Friday Lore Post: A Comprehensive History of Nova

Back a few years ago I wrote up a basic timeline of Menechit’s history, mostly for my own purposes, and posted it here in the site for you guys. Recently I realized that timeline needed a lot of updating (and also that it had a lot of errors in it), and the degree of work that it needed necessitated a whole new timeline. So here, you’ll find an accurate and thorough timeline of Nova’s history. A few quick notes before you get started:

First, a big shoutout to my friend Smutophile, who painstakingly went over this document several times to make sure my math was right and that my dates all lined up. Without his help this would have been a hot mess of inaccuracies and contradictions, so thank you very much!

Second, there are a lot of cultures on Nova, and they don’t all measure time the same way. Dates are all given according to the calendar of the people in question, but all dates are also given according to SC (the Saint’s Calendar, which is the Catechism’s calendar) for consistency. The legend at the top of the post will tell you what all the calendars are and who uses them if you get confused.

And finally, as I do more lore posts and include more information in the story itself, doubtless more history will be revealed to the audience. I’ll make an effort to update this post whenever that happens. Right now it’s very Menechit-focused because that’s where we’ve been spending all our time, but as we learn more about the rest of Nova, there’ll be more information about the other continents as well.


BCE: Before Common Era. Calendar used by human historians on Earth to measure time in the distant past.

BP: Bevia Pat, translated as “island years.” The calendar used on Bevia, beginning with the self-governance of Bevia free of gods.

CE: Common Era. Calendar used by humans on Earth to measure the era leading up to the destruction of their planet, beginning with the birth of a man named Joshua.

DN: Dolovin National Calendar. Used by the kingdom of Dolovai, beginning with the coronation of the first ven Sancte monarch, Queen Geneva I.

GSC: Galactic Standard Cycle. Used by the Escever and other spacefaring races, beginning with the Conference on Standard Galactic Timescales. One cycle is approximately 2.25 Novan years.

IP: Imperial Providence. The calendar used across the empire of Aergyre, beginning with the date when the Red Boy coronated himself emperor.

JR: Jendera Ret, translated as “full tide.” The common calendar used by merpeople, beginning with the establishment of most modern imperia. A ten-cycle lunar calendar that is approximately three months shorter than a Novan solar year.

KJ: Kóe Jâ, translated as “days of isolation.” The calendar used across Djyekkan, beginning with their sequestering from the rest of the planet. 

LL: Lenke Leali, translated as “imperial domination.” The calendar used in old Jesper and retained in modern-day Yassar, beginning with the founding of old Jesper.

NWC: New World Calendar. The calendar used by humans after they arrived on Nova, counting their arrival on the planet as year zero. This calendar is notable as all human solar calendars that followed it, as well as the gods’ calendar, would accept its placement of the new year in mid-winter.

RTC: Rakk’Telth Calendar, translated as “after victory.” The calendar used by the old gods, beginning with the conclusion of the malenvar war. 

SC: Saint’s Calendar. The calendar used by the Catechism, beginning with their founding. Used throughout this document for the sake of having a consistent calendar, but only used as a functioning calendar in churches and in Kyaine, though both the Dolovin National and Yavhorel Empire Calendars use the same names for months.

SK: Senth’Kellt, translated as “outside time.” The calendar used in Ech’kent, beginning with the day they believe they began to live outside the Gated Land and counting downwards. The Senth’Kellt calendar has a predetermined end date in the year SK 0.

TQ: Tala Quayi, translated as “free years.” The calendar used in Enjon, retroactively beginning with the death of the last Jesperi emperor, though the calendar was not invented until TQ 327.

vXx: velkenXetavxenoor, translated as “glorious age.” The calendar used by the original Novans prior to their abandonment, beginning with the completion of the final ziggurat.

wWv: wanjaWyeirgvolutt, translated as “desolate years.” The calendar used by the original Novans, beginning when they were abandoned by their gods.

YE: Yavhorel Empire. The calendar used in Yahvore, despite there no longer being an empire there. Beginning with the divine founding of the old Empire of Yavhore.

