ve never seen anything at all like that, and what the fuck?”
  • “You know, I always knew you were a pain in the ass. Thought it was a localized phenomenon.”
  • “How any of you got lucky is completely beyond me. You’re all a pain in the ass.”
  • “Hm. Your team is looking more and more like a brothel floor. You only hire people you want to fuck, don’t you?”
  • “I’m glad. That you gave me a chance. I know I screwed up a lot. Made your life hard.”
  • “No, it’s not dragons. It’s men. Men are all nuts, no matter what species. It’s why I started banging women. I think having a cock makes you stupid.”
  • “And that’s different. Because she’s hot and can do whatever she wants.”
  • “You’ve got to respect a woman who swoops into a room and kicks everyone’s ass at once.”
  • “Normally when people hire me they don’t bother to stipulate that we’re not going to have sex.”
  • “You literally don’t know fuck-all about how the world’s going to end. Stop acting like you know stuff just because you created the universe and everything in it.”
  • “I notice that I wasn’t invited to the orgy.”
  • “Well, this is a hot mess.”
  • “I did absolute fuck-all.”
  • “Corrupting the youth. One animal-eared boy at a time.”
  • “Cal, I promise, women don’t talk about you.”
  • “I know you’re only capable of holding two thoughts at once and one of them is about your dick, but try to remember two hours into the past, will you?”
  • “I’ve never had any interest in fucking you.”


  • Beatrice can juggle up to fifteen things at once
  • Beatrice often fills silence by talking to herself
  • Beatrice lost her virginity at eleven to a boy named Benji on the church altar shortly before a service they were meant to be helping with
  • Though she never thinks about the parents who abandoned her at the church, Beatrice does sometimes wonder if they gave her a name
  • Beatrice once stood totally still on one foot for twelve hours while she waited for her team to deactivate a movement-based trap
  • After catching her masturbating during a service, Noel explained sex and sexuality to Beatrice, and answered her many questions, especially about penises, eventually led to her giving him a blowjob. They were sexually active together until Beatrice left Lonely Peak
  • Beatrice always says she’s going to grow her hair out, but as soon as it touches her neck she gets annoyed with it and cuts it all off again
  • Beatrice has been to Penthi four times on lengthy jobs, two of which included side-trips to other eastern nations, and has a reputation for being someone who should be on any journey headed to Yavhore
  • Cats have always tended to like Beatrice and she has had many stray cats follow her around on jobs
  • Beatrice makes her own soap

Modern AU: Modern Beatrice grew up in foster care and didn’t like it, so she’s been living on her own from as early as she could make that happen. When she was younger she found mob treasure in a church basement, and has been interested in the city’s sordid history ever since. She also plays D&D frequently, where she plays a rogue named Vella, which unfortunately means she hangs out with Cal and his crew a lot, and is forced to continually defend herself against accusations of being part of that crew. When not roleplaying or exploring, Beatrice watches Spanish telenovelas without subtitles, graffitis on buildings she thinks are ugly, sponsors and supports underage addicts seeking recovery, and goes on dates to museums and libraries with Lillian.

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