Gabrielle/Franz/Boey, Boy Things

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Gabrielle unstrapped her armour as she walked, thinking that this was one thing she missed about having a squire. When she got in, she was going to have to take all her own armour off, which was hardly a big deal but she was tired and it was nice to just stand there and let someone do it for her. She could get her maid or something to do it but none of them knew how to properly unstrap armour and it was faster to do it herself.

She could get Franz to do it, Gabrielle thought idly. She had no doubt that he’d also be useless at it, but it would be cute to watch him try.

Anyway, it was the one thing she missed about having a squire, even if only for a week. Not having Ashton around had its advantages, though. It was that much less boy stuff she had to deal with all the time.

Gabrielle liked boys just fine, but boy stuff mostly seemed to consist of boys sucking each other’s dicks, and she was content to go a week without having to walk in on as much of that. Not none, never none as long as she lived with Gavin in a castle that could never be big enough, but less.

Franz’s apartments were right there, she thought, speaking of oral sex. Maybe she could go have a bath in his bathtub and have some fun after all day at the fortress. That was a good idea.

She changed course, headed there. The guards let her in, and Gabrielle opened the door.

“And I said I’m busy,” Boey was saying, and it was a second before Gabrielle realized that he wasn’t alone in the room.

“But you could be busy doing something more fun,” Franz said, from under the table, where, at a quick glance, he had just taken his mouth off Boey’s dick so he could talk. “We could go in the bedroom.”

“It would be hard to get my work done in the bedroom,” Boey explained, reaching under the table to pat Franz’s head. He waved at Gabrielle with his other hand.

“I could be your work,” Franz offered.

“I told you that you could only go down there if you were going to stop bothering me.”

“I’m not bothering you,” Franz whinged. “I’m just trying to convince you to bother yourself, it’s not the same thing.”

Gabrielle rolled her eyes and went to use Franz’s bath. No matter where she went, she was doomed not to escape boy things, it seemed.



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