The Timeline:

Pre-Human Time

(c.SC -12,901, vXx 1) The construction of the ziggurats 

(SC -11,310, BCE 6875) Cal appears on Earth

(SC -9009, vXx 3893/wWv 0) The Novan gods abandon their people

(SC -8577, wWv 432) The Involuted Clock appears on Nova and reverses its orbit for eight weeks (fifteenth appearance)

(SC -6298, wWv 2711) The construction of the south pole statue, the obelisk event (the alien entity’s fourth appearance)

(SC -2476, CE 1959) The Nathaniel Harkness murders begin

(SC -2410, CE 2025, NWC 0) The Split, humans arrive on Nova

The Malenvar War Period

(SC -2207, NWC 203) The malenvar invasion begins, aimed first at destruction of humans

(SC -2188, NWC 222) Seeing the threat of the malenvar, Nova’s elves join forces with the humans, convincing the spirits to help them and bringing along the world’s centaur and werewolf armies

(SC -2152, NWC 258) Nova’s gods enter the malenvar war, organizing the humans and commanding them

(SC -2110, NWC 300) Ceasing their previous hostilities against the elves, Nova’s dragons enter the malenvar war, bringing goblins, orcs, harpies, and all of Nova’s other mountain-dwelling species with them

(SC -2099, NWC 311) Nova’s merpeople enter the malenvar war, bringing the world’s submarine species with them

(SC -1973, NWC 437) The Web is constructed to combat the malenvar

(SC -1895, NWC, 515, RTC 1) After great loss of life and the near-destruction of Nova, the malenvar are successfully repelled from Nova. The tower is constructed and Odrick Dekath He’Matkar is appointed the tower’s guardian. Year one of the Rakk’Telth Calendar

The Gods’ Era

(SC -1880, RTC 16) With the war won, the gods claim supremacy over Nova and are uncontested on this in several places, though numerous wars will break out over the next millennium as they solidify their power

(SC -1221, SK 9999, RTC 675) Beginning of human habitation of Ech’kent

(SC -981, BP -705, RTC 915) Beginning of human habitation of Bevia

(SC -458, RTC 1438) Nathen’s rampage begins

(SC -450, RTC 1446) Nathen murders Clan Nekit

(SC -432, RTC 1464) The Conclave of Rivers plots to stop Nathen

(SC -430, RTC 1466) The war to end all wars breaks out

(SC -424, RTC 1472) Nathen murders Gedra Faloor Wi’Hentser

(SC -415, RTC 1481) The village of Stoneolive is destroyed

(SC -414, RTC 1482) Seth picks up the stones that will become the witches’ and necromancers’ leystones

(SC -413, RTC 1483) Seth picks up the stones that will become the wizards’ and sorcerers’ leystones; Klaus picks up the stone that will become the mages’ leystone and gives it to Seth

(SC -412, RTC 1484) A peace summit is called at Thunder’s Falls

The Apocalypse, the Catechism War and the Founding of Civilization

(SC -411, RTC 1485) Thunderfall (the alien entity’s fifth appearance)

(SC -410, RTC 1486) The fall of the tower and the shattering of the Web

(SC -352, SK 9130, RTC 1543) G’djeck Castle is built

(SC -350, RTC 1546) Jesse delivers the traitor prophecy

(SC -340, RTC 1556) Klaus makes his deal

(SC -336, RTC 1560) The founding of the Spider Company with Cameron, Raphael

(SC -333, RTC 1563) Sully, Bartholomew join the Company

(SC -330, RTC 1566) Keden Nesek De’Jeren finds the Dark Cowl

(SC -326, RTC 1570) The Spider Company’s dragon experimentation starts

(SC -324, RTC 1572) Klaus and Osmond meet

(SC -316, RTC 1580) Deana of Work’s Hill, Nathen’s first reincarnation, is born

(SC -307, RTC 1589) The summit to decide the fate of the stones

(SC -298, RTC 1598) Homunculus research ceases

(SC -295, RTC 1601) The Spider Company experiments on Dagan Remdel Ke’Nara

(SC -292, RTC 1604) Deana of Work’s Hill is assassinated at Klaus’s orders. Daniel of Ash Meadow, Nathen’s second reincarnation, is born six months later

(SC -291, RTC 1605) The tren’keit prophecy is delivered

(SC -276, BP 1, RTC 1620) Charlene’s death, beginning of the Bevia Pat calendar after one hundred years with no gods on the archipelago

(SC -274, RTC 1622) A dying god falls into a forest

(SC -272, RTC 1624) A werewolf named Mild Wasp temporarily vanishes the sun by pulling the Halfhand Lever

(SC -270, RTC 1626) Dragon experiments are called off due to uncooperative dragons

