Sam/Todd, Deserved

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“I’ve never quite done this before,” Sam said, considering the wire in his hands. It wasn’t really a wire, he thought, poking the head. It wasn’t sharp or anything, which arguably made it less fun.

For him, anyway. He wasn’t sure there was any way to make it less fun for Todd than it already was.

He reached down and took Todd’s uncaged dick in his hand, making a face as he touched it. Someday he’d cut it off. For now, though, he got comfortable, really getting Todd’s face into his ass crack so his mouth had nowhere to go but Sam’s asshole. He pressed the not really a wire against Todd’s dick, sighing when Todd started to squirm. “Stop doing that,” he said, patiently. “Or this’ll hurt. You’ve got a hole for it to go in, don’t make me poke you a new one.”

Todd’s squirming diminished but didn’t stop, and Sam tried to get the thing inside his little hole, grunting in frustration when he still couldn’t do it. “Stop fucking moving,” he growled.

But Todd was Todd and expecting him to be someone useful was futile, so when Todd still didn’t stop moving, Sam got up, sighing at the sound of Todd taking in a bunch of stupid, gulping breaths like a fish, and he kicked Todd to roll him over. He reached down to make sure the thick, studded toy was still tightly inside Todd, and, satisfied that it was, Sam smacked Todd’s ass.

He wasn’t interested in giving Todd a spanking, but a little bit of pain should remind him to fucking behave, so Sam smacked him over, and over and over again, and Todd cried out and whimpered and made other stupid Todd noises. “Please,” he begged, after twenty blows or so. “Please, I’ll…”

He wouldn’t, whatever it was. He never did and he never would. Sam kept hitting him again and again, not saying a word, until finally Todd quieted down and went mostly still, sobbing quietly on the table.

Satisfied with that, Sam rolled him back over, got up and sat back on his face, and once again started trying to threat the not-wire into Todd’s dick hole. He peeled Todd’s gross foreskin back—he should cut it off like he had Henry’s—and Todd barely whimpered this time as Sam found the hole and, using his thumb as he finally managed to get the thing inside.

Todd did whimper now, but it was just the generic whimpering he always did, so Sam started to slide the tool inside him, curious as to how far inside it would go. Not far, as it turned out. “Hm,” Sam said. “If you got hard I could get this in farther, I bet.”

He tried to get Todd there, squeezing his dick, but nothing he did worked, Todd just wouldn’t get hard. “What, does your dick just think it lives in that cage full-time?” Sam sneered. “Should I get Derek in here to order you to get hard? Fuck, you’re useless.”

He got off again, turned Todd over with the tool still inside him. This time, Sam picked up the belt nearby, started hitting his ass with that.

Sam was hard, he thought vaguely. In all his excitement to explore Todd’s front hole, he’d forgotten to properly rape him like he deserved. He’d do that after he was done with the belt, he thought. Then use a bigger plug in him. Oh, and he had those brands he wanted to try out…

He and Todd were going to be spending a lot of quality time together for the next little while.


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