Character Profile: Odin

Name: Otis son of Otto, Otis Trapp (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Odin

Title(s): Bartender, Trapper’s Hunt (part-time)

Hair Colour: Black (red)

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Build: Thick

Distinguishing Marks: Dyed black hair, ambiguous birthmark on his butt

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Murph of Royal Tairn (boyfriend), Pierre (brother/fuckbuddy)

Family Relationships: Otto and Priscilla (parents), Phoebe (sister), Owen, Ron, Willow, Louie, Gabe, Kevin, Kennedy, Pia and Phineas (cousins), Oscar and Tina, Liv and Will, Glenda and Katherine, Price (aunts and uncles), Lionel and Ophelia, Patrice (grandparents), Gene (grandfather, deceased)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: On the floor

Kinks: Voyeurism, exhibitionism, dirty talk, praise

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: The oldest child of a thatcher and a glassmaker, Odin grew up in the small village of Great Scar with his family and has never left it except for occasional exciting trips to the next town over. As he got older, his favourite cousins left town to go on big adventures, and Odin wanted to do the same once he was old enough. Now helping out at his aunt and uncle’s inn, Odin figures that eventually adventure will walk through the door and whisk him away. So far, the only thing that has walked through the door is a hot new boy in town, who has ruined Odin’s life by being hot and perfect and funny and brilliant and cool, which it turns out are all things Odin is attracted to.


  • Odin has never answered to his given name; Owen changed it when he was a baby and everyone has always called him Odin
  • Growing up, Odin thought of Owen as an older brother
  • Odin didn’t really want to work in the inn after Owen left, but his parents decided he was old enough to do some honest work (and also secretly hoped Oscar and Tina would cure him of his generalized ineptitude)
  • Odin often serves as the town’s unofficial babysitter and Great Scar’s younger kids can often be found around the inn as a result. Odin watching the kids nearly always ends with the kids throwing things at Odin for fun
  • Odin is close as siblings with all his cousins in Great Scar, and wishes he could see his maternal cousins more often
  • Odin tried to learn swordfighting once and broke his hand, so decided that fighting wasn’t really for him
  • As an employee of the inn, Odin has Owen’s old room as a permanent room there in case he ever has to work really late. He mostly uses it to have the privacy his parents’ one room house doesn’t afford him, though Pierre also sometimes stays with him for fun and so they can have privacy together
  • Odin finds Great Scar very dull and wants to leave for an adventure, but a large part of him also thinks it would be much better to just stay there forever
  • At six years old, Odin was the first person to notice that Phoebe was deaf and, after his family started learning sign, he went around Great Scar insisting that everyone else do the same
  • Odin was quite certain that his crush on Murph would pass, but since it didn’t, he’s happy that they’re dating
  • Odin used to think incest was a bit weird. Since he started fucking Pierre, he’s thought it was less weird. Now that he’s dating Murph and learning about his grandfather’s culture, he’s decided that it’s kind of cool, actually
  • Now that Odin is sort of a dragon, he figures he can use that as an excuse for breaking stuff for at least a year
  • Some people think Odin is a hero for saving Great Scar from the bandits. This gives Odin uncomfortable boners