(SC -260, RTC 1636) Chimera research ceases

(SC -259, RTC 1637) Klaus disappears

(SC -257, RTC 1639) The first synod, ending in the full-blown Catechism War between Raphael and Cameron’s factions

(SC -204, RTC 1692) Lyren is sealed in the mountains

(SC -199, RTC 1697) Derel is killed, the formal end of the war with the gods

(SC -91, RTC 1805) The first of the epistles of St. Justina are written

(SC 1, RTC 1896) The Catechism War cools off into a cold war, the angels victorious, year one of the Saints’ Calendar

The Empire Era

(SC 16) Raphael chooses the first High Presbyter

(SC 17) An elf named Go’ek discovers the witches’ leystone on the forest floor

(SC 107, JR -1034) The assassination of two merprinces named Tial and Tanga by officials of a foreign government incites a war between two nations, which eventually spirals out to include more and more groups as old alliances and enmities are brought to the forefront. The bloody, brutal conflict that follows will span the entirety of Nova’s oceans and later be known as the Deepest Wars 

(SC 113) The martyrdom of Saint Moby

(SC 157, YE 1) The Empire of Yavhore is founded

(SC 210, KJ 1) The Empire of Djyekkan is sequestered from the rest of Nova

(SC 321) Jesse drops the wizards’ leystone in The Lake of Frozen Hearts

(SC 325) In a fight over the sorcerers’ leystone between Rawen, Sheheren, Raphael, Cameron and several dragons, the Cliffs of Angels/the Blood Cliffs are created

(SC 402, LL 1) The Empire of Jesper is founded by Claw the Wise on Nova’s northern continent

(SC 622) Richard the Hard founds the cult of the Cockatrice, eventually moving his headquarters under nearby Mount Darlja

(SC 639) Mount Darlja erupts, killing nearly the entire cult of the Cockatrice

(SC 903, JR 0) The Deepest Wars come to a peace accord after the Deepest Themselves intervene, establishing themselves as the merpeople’s gods

(SC 1322, SK 7457) Hechan’s conquest of Ech’kent is nominally successful, Ech’kent remains self-governed

(SC 1423, JR 677) Death of a merman named Syen at the hands of his son Kein

(SC 1499, BP 1775, KJ 1290) Minor eruption of Tyat, Nova’s largest volcano. All of Bevia, most of Aergyre, the west coast of Menechit and most of Djyekkan are covered in ash clouds for two years

(SC 1501, IP 0) Adam the Red, also known as the Red Boy, crowns himself emperor of Aergyre after the ash clouds clear on his fifteenth birthday, in accordance with a dream he’d had when Tyat erupted, during which he also saw himself as king of the world. Over the next ninety years, he conquers half of the continent of Aergyre and establishes an Imperial line to rule over it

(SC 1505) A treasure hunter named Goby the Fenseeker goes in search of fortune south of the Saffron River

(SC 1553) A Brok Pass inhabitant named Jim emerges from the pass’s caves wearing the Alantine Corset

(SC 1600, YE 1444) The Nechezer School for the Unheard Arts is founded in Yavhore’s Neshez Province

(SC 1604) Gabriel Fenseeker, a timber merchant from Harkvale, hires a militia to protect his wares, and his city, from Poreanel invasion from the north, finding great success in repelling Captain Ennis of Tusk.

(SC 1608, IP 109) The emperor’s cousin Atilla finds the Alantine Corset in Aergyre and is driven insane by it

(SC 1644) Eamon of Tusk discovers Gedra’s castle

(SC 1660) The academy for magecraft is founded

(SC 1685, LL 1284) After a period of intense warfare, Bjorn of Clan Wessen, Nathen’s seventeenth reincarnation, becomes emperor of Jesper, uniting several sorcerer clans and the entire continent under his rule

(SC 1688, LL 1287, YE 1532) At the order of Emperor Bjorn, wave one of the Jesperi invasion of Menechit and Yavhore, later known as the Flame War. The already overextended Yavhore Empire is ill-equipped to deal with the invaders, who also send detachments west, where Queen Patricia Highquail of Dolovai leads the repelling effort

(SC 1690, LL 1289) Wave two of the Flame War. A series of military defeats in the north and a rebellion in the south causes the Yavhorel economy to collapse, leading to a civil war. The Jesperi invaders make it to Menechit’s west coast, where Gwendolyn Fenseeker’s army defends the city and then moves east to fight back, aided by a Kyainese merchant named Deidre DiCauro and a minor Kyainese lord named Hans DiWeld, both of whom she is sleeping with

