Character Profile: Lillian

Name: Lillian daughter of Leda, Lillian Stellen (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Sarah of Clan Netzer, Twilight Tide

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Build: Lean, narrow

Distinguishing Marks: Scars on her midriff and inner right thigh, script tattoo on her lower back

Vagina Size: Below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Beatrice Sand (girlfriend), Cal, Wes, Mick, Sully, Travis, Joey, Ray (teammates)

Family Relationships: Leda Long and Solomon of Clan Netzer (parents, deceased), Cleo Glassbreaker, Spencer Redwell, Samson and Delilah of Clan Netzer (siblings), Shem, Selma, Sabrina, Stephen, Seamus, Simone and Sidney of Clan Netzer (siblings, deceased), Carrie (bound chimera), Grey Rain ven Sancte (part-time teammate)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Partner in lap

Kinks: Sexy clothing, costumes

Orgies Attended: Bethel’s Frontier Rooftop Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The second child of the evil Solomon of Clan Netzer, Lillian was the first of Solomon’s children to be born after he went mad and ran away from his clan. She was raised in multiple locations by her father, and was eventually joined by several siblings, most of whom didn’t stick around for long. Eventually, Solomon settled in Ech’kent and Lillian enjoyed several years of stability, before being sent off on a mission to acquire the other four leystones and a few other artefacts for her father. Lillian changed her name and joined a relic hunting team, which she convinced to go after the objects she wanted, with fatal results. Lillian switched sides after that, refusing to help her father hurt more people and joining a coalition to combat him. She has since started dating her teammate Beatrice and joined another team, and has found that she’s very happy hunting relics and fighting evil.


  • When she changed her name, Lillian didn’t realize until a year later that she’d named herself after her mother’s sister
  • Lillian’s sorcerous competence has always been in binding, sealing, warding and banishing spells, though she has also recently started to learn more about summoning as well
  • Lillian’s mother was a mercenary of some renown in northern Dolovai. Lillian has been collecting stories about her since she left the castle
  • Sylvia and Lillian used to be quite close, and Lillian learned most of her magic from Sylvia
  • It took Lillian three months to get into relic hunting after leaving home, because she was given no instruction and didn’t know where to go. She ended up working with a travelling mercenary group for those three months until she found Beatrice in Merket
  • Lillian grew up very aware that her father held her brothers in higher esteem than herself. As a result, she often bullied Saul and Sam in order to remind them that she was a better sorcerer than they were
  • Because her father wouldn’t listen to her, Lillian didn’t bother telling him that the wards around his centipede pit weren’t very good, and just redesigned them without saying anything
  • Lillian never realized how much work went into successful relic hunting, and now that she has, she’s been trying to quietly learn the necessary skills so she isn’t a burden on the team
  • Lillian has recently realized that she has never felt more at home than she does with her new team
  • Now that Carrie is bound to her, Lillian has started researching chimeras, getting Sully to borrow some documents for her, which she copied and returned. She has been making some improvements to the formula


  • “Because someone has to stop you from drinking yourself to death, Bea.”
  • “You should have known better, Bea. You attract trouble, and not the small kind.”
  • “You people are insane. Climb slower.”
  • “Hm. It would help if you knew its name. But I’m guessing you don’t, since you acquired it by touching a random magical object. I doubt you even read the engraving, did you?”
  • “It was already bound with a spell—I assume to obey the demons. It was easy to just rewrite that a little.”
  • “Turns out dragons are good at sex.”
  • “It’s because humans have free will. If we knew how a marriage was going to turn out, what would be the point?”
  • “I’ve decided to let Carrie be the nice one.”
  • “When are you guys going to have sex again? Just let me know so I can make other arrangements.”
  • “Are we going in? Or shall we just stand in the street for a few more hours?”
  • “I’ve never been arrested before. Is it fun?”
  • “There’s something wrong with the wards on that thing,”
  • “You can’t kill a higher demon. You can only banish it.”
  • “It’s…dead,”
  • “I know who was responsible for all this, Bea.”
  • “This is going to be really gross, so anyone who’s going to be grossed out, fuck off.”


  • Most of Lillian’s outer clothing is white, beige, cream or otherwise in the pale spectrum. She’d like to wear colour in theory, but every time she tries, she doesn’t like how it looks on her
  • When she was ten, Lillian figured out a spell for walking on walls and ceilings, and is frequently disappointed that she rarely has cause to use it
  • Lillian’s first sexual experience was with her brother Shem, who wanted to learn about naked girls and ended up eating her out
  • Lillian used to sneak away from the castle and into the monastery on Rh’eyltakak to read the documents in their library. When Solomon destroyed the monastery and gave it to Scott, Lillian broke into the monastery one last time and removed almost the entire library, hiding all the scrolls in her room. She spent eight months working on a spell to condense the library and is now in possession of a book that contains the whole library between its pages. Anytime she encounters a new library, she adds copies of as many books as possible to her book
  • Having grown up a not very kind person, Lillian has resolved to be as kind and considerate as she can from now on
  • Unlike her brothers who were sent girls to have sex with, Solomon mostly ignored Lillian’s sexuality, letting her do what she wanted growing up. He did however kill two boys who he thought were getting too close to her, one of whom she wasn’t even sleeping with. Solomon never noticed when Lillian had girls in her bed
  • Lillian wanted to sleep with Beatrice from the moment they met, but thought Beatrice was ignoring her flirtations, until she realized Beatrice was just stupid and she needed to say outright that she wanted sex
  • Lillian has been messing around with a spell to make her chest bigger for about a year, but isn’t totally sure she wants to do it
  • Lillian doesn’t like men sexually, but she has decided to overlook that with her male teammates because she does like horns, fur, scales and other atypical body parts
  • If Lillian weren’t a relic hunter, she’d like to be a doctor

Modern AU: Modern Lillian is second-year history student at a local university, where she originally enrolled in order to rob the university museum and steal some mid twentieth century local artefacts. She chose not to do this and took advantage of her father’s death to have a friend erase all record of her so she could start a new life, which she’s taken full advantage of. She has a girlfriend and a good group of friends to play D&D with, and she plays a druid named Catania. She enjoys exploring because it lets her do field research into local history, though she’s more interested in less recent history. When not studying or exploring or playing games, Lillian works at an exploitative sports-themed restaurant called Ball Boys, where she was recently made manager and has been working tirelessly to make the waiters’ outfits tighter and skimpier. Lillian also enjoys spending as much time as possible with Beatrice, as well as making abstract sculptures and rock climbing.

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