Character Profile: Murph

Name: Murphy of Royal Tairn, Murphy Dickinson (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Murph

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Short scar on the back of his right thigh

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Odin son of Otto (boyfriend) Pierre son of Priscilla (fuckbuddy/boyfriend’s brother), Lev, Arch, Tomas, Rodrigue (daddies)

Family Relationships: N/A

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Pressed against a wall

Kinks: Group sex, daddy kink, praise, dirty talk, role play

Orgies Attended: Bethel’s Frontier Rooftop Orgies, Camden Travelling Orgies, The Lower Malt Orgy of Excellence, Merket Free Collar Orgies, Teown’s Sound Tower Orgies, White Cape Cape-Only Orgies

Bio: Raised by four adventurers, Murph has lived all around Menechit with his dads. Never really staying in one place for more than a few months or so, he’s never identified his home as any particular place, but rather feels that home is where his family is. Though he had been happy to join his dads on their adventures, he is also happy to join them in their semi-retirement. Having recently moved to the small village of Great Scar for that purpose, Murph decided immediately that semi-retirement seemed like a bad idea and that they should all leave Great Scar and get away from the amazing, funny, charming, hot bartender who clearly hates Murph and who Murph has a hopeless crush on.


  • Murph doesn’t know or care which if any of his dads is his biological father. Whenever anyone has asked him, he tells them it is Rodrigue, who unlike Murph is dark-skinned
  • Murph’s dads have always told him that he doesn’t need to help them with their work and can just let them take care of him, but he likes to help them when he can
  • Over the course of his life, Murph and his family have travelled with three different mercenary bands, six merchant caravans, two circuses and a cohort of tax collectors. Murph ended up helping out with all their work
  • Murph is fluent in Daolo, Kyn, Chez’n, sign language and Razth. He’s pretty sure Razth isn’t his first language, but otherwise he has no idea
  • Murph wants to be a bard, and has been learning the lute and as many songs as he can from Arch, who was a bard for a few years when he was younger, but the current labour stoppage prevents Murph from actually starting a career
  • Murph’s dads have trained him in the use of several weapons and fighting styles, but he’s never actually been in a fight
  • Murph has been along on all his dads’ adventures, and his favourite part of being in a new place is getting to tell everyone his favourite stories about them again
  • Though he isn’t quite as excited about staying in one place as his dads are, Murph does really like the idea of having a permanent home
  • Murph’s dads make all his clothes for him; he can make his own but Tomas still insists on doing it for him
  • Murph wouldn’t change anything about his life except that he wishes he had a younger brother, which he’s pretty sure is part of why Pierre gives him such a boner
  • Now that Odin is his boyfriend, Murph has started making plans to build a second house near his dads’ for him and Odin to live in after they get married
  • Murph isn’t totally sure if he and Odin are just fucking Pierre or if he’s also their boyfriend, but he plans to bring it up after a few months because he also thinks Pierre isn’t sure and thinks that talking about it is the best way to avoid anyone getting their feelings hurt


  • “No, I’m fine. Are you okay?
  • “Oh man, you’re bleeding. Let me see.”
  • “It’s really fine. Sometimes you get shit poured all over you. No big deal.”
  • “Thanks. I think they’d forget to eat if I didn’t remind them. Not that I can complain, we all get so into it when we’re going at it…”
  • “We really like Great Scar a lot. It’s a beautiful town with beautiful people…uh, I mean good people. The people are nice. We like the people.”
  • “There’s nothing stupid about being scared.”
  • “My dads always say I do my best work out loud.”
  • “It’s getting hot in that stable with us all in there.”
  • “Thanks for covering for me. My dad would never complain about cum on my face, but he would complain that I wasn’t helping when I was supposed to be.”
  • “Uh. Hi. I can explain. I can explain a lot. Please don’t kill me.”
  • “My dads will probably track them all the way here. This one time when we were down near Archer’s Rest, these bandits kidnapped me and they were going to make me a sex slave, but my dads tracked them through this whole forest and rescued me and all these other guys, so they’ll probably be able to do the same thing here on account of they probably left footprints in the snow.”
  • “Uh. I promise I didn’t, you know. Come to Great Scar and start fucking the cutest boy I saw right away.”
  • “It’s not weird because we’re just huddling for warmth. It’s what you have to do. This one time I had to do it with my dads when we were stuck in this blizzard.”
  • “Hey, um. I’m still kind of cold. Sorry if this is weird but would it be okay if I jerked off a bit? To warm up?”
  • “Um. Hey I was thinking, you know, uh. We should tell the Brotherhood of the Dickle guys we’re boyfriends. Because then they’ll feel bad about killing us.”
  • “Hey. Great Scar is a really nice place. You can be all bandity if you really want to, but you don’t need to be assholes.”
  • “You know, they really do mean it. You’re totally invited to come to our family gangbangs whenever you want.”


  • Murph is left-handed, except he can only masturbate with his right hand
  • There are a series of minor prophecies about Murph, unbeknownst to him. He has fulfilled several of them, including lifting the Stone of Power (it was very small), crossing the River of Life (it had largely dried up over a hot summer) and opening the Door of Fate (it wasn’t locked). None of these events of great prophetic import has ever had a demonstrable effect on Murph’s daily life
  • Murph lost his virginity to a mysterious thief named Robin who kept breaking into their apartment while his dads were at work, but never actually stole anything
  • Murph has never had any real privacy and gets mildly embarrassed when he changes clothes or bathes or jerks off without anyone knowing about it, like he’s doing something illicit
  • Murph always has a silver coin in his sock, just in case he gets stranded or kidnapped
  • Murph slept with his dads for most of his childhood and still frequently does
  • Murph received the sex talk from all four of his dads independently, about a year after he’d been regularly sexually active. At this point, he started having sex with them as well
  • Murph has a spirit guide named Needle who lives in his hair. Needle frequently gives him advice, but the advice is almost always to dig a hole
  • Everywhere he goes, Murph ends up having sexual partners, often just friends he’s made whom he likes to get naked with. He’s been to many orgies and has never been shy about asking for sex from people he’s horny for. He’s never dated anyone before
  • Murph often sleepwalks, and frequently starts dancing while he is doing so
  • The story about getting kidnapped by the bandits and rescued by Odin is how Murph’s favourite story because it includes him having sex with Odin
  • Now that he’s heard that dragons don’t wear clothes, Murph is planning to enlist Pierre to help him talk Odin into the three of them having a naked summer. Murph isn’t a dragon but he thinks he should embrace his boyfriend’s culture
  • A little bit after he started dating Odin, Murph’s dads sat Murph and Odin down and asked them if they wanted Murph to stop fucking them to be monogamous with each other. It was a two-minute discussion that ended with Murph and Odin being spitroasted

Modern AU: Modern Murph just moved to town just recently with his dads and hasn’t had too much trouble adjusting to his new school, since he’s well used to changing those at short notice. He has had a hard time adjusting his pants in homeroom class now that he’s sitting next to the unreasonably hot Odin. Murph isn’t very good at art, but he’s joined the art club for no reason other than because it gives him an excuse to stare at Odin for a few hours every day. When he’s not utterly ruining his life by existing, attending school or painting, Murph helps his dads, who have decided to build their house without hiring any help, and has started volunteering with a local rec centre, in the hopes that staying busy will help keep him from daydreaming about hot models who clearly hate him. Because this has not happened, he’s also considering applying for a part-time job in the mall.

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