(SC 1706, LL 1305, YE 1550) Wave three of the Flame War invaders, aided by a farmhand from the principality of Dallarjon named Oswin Noscar, who ends up commanding an army against the armies of Prudence Highquail VI, who sends Genevieve Fenseeker to put Edward Hardtusk on the Poreanel throne in exchange for their help repelling the invaders. This is the first wave of invaders where Hechanni, Kyainese and Sutasta armies leave their homelands to fight the invaders rather than waiting for their borders to be breached, in a grand southern alliance that falls apart when Tanya Windrunner of Hechan unsuccessfully invades Sutast halfway through the war. Jesper claims the northern portion of Yavhore as its territory, though it does not devote proper resources to controlling it

(SC 1717, KJ 1508) Amid several civil wars, the Empire of Djyekkan collapses under its own weight, spawning over a dozen smaller nations on the continent

(SC 1728, LL 1327), Bjorn of Clan Wessen dies, and a series of assassinations follow in his wake as his clan’s hold on power starts to destabilize 

(SC 1732, LL 1331) When Jesperi settlers in Menechit and Yavhore refuse to acknowledge the validity of Jesper’s new Emperor Olvir of Yakkin, a fourth wave of invaders is sent specifically to pacify them. Olvir finds an ally in High Captain Owen Noscar, who is willing to fight the previous waves, now settlers, who are under the command of General Marianne Fenseeker and her southern husband, Dalton DiCauro. The disparate Yavhorel factions manage to shake off Jesperi rule, with several nobles and warleaders forming a powerful alliance despite their internal feuding

(SC 1741, JR 3030) The Kraken Incursions take place, with kraken emerging from the Dark Waters to attack the imperia of Salaban Bet, Cloinda Orik, Xenevir Tant, Ran Errevir, Boknoka Intel

(SC 1750, LL 1349, YE 1594) As Jesper begins to collapse under Empress Olga Yakkin, wave five of the Flame War invaders lands in Menechit, ignoring Yavhore and its settling, though still warring, states entirely, and is met immediately by Lord Malcolm Fenseeker of the South Amaran Reach and Prince-General Giles Windrunner, the former of whom convinces Octavia Noscar to betray the invaders while Eliza Hardtusk has her slave army cross the mountains to fight the invaders from the north. Pascal Highquail finds the Fenseekers too ambitious and plots to betray them, but is foiled by Kyainese Fenseeker allies and assassinated at the order of Dennis DiCauro in SC 1784

(SC 1786, LL 1385, YE 1630, DN 1) The Flame War ends. Jesper is in shambles. The various houses of Yavhore create an armistice that ends with eleven nations being founded in the northern part of the continent and ten more across the rest of Yavhore. The southern ten nations are disparate and held by weaker houses, and will all be gone within four generations, but the eleven northern nations will remain strong. House Highquail is usurped and House ven Sancte ends up on the Dolovin throne, led by Geneva ven Sancte (nee Fenseeker), and Octavia Nascre (nee Noscar) as queen of the Kingdom of Dallarjon, and Evelyn Hardtusk as queen of Porean. Helene DiWeld ends up queen of Kyaine, and Sutast is absorbed into Hechan after a marriage between Gina Windrunner II and Lydia Phoenix. Year one of the Dolovin National calendar

The Kingdom Period

(SC 1791, SK 6988) The Catechism begins seriously trying to missionize Ech’kent

(SC 1794, DN 9) The first of many coup attempts by the survivors of House Highquail, eventually leading to their apparently total destruction in SC 1944/DN 159

(SC 1802, DN 17) King Gregory ven Sancte I gives his household knights national authority and responsibility for training their own, founding the kingdom’s order of knights 

(SC 1809, DN 22) The Involuted Clock appears on Walter Eighttoe’s farm (first appearance)

(SC 1818, IP 317) Aergyre attempts and fails to conquer the isolated mountain nation of Roak for the first of many times

(SC 1832, DN 47) Queen Maia ven Sancte I and High Presbyter Julian the Pure agree to split worldly and heavenly law, creating the Orders

(SC 1845) After a series of poisonings disguised as a smallpox outbreak, House DiWeld falls and House DiCauro takes its place as the monarchy of Kyaine

(SC 1870, LL 1469, TQ 0) The last emperor of Jesper, Olaf Yakkin II, is assassinated in his palace, and the empire crumbles into six nations led by different factions 

(SC 1878, YE 1722) King Taven hel-Nin of the Yavhorel nation of Kayti is assassinated with his entire court by an assassin wielding the Spectral Violin, signaling the end of his nation.

