Greg, Shy

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It was just that Grey Rain had been around people all day.

Greg was…well he was in the mood to do…things, and he wanted to do them with Grey Rain. He wanted to kiss and touch himself and maybe they’d touch each other and maybe he wanted to suck Grey Rain’s dick or have Grey Rain suck his or maybe both, maybe both at the same time, and he’d been thinking about nonstop all day but Grey Rain had so many other people around. He’d been with Owen at the fortress and he’d brought some friends back and Greg felt really bad asking him to leave his friends to come hang out with him because they hung out together all the time.

He knew that if he went and asked Grey Rain would say yes and come in here right away and they’d have so much fun, and he also knew that Grey Rain’s friends wouldn’t care or think he was weird because they were all having sex with each other and Grey Rain and stuff, and he knew that Owen and Gavin wouldn’t care because they always said they wanted him to be happy and he definitely completely knew that he would be very happy if he just went out and asked Grey Rain for what he wanted.

But he couldn’t.

Greg sat on his bed and looked at the door and wished he could get up and go out there, but he couldn’t, and he had a boner and the more he thought about it the more he thought he should just go out and ask.

That was okay. Not doing something was okay, and it didn’t mean he’d failed or anything. It just meant he didn’t have the power to do it today.

But Greg still had such a hard boner, and so he lay back on his bed, looking at the ceiling, and sliding his hand down. Then, with a glance at the door, he took his pants off. It was closed but not locked, and only Grey Rain came in without knocking. Maybe he’d come in.

Maybe he wouldn’t. Greg took his smallclothes off too. It was okay. He could have fun on his own and maybe later or maybe tomorrow he’d be able to ask for what he really wanted.



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