  • “Hi! Fuck, ow, fuck.”
  • “Fuckdammit,”
  • “I’m fine! I was just licking the floor.”
  • “The glass and me had an argument, is all. It ended in a draw, by the way.”
  • “It’s just that I have this boner and I really wish I had some snow to shove down my pants, you know?”
  • “Everything’s fine, everything’s going to be fine, let’s go back to the inn, Pierre, you’re not allowed to talk, nobody’s allowed to talk actually, let’s go.”
  • “We’re friends. We hang out sometimes. And talk about stuff, like bandits and carpentry and eggs.”
  • “Life isn’t a contest.”
  • “Pierre, go out and pour Tomas some water. I have to watch the pot so it doesn’t boil.”
  • “I’m pretty sure it’s pickle. They were trying to bandit the inn and I tried to stop them but they beat me up. I hit one of them with the broom. But they also kicked me in the balls.”
  • “Yeah, sure. I probably won’t see him because I’m going to have a bath. Also I’ll warn him that you’re naked. Maybe you don’t want me to warn him about that? I guess you probably do but maybe you don’t and I’m not going to judge your family dynamic, bye.”
  • “We can definitely jerk off together to stay warm and also for fun sometime if you want. It’ll be just like fucking Pierre but Pierre won’t be there. Or maybe he will be sometimes.”
  • “Yeah, we need fingers so we can hold hands. And also my sister is deaf, so I need my fingers to speak sign language to her, and it would be really mean of you to prevent her from ever understanding me again. So don’t cut our fingers off, please.”
  • “Yeah, I’m fine, they just hit me in the head again but joke’s on them because Owen already dropped me there forever ago. Murph is here too.”
  • “You…you are the whole Brotherhood, aren’t you? Oh my God, it’s actually just the five of you? You’re just a bunch of kids.”
  • “Stop hurting people. Stop. Hurting. People.”
  • “The Brotherhood of the Tinkle isn’t that scary, actually. It’s just some kids who are hungry. I spanked Crossbones and he seems better now. We should probably just spank the rest of them too and they’ll probably stop being bandits.”
  • “Wait, when did I get horny?”
  • “It would also be so awkward to tell everyone we lied, so I was thinking maybe we could just actually be boyfriends? Then nobody will ever know and everything will be fine.”


  • Odin’s one bartending skill is his ability to mix drinks, which he rarely uses because people only ever ask for beer
  • Odin wears boots with buckles instead of laces because his laces always become knotted and trip him
  • Odin’s first sexual experience was jerking off with Owen and Ron in the woods when he’d tagged along camping with them one night
  • Odin wears his smallclothes backwards so often that he only notices when he has them on the right way now
  • Odin had frequent nosebleeds as a child, which mostly stopped when he hit puberty
  • Odin used to mess around with his friend Howard, but hasn’t recently since Howard got a girlfriend. Howard once invited Odin to a threesome and Odin respectfully declined in a dignified fashion
  • Everyone likes to tell Odin that his birthmark is funny, but nobody will tell him what it’s shaped like. He’s never seen it properly even in a mirror, and doesn’t even know which cheek its on
  • Odin can’t discern cardinal directions or tell right from left, but he can visually measure size or distance with extreme accuracy
  • Now that Pierre has gotten old enough to be interested in sex, Odin has been helping him with that interest by having frequent sex with him, which he used to pretend helped him not be quite so horny over Murph all the time
  • Odin is much stronger than he looks; the only carpentry he knows is how to hang a door because he sometimes pulls them off their hinges by accident
  • Within two days of growing horns, Odin had destroyed all his shirts trying to pull them over his head, so now he doesn’t wear shirts anymore
  • Odin likes that being a dragon means he gets to spend so much quality time with his grandfather. It’s not even as weird as he thought it would be to be naked with Lionel all the time, though he sometimes thinks there could be less biting, especially on his ass
  • Odin’s favourite thing about dating Murph is everything, but his second favourite thing is spending time with Murph
  • Odin and Murph have sex about eight times a day. They have been informed that this is excessive. Odin thinks it’s very conservative of them
  • Odin didn’t get wings or a tail with his horns, but he does think his dick got bigger

Modern AU: Modern Odin is a high school student who keeps his head down because it’s the only way to watch his feet so they don’t trip him. He tried to join the art club when his parents told him he should try to broaden his horizons, and though he was bad at art, he ended up getting asked to stay and be their model. He works part-time at his uncle and aunt’s bed and breakfast, and has a humiliating crush on the new boy in his homeroom class, who has joined the art club and made Odin’s modelling duties very hard. When not working or at school, Odin can generally be found in the mall looking at clothes but rarely buying them, in record stores looking to expand his collection of vinyl records, playing endless rounds of Smash Bros. with Pierre or imagining what his and Murph’s kids will look like.

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