(SC 1990, DN 205) The first iteration of the academy’s Vault is completed

(SC 2043, DN 258) Patrick Highquail breaks into the academy’s Vault and steals much of its collection in a hopeless bid to take Dolovai’s throne

(SC 2154, IP 653) As Aergyre tries to expand south, they meet a coalition of city-states that stands against them and launches a counter-invasion, throwing the continent into chaos in a conflict that will come to be known as the Bloodstorm

(SC 2197, LL 1796, TQ 327) After an eight-month summit in Senewol, two nations are formed in the former empire of Jesper. The five provinces of Enjon occupy most of the landmass, while a portion nestled in the Yakkin Mountains becomes the nation of Yassar

(SC 2205, KJ 1996) After centuries of conflict, Djyekkan settles into three stable nations, Hvyyk, Tundj, and Sjyra, in the west, centre and east of the continent respectively

(SC 2326, DN 541) The Ascension of Dorothy Highquail, also known as Dorothy the Deathless, and her subsequent attacks against the Dolovin crown

(SC 2328, DN 543) Death of Dorothy the Deathless at Bethel’s Frontier by Dallarja forces led by Queen Olivia Nascre II after the razing of the city of Sendis’s Bridge at a peace summit. The Tangential Wizardry Schools are destroyed

(SC 2450, DN 665, SK 6329) Construction of St. Bernadette’s monastery on Rh’eyltakak is completed

(SC 2461, IP 960) The Bloodstorm is concluded with an armistice that adds considerable new territory to the Empire, but the Imperial family has changed several times and most people are not clear who actually “won” the war, and in reality most of the Empire’s non-central provinces will be ignored for the next several generations as everyone rebuilds

(SC 2491, KJ 2282) To shore up everyone’s confidence in peace, Kahak’s Wall is built across the border of Hvyyk and Tundj. The Tunga monarchy immediately launches an unprovoked invasion of Sjyra

(SC 2524, KJ 2315) The Tundj/Sjyra war concludes with the absorption of Sjyra into Tundj, with the survivors of the Syr royal family forcibly married into the Tunga monarchy to mollify their people. Surprisingly, this appears to work, and the newly expanded nation experiences no civil unrest in coming years 

(SC 2658, DN 873) A Dolovai/Porean border dispute escalates into a full-scale Dolovin invasion of Porean at the orders of King Matthew ven Sancte II

(SC, 2682 DN 897) Sir Priscilla the Dragoneater is anointed as a knight after killing two dragons. She goes on to kill a dozen more dragons, rescuing many princesses along the way

(SC 2690, DN 905) The extremely bloody Dolovin conquest of Porean is completed with the exile of Queen Ennis Hardtusk VII, who flees across the mountains in her floating fortress. In order to maintain order among the newly subjugated Poreanel citizens of Dolovai, they are allowed to continue the practice of slavery as an appeasement

(SC 2745, DN 960) Queen Octavia Nascre III launches an attack on Dolovai amidst an economic crisis related to the sudden doubling of their economy, hoping to take over. This is not successful and leads to fifty-seven years of war

(SC 2761, SK 6018) Ech’kent’s dragons resolve not to interfere with human affairs any longer

(SC 2784, DN 999) Sir Deatra the White is named the first knight commander of the Dolovin order

(SC 2802, DN 1017) The Dolovin conquest of Dallarjon is completed with the fall of King Otto Nascre X after the Battle of the Day of Ice. Dallarja surrender is unconditional thanks to ven Sancte support in southern Hechan and the eastern nations

(SC 2855, DN 1070) At the insistence of Queen Mona ven Sancte IV, the Dolovin capital moves to Three Hills, constructed over the bones of Thunder’s Falls

(SC 2884, DN 1099) Julian of Clan Qaddak summons the Angel of Unyielding Mercy, ultimately forming Clan Netzer with his father and uncle

(SC 2892, YE 2736) The dragon colony on the Mikk Islands begins communally hoarding humans

(SC 2906, DN 1121) The academy moves to the new capital

(SC 2918, DN 1133) The contents of the academy’s Vault are successfully moved to Three Hills

