Character Profile: Nuka

Name: Nuka Little

Aliases/AKAs: Filip, Gold Flea, Jôrut, Sáka, Tuppi

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 127 cm

Weight: 27 kg

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Mads Mortenson (patron/partner), Maple Song, Dream Fox, Cato, Bob (fellow treasured boys) many people in Narwhal Junction (clients/marks)

Family Relationships: Unknown parents (deceased)

Sexuality: Slut

Preferred Positions: Partner’s cock up his ass

Kinks: Power bottoming, being a brat, being disciplined, being paid

Orgies Attended: Cold Quarter Sauna Orgies, Dockside Merchant Orgies, Narwhal Junction Werewolf Orgies, Qonvel Redda Prison Orgies, Wheel District Discreet Orgies

Bio: Raised in Narwhal Junction’s lower-class Cold Quarter, Nuka never had a family and never really wanted one. He figures someone must have taken care of him when he was really little, but he doesn’t remember that, and is mostly self-taught when it comes to living in Narwhal Junction. Nuka is a career criminal whose talents include pickpocketing, con artistry, fraud, smuggling, breaking and entering, prostitution, local history, spying, sauna maintenance, extortion, blackmail, and crying on command. He’s recently taken up with a soothsayer local to the Cold Quarter, whom he helps con local people and whose cooking and laundry he does in exchange for living in his house and having sex, though Nuka hasn’t considered his relationship with Mads transactional for a while now.


  • Nuka considers it his moral right to commit crimes against colonizing Imperials, and his community role to commit crimes against people native to Narwhal Junction
  • Different people have helped Nuka learn his various skills, but he never remained close to any of them
  • Nuka knows his way around Narwhal Junction by heart and knows just about every shopkeeper and guard in the city, though most of them don’t know him, at least not by his real name
  • Helping Mads con people isn’t Nuka’s most profitable enterprise, but he devotes a disproportionate amount of his time to it because he likes Mads
  • Though Nuka does work all around Narwhal Junction, he prefers to stay in his most familiar neighbourhoods in the Cold Quarter most of the time. He’s pretty sure he was born there
  • Nuka does not believe that Mads can see the future. He pretends that he does because it’s part of the con
  • Nuka speaks Gronnde but pretends not to so he can get away with stuff in Imperial-controlled parts of town. He also speaks Daolo and Skaja in addition to Nathnjek and Eesk
  • Nuka often smuggles otherwise difficult to find things into the Horn District, Narwhal Junction’s werewolf neighbourhood, to save the werewolves the challenge of getting them
  • Nuka knows about the box of coins under Mads’s table. He steals from it sometimes, but he always puts the coins he steals back with interest a few days later
  • Many people think Nuka fakes his speech impediments to sound cute. This is not true, and in fact Nuka has been working on speaking more like other people before his distinctive way of speaking becomes too recognizable


  • “Madth! Madth, what the-the-the hell!”
  • “But-but-but you don’t have vithionth. That’th why you have the thtones…”
  • “Getting arrethted means I can thleep somewhere with a, with-with-with-with…with a roof.”
  • “It’th not jumping if you only have to take one thtep.”
  • “I can do it, it, it, if you don’t want to. I know-know imperialth have tight atholeth.”


  • Nuka wishes he could live somewhere warmer so he could wear fewer clothes without freezing
  • Nuka has never left Narwhal Junction. He’s been offered jobs as morale officers on various ships and as a helping hand on merchant convoys and even a job as an aide to an Imperial noble’s son and turned them all down
  • Nuka’s first sexual experience was with two guards who’d caught him stealing. He offered to suck their dicks, which he’d seen an older boy a few days earlier, and was able to get away. He immediately added prostitution to his growing list of talents upon realizing that people would actually give him stuff in exchange for sex
  • Nuka met Mads because the former owner of Mads’s house had let him use the house to store things he was smuggling and he wasn’t expecting Mads to come home. When he came back the second time to steal Mads’s food, he decided Mads was funny and kept coming back
  • Nuka can’t sleep if he’s alone. He gets nervous about people sneaking up on him and he gets cold easily
  • The first time Nuka and Mads fucked, Nuka was disappointed because he didn’t think Mads was good at it. The second time he realized Mads had just been nervous, and he liked it a lot better once he got Mads over that
  • Nuka often helps out at local saunas so that he can be in a warm space, get clean, see and touch naked people, and go through their belongings while they’re unattended
  • Nuka commits nearly all his crimes in broad daylight. He has never told anyone that this is because he is afraid of the dark
  • Though sex is often transactional for Nuka, he admits to himself that he’d let people fuck him all the time for free even if there were no money involved. It’s one of the reasons he likes Mads, who is always up for sex even if it isn’t work related
  • Through blackmail, Nuka is responsible for the dismissal of the last two Imperial governors of Narwhal Junction

Modern AU: Modern Nuka is an average elementary school student who only commits crimes after three in the afternoon on weekdays. Though he is technically living in a foster home with his friend and partner Mads and therefore technically doesn’t need to commit any crimes, he still makes sure to commit at least a few crimes every day just so that he doesn’t lose his skills. Besides, he makes more money than Mads and someone has to pay their electricity bill. Though he has a variety of talents, arguably Nuka’s biggest claim to fame is his talent as a smuggler. He’s able to get anything into or out of his school and often spends recess meeting with his clients to pass contraband off. He also works as a prostitute, which isn’t as profitable but does get him a lot of sex, which he likes. When not committing crimes or attending school, Nuka likes to role play with his friends, learn about Indigenous history, vandalize police cars, look up new recipes to make for Mads, and help other boys his age unleash their inner sluts, often with Mads’s help.

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