Character Profile: Al

Name: Alan of Merket, Alan Black (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Al

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Build: Sturdy

Distinguishing Marks: Collection of birthmarks on his left hip

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Trevor of Merket (best friend), Hugh, Marcus, Daniel and Simon (fellow slaves, former), Ozzy of Merket (friend), Theodore Silver (master, former)

Family Relationships: Andrea and Walter (parents, deceased), Willy (brother), Wanda (aunt), Benedict (master’s butler), Ryan, Will, Charlie, Darian and Vinnie of Merket (fellow slaves, former), Ichabod and Denny (fellow slaves, deceased)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Seated in a chair

Kinks: Anonymity, role play, restraints

Orgies Attended: Regular Slave Orgies

Bio: Born to two manual labourers in Merket, Al grew up in a small one room apartment beside a distillery with his parents and little brother. Unfortunately, one day Al’s parents took ill with a sudden and serious disease, and both died over two days, leaving him and Willy orphaned. Per their father’s dying wish, their Aunt Wanda took them in, but decided that she could only afford to keep one of them, and chose to keep Willy, because he was prettier and would earn more at the brothel she ran. Al was sold into slavery and bought by a man who thought he was more than pretty enough, at least while he was young enough, and Al spent the next few years in Theodore Silver’s house, existing as best he could despite ongoing tragedies and persistent knowledge that nobody wanted him. Recently released, Al hopes to find his brother, and never plans to be discarded again.


  • At the time of his parents’ death, Al worked as a stablehand for an inn called the Snake Trap, but had no money of his own because he gave it all to his parents
  • Al doesn’t know what happened to Willy, and upon being freed and looking for him and his aunt, he’s been unable to find either of them
  • Al escaped from the slave pens three times before he was sold, and then from Theodore’s house six times before he finally realized he’d always be caught
  • As soon as he met Theodore, Al knew what he was like, and he resolved to never tell him about Willy. He’s never told any of the other slaves either, because he didn’t want them to pity him over it
  • Al never liked being with Theodore; even when he was the most attached to Theodore he was conflicted because he thought he loved Theodore but knew he didn’t like him
  • Al always did his best to be honest with Denny, to tell him honestly what he could expect from Theodore. To this day he worries that part of why Denny killed himself was because Al was so cruel to him
  • Al always liked Benedict, seeing him as a person stuck in a bad situation who was doing his best to help the slaves
  • Al always knew he couldn’t take the younger slaves with him when he left, but he misses them acutely. He feels like they’re way better of than he and Trevor were at their ages, though
  • Al struggled to like Daniel for a while, knowing he could have killed Theodore for them and didn’t, but ultimately recognized that, like Benedict, he was doing his best with what he had, and that he was just as trapped as the rest of them
  • Al lives with Trevor right now while he looks for Willy, but he doesn’t plan to stay in Merket once he’s found his brother


  • “Boys, don’t fight,”
  • “Never seen anyone fully jerk off without waking up for a second.”
  • “Jerk off into them. Daniel can tell us if he ever notices.”
  • “Fuck Theodore.”
  • “Okay, okay, there’s no cuddling in a gangbang. My turn.”
  • “Fuck you. Fuck you.”
  •  “You can’t fucking tell me what to say. I…I hate you.”
  • “You’re the only one who calls me that.”
  •  “I hate you. You’re evil. You always have been. That’s why…that’s why he…”
  • “We…we’ll think about it.”
  • “We should go.”


  • Al compulsively bit his fingernails for years as a child, and stopped a week after Theodore bought him
  • Living above a distillery, Al never liked the smell of beer
  • Al’s first sexual experiences were all with Willy; the two of them used to fool around under their blankets at night while their parents slept. In the weeks before his parents’ deaths, Al had also started giving blowjobs behind the Snake Trap’s stables for extra coins
  • Al likes to sleep outside in the summer. Counting stars helps him fall asleep
  • Ryan, the oldest of Theodore’s slaves when Al arrived, had lived in the same neighbourhood as Al before being sold into slavery. Al had had a crush on him and had thought he’d run away to be a knight, and was simultaneously upset to know this had happened to him and grateful that he had a friend in the house. Ryan was freed two months into Al’s enslavement
  • The only thing Al liked about sex with Theodore was that he didn’t have to do anything, he could just lay there and let Theodore touch him and Theodore would always make sure he came
  • Al has kept in touch with Ozzy, who is helping him find Willy
  • Al’s favourite superficial thing about being free is smallclothes; he’s bought a few dozen pairs and sometimes they’re the only thing he wears
  • Al became sexually active with the other slaves as soon as he could, it was what reminded him that he did like sex, just not with Theodore
  • Even though he was freed in winter, Al immediately bought bird feeders to put in the windows of his apartment; birds were something he missed seeing frequently at Theodore’s house

Modern AU: Modern Al was separated from his brother when they entered foster care and has been trying to find him ever since, to no avail. He just hopes Willy didn’t end up like he did, a sex object for someone who only wanted him for half a year until he had too much body hair. Now that he’s moved out of Theodore’s house, he spends most of his time trying to track down his lost brother, who he knows must be in the system somewhere. Al remains in contact with his foster brothers as well, and hopes to help them escape Theodore someday. When not helping his brothers or looking for his other brother, Al is waiting to hear back on his applications to several universities, studies law for when he eventually goes to law school, works part-time as a model and has started to breed tulips.

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