(SC 2955, IP 1454) Emperor Ahmad Nurtellan II launches the Reawakening, a continent-wide campaign to bring the long-ignored outer territories back into the Imperial fold and reclaim the imagined glory of Aergyre’s past

(SC 2961, DN 1176) Construction of the order’s headquarters, Desad Fortress, is completed 

(SC 2970, DN 1185) King Giacomo Windrunner XX launches an attack on the smaller nation of Kyaine with the intention of absorbing it to properly counter Dolovin power in the north, before Dolovai can conquer it as a foothold into the continental south

(SC 2974, DN 1189) King Gustav ven Sancte III launches a series of attacks against the Hechan border to divert resources so their allies, the ruling House DiCauro of Kyaine, can have a fighting chance to repel the Hechanni

(SC 2997, DN 1212) The Amaran orc clans band together and begin raiding heavily in Dolovai for two years until their king, Rack, is defeated in single combat by Knight Commander Dewey the Small, leading to the orc clans signing a nonaggression treaty with King Grant ven Sancte I in SC 2999/DN 1214)

(SC 3002, YE 2846) The Yender Incident (part 2)

(SC 3010, DN 1225) The necromancers’ stone appears in the plague city of Cold Head, triggering the five-year Whispered War

(SC 3022, DN 1237, IP 1521, JR 4695) Devon the Parrot, first mate aboard the trading vessel Ice Glade, mutinies against his captain and later in the year becomes the Sea King, terrorizing the seas for five years before his death in SC 3027/DN 1242/IP 1526/JR 4702

(SC 3054, DN 1269, SK 5725) The Kyainese conquest of Hechan, due to their weakening at ven Sancte hands, creates a unified south under King Heinrich DiCauro. The ruling house of the historically unstable nation will change four times in the next two hundred years, but against expectations, Kyaine does not fall to Dolovai. House Arkhewer is installed as the leaders of Ech’kent

(SC 3059, KJ 2850) House Arkhewer is installed in Ech’kent in a compromise to keep the notoriously belligerent territory in check.

(SC 3062) King Hubert DiCauro III formally institutes Kyaine’s companion system for nobility

(SC 3101, DN 1316) Valentia Alabaster “discovers” the mages’ leystone and puts it in the academy’s Vault

(SC 3246, DN 1461) Alistar Spectrestar attempts to use the wizards’ leystone to destroy the moon

(SC 3301) House DiGorre takes the throne in Hawk’s roost, Putting Queen Flora DiGorre I on the throne and creating the longest sustained monarchial dynasty in the nation’s history

(SC 3348, DN 1563) House Ovelmach attempts a rebellion against the Dolovin throne based on the contested heredity of the recently deceased Queen Grace XI, and therefore her son, King Grant IV, which lasts several decades and stymied by Evelyne of Clan Netzer working as a double agent

(SC 3372, DN 1587) The order establishes a formal training school and requires all initiates to graduate it before becoming squires

(SC 3421) Daphne Fyrhawk plots and fails to assassinate Franco DiGorre II

(SC 3470, DN 1685) The end of the last full-scale war between Dolovai and Kyaine ends in a peace agreement between King Francis DiGorre II and Queen Grace ven Sancte XI.

(SC 3474, DN 1689) A meteor crashes in eastern Dolovai, creating the Scoured Crater

(SC 3531, DN 1746) Clan Netzer discovers a multicorporeal, unbound centipede demon known as Joje the Consumer

(SC 3570, KJ 3361) Black ash powder is invented in Tundj

(SC 3579, TQ 1709) After a year of violence, Narwhal Junction’s werewolf population is expelled from the city, causing in an eight-month road embargo, a violent struggle, considerable arson and the assassination of the governor, and resulting in the establishment of the Sunwood Pack, the Horn District and a number of legal protections for werewolves

(SC 3590, DN 1805, YE 3432) On a peace trip to Yavhore, King Godric ven Sancte III’s retinue is attacked by griffons in the Sevoshi Desert, and are lured away by Sir Todd Griffonbait, which will later become the topic of a popular song

(SC 3591, DN 1806) At great cost, Clan Netzer is successful in binding Joje the Consumer to itself, theoretically banishing it

Recent History

(SC 3601, IP 2100) On Red Day, the Empire’s founding holiday, Empress Ekaterina Demna IV declares that it is time to fulfill their founder’s true desire and spread their empire across the planet. Expeditionary fleets sail out from continental Aergyre to begin the process of setting up Imperial outposts in Enjon, Yavhore, Bevia, Tossec and Menechit, though actual colonization efforts will not go forward for another sixty years

(SC 3612) Selena of House Fyrhawk attempts to stage a coup against Franz DiGorre II, triggering an eight-year civil war that she eventually loses.

