Character Profile: Belle

Name: Belladonna daughter of Briar, Belladonna Song (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Belle

Title(s): Spider Company Lieutenant

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Build: Skeletal

Distinguishing Marks: Missing right hand, spines, protruding bone spurs and extra joints across her body

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Tabitha (ex-girlfriend/crush), Dianne (crush)

Family Relationships: Briar daughter of Begonia (mother, deceased), Birch son of Briar and Bracken son of Briar (brothers, deceased), the Spider Company (chosen family)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Over a chair

Kinks: Rough sex, mirrors, name-calling, dirty talk, praise, gentle sex, sensory deprivation, temperature play

Orgies Attended: Unsanctioned Spider Company Orgies, many others

Bio: Born into a family of herbalists on the Plains of Allu, Belle grew up in the nomadic lifestyle of her people, moving around constantly with their herds, aware of the war with the gods but generally not involved in it. She learned how to tend injuries and cure illnesses with local plant life, and had even taught herself some healing magic when her abilities with a fragment of the shattered Web manifested. She was prepared to take over for her mother when she eventually died. Unfortunately. Belle’s mother and her two brothers were killed in an attack by a company of a foreign god who wanted their territory for a stronghold in the war. Shortly after, she and the other survivors of her people were offered the chance to avenge themselves by entering the service of another god named Keden, who made Belle and her power one of his strongest powers over the next several years. Never planning to survive long, Belle put her all into every fight and gained a reputation as a tenacious and dangerous fighter. She then caught the eye of General Klaus and was shown that the gods were her real enemies, and eventually offered more power to join the Spider Corps, where she continued earning her reputation as a ruthless fighter throughout the ensuing war. Belle refused to accept the rule of any god and chose Cameron’s faction during the schism, and maintained her status as a fighter until the war cooled off, when she had little to do. She spent her immortality regretting many of her choices, using disguises to join human armies with causes she felt were just, before running out of those too and finally realizing that what she wanted to do was return to healing and health like her mother had taught her. Recently she has begun to grow restless posing as a human healer again, and has been drawn back into the war that was never won, though the Spider Company’s priorities have once again shifted, and she is continually haunted by the knowledge that she was one of the bad guys for a very long time, and is quite sure she can never repair that about herself.


  • Belle’s people herded bison primarily, but Belle never had any affinity for animals
  • Belle’s family were herbalists to chieftains, so learning to heal them was just as important as learning to kill them. Belle is proficient in poison-making
  • When Belle’s magic manifested, she was terrified because everyone talked about how dangerous the Web had used to be, and she wasn’t sure if she could believe the stories that it had become safer
  • Belle survived the massacre of her people by hiding herself and several others under a fallen tree that was on fire, using her magic to protect them from the flames
  • After joining Keden’s army, Belle had her first instruction in magic. She’d been entirely self-taught before then because she was the only spider in her area
  • Belle regretted joining the Spider Corps nearly immediately. Partially because of the transformations she underwent, but mostly because immortality didn’t sound appealing even if she was out of family to lose
  • Belle was offered the formal title of chief medic to the Spider Corps, but turned it down because at the time she felt that she was more useful as a fighter
  • Belle has spent considerable time since the war learning as much herb lore and healing magic as she can from all over the world, and travels around posing as a healer for a few years at a time in different places
  • Though she was retired from fighting, Belle broke that retirement several times over the centuries to help hunt down Nathen’s reincarnations
  • Belle doesn’t know the name of her people. She doesn’t think she ever knew, but she’s worried she’s forgotten


  • “He’s fine.”
  • “Ah. But are you remembering things that didn’t happen, or are you remembering things that didn’t happen to you?
  • “Lots of things are heresy. We don’t worry about it that much where I’m from.”
  • “Wow, you guys must have a lot of fun, maybe I should have gone into whatever it is that you do.”
  • “Aw, damn. I thought it must have been you, Char.”
  • “Interesting company you’re keeping these days.”
  • “You’re the one who involved them, Nathen.”
  • “But you can’t help it if you were born human.”
  • “That get rid of your little delusion, Sullivan? He’s not your friend. He’d see you dead just as readily as the rest of us.”
  • “Nathen ended the world once. Do you think he wouldn’t do it again?”
  • “Look, it’s a bit rude to come into someone’s house and try to stab them, isn’t it?”
  • “The thing about lost things is that you can find them again.”
  • “What the fuck kills higher demons?”
  • “It was a crappy thing, what we were doing here. I guess that’s why we were the bad guys.”


  • Belle has always been afraid of actual spiders
  • Belle was always powerful but not particularly creative as a magic user, but did once invent a way to stop bodies from decomposing during transport
  • When she was fourteen and old enough to be considered a full member of their community, Belle’s mother took her virginity in a spirit transference ritual to mark Belle as an adult
  • Belle’s twin brothers were slated to marry chieftains’ daughters when they were older and spent much of their time with the families into which they were marrying, so Belle rarely got to see them after their tenth birthday
  • Belle always wears pink because it’s her favourite colour. The fact that Keden hated it is a bonus
  • Belle opposed the construction of the Citadel on the grounds that it would provide an obvious target for attacking them, but actually she just thought it was an eyesore
  • Belle fucked Keden several times while she worked for him, including one time when she got pregnant and immediately had an abortion before anyone found out
  • Belle has dated Tabitha on and off for nearly their whole lives, and can’t figure out why they always end up breaking up when they both obviously want to be together
  • During the Spider Corps’s alliance with the dragons, Belle had to ride some dragons during battle, which she hated. She then got to have sex with one of the dragons, which she liked
  • Belle thinks she might be under a threesome curse; every time she’s had a threesome, the two people in it with her have ended up dating each other and not her

Modern AU: Modern Belle is a doctor who, after surviving a harsh program to specialize in trauma surgery in medical school, decided that it wasn’t for her and went into family practice instead. She has a large patient list of mostly families with children, and is well respected in her community, though admittedly she hasn’t told any of them about her series of arrests on assault charges when she was younger. She spends most of her time working, but when not doing that, Belle likes to shop for new clothes, design and make clothes that she wanted but couldn’t find while shopping, go for long drives outside of the city, and pretend that someday she actually will ask out the hot psychiatrist and/or the hot surgeon she shares office space with.

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