Character Profile: Jay

Name: Jason of the Black Witch Clan

Aliases/AKAs: Jay

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Build: Lean

Distinguishing Marks: Several small scars across his body

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Tanner son of Tommy (boyfriend)

Family Relationships: Julia of the Black Witch Clan (mother), Titania of the Black Witch Clan (sister), James, Johnathon and Kayla of the Black Witch Clan, Shelby of the Yellow Witch Clan (cousins), Ron of the Black Witch Clan (clan member), Josephine of the Black Witch Clan (grandmother), Jocelyn of the Black Witch Clan, Andrew and Shaun of the Yellow Witch Clan  (aunt and uncles), Timothy of the Yellow Witch Clan (father, deceased), Joy of the Black Witch Clan (cousin, deceased), Joel of the Black Witch Clan, Titus and Andrea of the Yellow Witch Clan (grandparents, deceased), Joey and Delilah of the Black Witch Clan (uncle and aunt, deceased), Hunter (dog)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: On his knees

Kinks: Praise, gentleness, blindfolds, dominance and submission, watersports

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: Born to a Black Clan witch and her husband, Jay grew up in the forest with his family, learning how to commune with the forest, touch his magic and survive. Unbeknownst to everyone in the clan but Jay, his father Tim was a violent and angry person who would easily hurt his own family if it benefitted him. Unbeknownst even to Jay, Tim was plotting to do this with Jay’s aunt and uncle, and was integral to the fight that broke out the night half the clan was killed. Left without his father and a lot of complicated feelings, Jay did his best to recover over the next several years, trying to live a normal life as a witch even with his shrunken family, despite being way too high strung. Recently on a trip to Teown’s Sound to buy supplies, he fell into a relationship with the least high-strung person he’s ever met, who is helping him chill out and start to feel like a real, happy person again.


  • Jay makes all his family’s clothes, and every garment has a powerful protection spell woven into it
  • From a very young age, Tim would take Jay out into the woods several times a week for ‘training’ and would rape him violently, making sure to tell him this was the only thing he was worth and the only value he had was as a hole for cock. He would also occasionally rent Jay out to people he knew in exchange for materials he needed for his spellwork
  • Jay’s grandfather was the only person in Jay’s life who was never impatient with him, and who Jay could be around for hours and feel like he wasn’t just taking up space
  • Jay has never met any of his relatives in the Yellow Clan and he doesn’t want to
  • When Tim tried to make them go with him and leave the forest, Jay wanted to go with him—not because he loved his father, but because without him Jay knew he’d have no value to anyone
  • Though he is now able to have sex and enjoy it normally, Jay still sometimes remembers his father’s lessons without wanting to and panics
  • People who meet Jay for the first time either think he’s very calm and chill and snarky, which is because he cultivates that persona. People who know him think he’s clumsy and nervous, which is because they’ve seen him when he hasn’t smoked any greenheart
  • Jay often feels guilty, because a year or so ago he realized that being around his family all the time is one of the things that makes him anxious, even though he genuinely wants to spend time with them. Despite his anxiety, Jay has always wished he had the courage to be closer to James, who he knows is also lonely and he feels like he has things in common with
  • One of Jay’s greatest sources of shame is the one time he performed necromancy—he returned to his father’s secret grave a few months after he’d died and cast a curse on it so his father’s spirit wouldn’t become part of the forest
  • Jay doesn’t understand how Tanner is always willing and able to put up with his bullshit, but he realized recently that he’s stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop and has accepted that Tanner really does love him


  • “Hey. Nice stick.”
  • “Mother told us you had a new pet. She didn’t mention that he was cute.”
  • “Are you coming down from there, or are trees your natural habitat?”
  • “You never come visit us, so we thought we’d pull your weight on the family responsibilities front.”
  • “You’re not always welcome at our house.”
  • “Come on, you’re naked all the time. I’ve seen your dick a bunch of times, and it’s just us boys here. Get naked for the greater good.”
  • “You know, I had this whole plan when I met you, that I’d like, hit on you and stuff. Try to steal you from James. To make sure you wouldn’t. But you went and made it so obvious that you loved him that it took all the fun out of it. I was going to offer to bottom for you and everything.”
  • “I guess I’ll just have to try leaving the forest or something, since James’s plan of waiting for someone to fall into my lap isn’t working.”
  • “I didn’t pay him. I didn’t even pay for dinner.”
  • “If Tanner starts talking like me I’m breaking up with him.”
  • “I believe you, but please understand that I’m not actually going to believe it until it happens.”
  • “We’re not having sex on my grandmother’s roof in the middle of the day.”
  • “Hey, you can’t just drop ancestral centaur-fucking rituals on us and then wander away on a made-up thing.”
  • “What if one member of our clan moved to the other side of the river?”


  • Jay enjoys altering and making clothes even for non magical and non horny reasons, though he does sometimes offer free alterations to people he wants to see naked
  • Jay has occasionally been successful at divining things using the stars, which confuses him because he can’t remember the names or placements of any stars and thinks that all constellations look like dicks
  • Aside from his father, Jay’s first sexual experience was with his mother’s ficklebushes when he was eleven. His first time with a human was with his sister. They had sex occasionally for about a year until Tana decided she didn’t like boys
  • Jay has a fear of bobcats. There are no bobcats in the forest
  • Jay kills all the plants he tries to grow, so his garden is mostly just unattended things that he’s letting do their own thing and pretending he took care of. He is grateful that greenheart grows wild all around his house
  • Jay always figured when he met someone he really wanted to date he’d date them for a while before having sex with them. He forgot about this until about three hours after meeting Tanner, and only remembered in the process of blowing him under the table at the restaurant
  • Jay has written all of his own spellbooks, because he didn’t want to take any of his mom’s and he didn’t want to use any of his dad’s
  • Jay still wets his bed fairly frequently
  • Thanks to James and Ron, Jay has recently been considering the merits of tying Tanner up and making him beg for things, and has found it hard not to notice how readily Tanner does everything he says
  • Jay never wears socks out of spite because he doesn’t know how to make them

Modern AU: Modern Jay’s early life was marked by a lot of crime, but more recently he’s been living the ordinary student life and enjoying that as best he can. He’s started dating a farmboy who knows a lot more about everything than Jay expected him to, but who makes Jay’s life much brighter and fuller for it. He is a practicing witch and excels in protection spells, but he’s also a Buddhist. When not doing magic or schoolwork, Jay spends time with Tanner or his family or both, practices clothing design towards his dream of becoming a designer, and tries and fails to keep houseplants and his small garden alive.

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