(SC 3617, DN 1832) A mage named Elias Whiteriver dies and bequeaths his estate to the academy on the condition that they build better dormitories.

(SC 3622, YE 3466) Some bored and understimulated students at G’Ablyn’s School for Power invent the sport that will later be called portal ball

(SC 3646, TQ 1861) A man named Avri receives a revelation from a god named Kozna, and goes on to found the Clan of Kozna in Sealfin Bay

(SC 3652, TQ 1867) The Clan of Kozna kidnaps and tortures two boys named Boden and Braun. Braun is killed and Boden is rescued, and the Clan, including Avri, arrested and executed

(SC 3662, TQ 1877) Boden leaves Sealfin Bay, re-establishing the Clan of Kozna with himself as leader in Greater Nobla, though he soon leaves, travelling around Enjon to build the Clan

(SC 3666, YE 3510, IP 2165) Imperial colonization of Yavhore begins, with the establishment of Melthen Nor Province in southeastern Yavhore, followed by the building of Imperial embassies in G’Ablyn, N’Kar and Neshez in the following years, as well as the construction of an outpost on the Isle of Devna

(SC 3670, DN 1885) Matthias the Mad kills all the members of House Faran, steals their artifact and is eventually killed by a stableboy named Toby

(SC 3707, YE 3551) The formation of the Bet-Haren Alliance

(SC 3725, DN 1940, GSC 30,121) Escever surveillance of Nova begins

(SC 3739, DN 1954) Moira Marksadder publishes the updated edition of The Social Institutions of Our Time shortly before her death

(SC 3754, LL 3353, TQ 1884, IP 2253, DN 1969) A manumitted slave named Ian flees Merket, Imperial navies begin colonization efforts in Enjon, establishing Dahae province in the unclaimed territory between Yassar and Enjon after about a year

(SC 3755, DN 1970) A sorcerer named Solomon of Clan Netzer steals the sorcerers’ leystone, murders many and disappears with his family

(SC 3758, DN 1973) The Involuted Clock appears on the Constant (second appearance)

(SC 3763, DN 1978) Stanley the Suave realizes that bards are underpaid and begins the bards’ rights movement, which will eventually lead to a lengthy strike

(SC 3764, DN 1979, SK 5015) Solomon arrives in Ech’kent with his children and takes over

(SC 3768, DN 1983) A martial arts teacher named Alec gains and loses his charges

(SC 3769, SK 5010) When peaceful coexistence between Clan Netzer and House Arkhewer proves impossible, Solomon has the Arkhewers murdered

(SC 3770, YE 3614) The Yender Incident (part 1)

(SC 3771, DN 1986) A civil war among a clan of wood witches results in a dead baby, and a storm nearly capsizes a merchant vessel called the Sparkling Wind, killing several of its crew. Cal finds and touches the Involuted Clock

(SC 3773, DN 1988) As part of an elaborate plan, twenty slave boys are purchased by unknown buyers. Most do not survive the next two years

(SC 3774, TQ 1904) The Clan of Kozna kidnaps a boy in Douplen whom they believe will finally allow their god to fully enter the world

(SC 3775, DN 1990) Prince Gavin ven Sancte is abducted from Three Hills by a dragon

(SC 3777, SK 5002, KJ 3568, YE 3621, LL 3376, TQ 1907, IP 2276, BP 4053, DN 1992, JR 5677, RTC 5672, GSC 30,127) Current year

6 thoughts on “Friday Lore Post: A Comprehensive History of Nova

  1. The Deepest Themselves? Who are they? Any relation to either the ziggurat-builders, the gods who abandoned the ziggurat-builders, or the kraken?


    1. The Deepest are the merpeople’s gods in the present day. They probably have some relation to the kraken (but are not Themselves the kraken), and as for whether they’re connected to the old Novan people or gods, we might find that out someday. 😀 Thanks!


  2. did the noscars and fenseekers really just rename themselves to posh-sounding spellings of their original “commoner” names just to fit in with the nobility after they took their thrones

    i figured ven sancte for a corruption of fenseeker but i didn’t think it happened in a single generation


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