Character Profile: The Sea King

Name: The Sea King

Aliases/AKAs: Salt God

Title(s): The Sea King

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Build: Lean, muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Small scars on his knuckles and knees; permanently wearing bone regalia

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): John of the Orange Witch Clan (fling)

Family Relationships: Artiel Nehel Se’Makka, Syen kel-Kat, Devon the Parrot, Nate AnNadya (amalgamated souls), Takken Rople We’Nekki (Artiel’s lover, deceased) Teya kel-Kat (Syen’s spouse, deceased), Kein kel-Kat (Syen’s son, Devon’s husband), Pax AnNatalie (Nate’s partner), Natalie AnNadya (Nate’s mother), Constantine Hammerhead and Alanna (pirate lords)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Seated, preferably on his throne

Kinks: Dominance

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: An amalgam of several souls, it is hard to say when the Sea King was born. One part of him was born in an era where gods were being massacred. Another was born under the sea at a time when cutting edge magical research was being done. The last two were born in ports at times of relative peace. As a singular, named entity, the Sea King first sailed the waters when Devon the Parrot wore the bones of Syen kel-Kat and his three parts merged into one consciousness. Ever since, he has inhabited his Regalia, scattered over a great distance. Recently, the Sea King has taken a new body and added parts of a new soul to his amalgam, and has returned to his rightful place as the ruler of the world’s oceans.


  • The Sea King is in possession of the memories of Artiel, Syen, Devon and Nate, but they are a complex sea that he struggles to sort through and so he often doesn’t bother trying
  • His own origins are a mystery even to the Sea King. He does not know why the three souls that formed him ended up creating a whole new consciousness that is distinct from all of them.
  • The Sea King’s power comes from a combination of Artiel’s medium, which was the sea, and the mineralogical magic Kein performed on Syen, who didn’t have powers. He believes he became stronger upon reawakening with Nate in his consciousness
  • Fearing that another soul being fully amalgamated would change him, the Sea King unconsciously resisted absorbing Nate, which kept his soul at mental arm’s length. Only too late did he realize this was what allowed Nate to flee into the medallion
  • Though he is a creature of solitude who wishes to be left alone, the Sea King doesn’t dislike being allied with Sam. He does wish Sam was less impetuous, however, and he also does not like most of Sam’s allies
  • The Sea King doesn’t have a specific plan for what he’ll do with the oceans once he’s fully conquered them. He assumed he will come up with a new goal once he’s accomplished his current one
  • The Sea King was not conscious during the time the Regalia was separated. Once multiple pieces were in the sea, however, he began to wake up
  • The Sea King established telepathic contact with the underwater kraken early in his reign, and ended up in a full military alliance with them on the grounds that they both wanted the merpeople out of the way. Upon his return, he has renewed this relationship
  • The Sea King does not plan to remain in Nate’s body forever. He has identified his next host in the dragon matriarch who destroyed his castle, though he plans to attempt to take either the body of a slightly weaker dragon or that of the knight who nearly bested him first
  • The Sea King thought himself invulnerable to all harm even after his fight with Prince Gavin’s group in his castle. This self-perception was thrown into serious doubt by the fact that John almost killed him in the Sorcerer King’s castle a month later
  • The Sea King’s plan to have necromancers create him an army of undead pirates has encouraged him to believe he might have underlings who will be immortal as he is. He has not yet deigned to hope he might have friends or even family, however


  • “Pick those up for me, will you?”
  • “Who’s Nate?”
  • “Mate, captain, king. What comes after that?”
  • “Who are you? Who do you think you are, you little nothing, to talk that way to the Sea King?”
  • “I expected more of the man who took on my name.”
  • “I’m the Sea King—and you have my Sceptre.”
  • “Death does wonders for one’s vitality. I feel four hundred years younger. Hand over the Sceptre and I shall return you all whence you came.”
  • “I see that you do not comprehend the danger that you court.”
  • “I haven’t the time to die again.”
  • “The ocean always wins.”
  • “I fear nothing.”
  • “You propose an alliance.”
  • “Your domain is these mountains. Mine is the ocean. I…see no reason for us to be in conflict, Sorcerer King. And I would rather be your guest than his prisoner.”
  • “So the dark creature wants us to gather these artefacts for him. I can relate.”
  • “I am ancient as the seas.”
  • “I am the Sea King. I am me, that is all.”
  • “Dragons are fool creatures, not good for anything but knocking down castles.”
  • “A lake is not the sea.”
  • “I have partaken in sex on occasion, yes.”
  • “I will wait if I must. But the sea’s patience is not infinite.”


  • The Sea King does not sleep. He would like to, but he can not
  • The Sea King has had a song stuck in his head on and off for eight hundred years. He is quite certain none of his component souls have ever heard the song and has no idea where it came from
  • The Sea King’s first sexual experiences as an amalgamate entity were all with Kein; however, he does have memories of all his component souls’ first times, which blend together
  • Overall, the Sea King is pleased with his current body, though he has made some alterations to the size of the genitals to have them suit his needs better
  • The Sea King often wonders if there are other entities in the world like him, and has mentally prepared himself to meet the Land King and Sky King, just in case they exist
  • When John offered him sex after they met, the Sea King happily obliged. He saw no reason, however, for that to impact his decision to enslave John’s soul to his cause. He is disappointed that John didn’t want to join him, as the sex was very good and he found John very attractive
  • When walking on land, the Sea King is always mildly off-balance
  • The Sea King has thought sexually about Sam on occasion, but considers him too volatile to merit serious interest
  • Hammerhead and Alanna are the Sea King’s most frequent sex partners, though he keeps the liaisons strictly professional
  • The only thing on land the Sea King finds valuable is organ music. When his conquest is complete, he plans to have an organ installed in his castle

Modern AU: The modern Sea King is a shipping company helmed by Devon. He started the company as a young man and steadily grew it through occasionally shady means. As Devon aged, he grew more interested in his family ancestry, discovering that his husband Kein’s father and his own father Artiel had a connection of some kind. Having inherited much of his shady business from the two of them, Devon works in a lot of grey areas as he obsessively tracks his family history to discover its secrets, and also tries to take over the world of local maritime shipping, occasionally launching attempted hostile takeovers of other companies. Recently he has been harassing Nate Seaworthy, whose father’s family he believes to have been connected to his own. When not shipping things, stalking teenagers or obsessively trying to find his and Kein’s fathers, Devon enjoys ice fishing, keeping tropical fish and watching zombie movies.

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: The Sea King

  1. Candidates for the song stuck in the Sea King’s head:

    * “This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends…”

    * I Will Survive

    * It’s A Small World

    * The Song of Storms

    * The combined Earth God’s Lyric and Wind God’s Aria, aka the title screen theme for The Wind Waker

    * The Ballad of the Wind Fish

    * O Fortuna

    * What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor

    * That Tik Tok sea shanty that was making the rounds around New Year’s


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