Knighthood, 89

Games Are Fun When They’re Between Family and Friends

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Edwin had been anointed all over again, though this time when he’d knelt it hadn’t been holy oil squirted all over him. And offering his sword to Gavin had taken a whole lot longer and been a lot more fun than offering it to the king.

Edwin and Erik had agreed before the orgy that for everyone who Erik got to cum inside him, Edwin would give him a full day of complete obedience whenever he asked for it. Edwin had thought about making it specific to Erik’s ass, but he’d decided in the end that the image of Erik just sucking cock all night would be too funny to pass up, and others were likely to find his ass enticing enough without the need for incentives.

He definitely had some cum in his ass already, and he’d soon have more courtesy of Louis, who was hammering Erik at dragon speed, tail wrapped around his leg. He kept leaning over Erik and kissing Edwin as he was doing it.

Edwin wasn’t fucking Erik’s mouth, he was letting Erik do the work of sucking him while he kissed Louis. He petted Erik’s hair to encourage him, giving him tugs now and again when he did something particularly well. He was mediocre at oral, but even just over the course of tonight he’d gotten noticeably better.

Growling, Louis slammed all the way into Erik, then pulled out, resting his dick on Erik’s back to cum, covering his back in his scent. He smiled, kissing Edwin one more time. “I’m going to go again,” he said, smearing the cum around as he took Erik’s hips back in hand. “Since from what you said, your deal with him only counts if I cum inside him.”

Edwin nodded. “Yeah, it does. I’m sure Erik is happy to take you another time, right, Erik?”

Erik nodded, giving a hard suck, and Edwin kissed Louis. “Don’t go easy on him this time.”

“Okay,” said Louis, ramming his cock back inside Erik. That made Erik shock forward, swallowing Edwin’s whole cock at once. He made a sound, vibrating around Edwin, and that pulled Edwin closer. Edwin came without warning, flooding his brother’s throat. Erik choked, coughing as Edwin pulled out.

Edwin got to his knees and held Erik’s head still while he coughed. “Sorry.”

Erik shook his head, cum running down his chin. “It’s okay,” he said, red in the face. “I’ve done that to you like a million times.”

“Damn right you have,” Edwin told him, fixing his hair. “You have the worst blowjob manners. Next time I give you one, you’d better behave.”

Erik smirked. “Next time you give me one, I’m going to stay in your throat a few hours and you won’t be allowed to say otherwise.”

Edwin kissed him, laughing. “Okay. Don’t worry, Louis will make sure you earn that right.”

Erik just nodded, groaning as Louis picked up speed. “See you later. If I don’t pass out.”

“You’d better not, I’m counting on you to keep track of how many days you’re earning,” Edwin said. He patted Erik’s cheek with his dick, then went to kiss Louis on the cheek. “See you later.”

Louis nodded, looking down at Erik’s ass. “So you’re going to be totally submissive to him, huh? How many times do I have to bottom to get you to do that for me?”

Edwin put one hand on Louis’s ass and squeezed, and reached up to gently pull Louis’s horn so he could kiss him for real. “Nothing. You just have to ask.”

Louis coughed at that, and stopped fucking Erik for a second. His face slowly went redder, and then he started up again, harder than before. “I’ll see you later,” he muttered.

“Yeah, you will,” Edwin promised, giving his ass one more squeeze before heading off.

He saw three people just sitting on a couch, and though that was obviously fine, they all looked a bit uncomfortable. They were three tan-skinned, sheep-horned guys from the batch of people Cal and them had rescued in Pelican Bay. Calvinists, they were calling themselves. Presumably because of the adorable face Cal must make whenever he heard that. Triplets, Edwin thought. He’d seen them around the orgy on their own, and then recently he’d seen the three of them together, and now they looked nervous. “You guys okay?” he asked, coming up beside them.

They jumped in unison. Willy, Walt and Winston were their names. Edwin didn’t know which was which. “Uh, yes, Sir Edwin, thanks,” said the one on the left. “We’re just resting.”

“Sure. Rest as long as you want. I just noticed you all look a little unhappy. Is there anything I can do?”

“Oh, no, we’re fine,” said the one on the right. “We’re just, uh, thinking.”

“We did something and we’re not sure it was a good idea,” bleated the middle one.

Edwin nodded, looking at all three of them, at how they weren’t looking at each other. They weren’t totally identical—their horns swirled slightly differently. “It was each other, wasn’t it?”

Silently, all three of them nodded. “It’s just,” said the left one. “We’re from the Empire originally. If you commit…incest there, you get arrested, and sent…”

“And this isn’t the Empire, and you’re far from the only people who have committed incest here tonight,” Edwin told him, as kindly as he could. “Probably not even the only threesome. And I don’t know if you know this, but this keep is actually a safe haven for brotherfuckers, so you’re all safe here.”

“It…is?” asked the middle sheep. “Why would you…”

“Have you met Sir Erik?” Edwin asked, pointing at him even though his face was occupied. “My fiancé?”


Edwin nodded. “Anyway. If you feel weird about it because you think you shouldn’t have done it, then just don’t do it again and it’ll be something you tried once at a party and didn’t like. But if you feel weird about it because you maybe thought it was fun…” he shrugged. “You’re safe here, that’s all.”

“Thank you,” said the one on the left. “Thank you, Sir Edwin.”

“I’ll let you guys talk. And eat something, you all look shaky and my staff made a lot of really awesome food. But a good night.”

And then, with his good brotherfucking deed of the hour done, Edwin went to go do some harder brotherfucking. He caught Robby coming back from the privy and picked him up. “Hey!”

“Hey,” said Edwin, hauling Robby over his shoulder. “You know what I was thinking?”

“That you love how light and portable I am?”

“That, and also that I once promised you that when you were used to getting fucked, I’d do you right and hard, like the knight we all know you’ll be someday. I think you’re used to it by now, right?”

“Oh, definitely!” Robby said, from behind Edwin’s back. “I’m more than used to it, I’m ready.”

“Good,” said Edwin. He found an empty couch and tossed Robby onto it. “Because so am I.”

Robby grinned, spreading his legs. “Do your worst.”

“You,” Edwin said, climbing onto the couch and lightly slapping the inside of Robby’s thighs so they’d part for him. “Don’t give orders. You say ‘yes, sir’ or ‘no, sir.’ Got it?”

Robby nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Edwin pressed his cock against Robby’s hole, with only Erik’s spit and whatever cum Robby already had inside him to help it along. “Keep your eyes open.”

“Yes, sir,” said Robby, and then he yelped as Edwin rammed his cock all the way inside him in one satisfying thrust that had their skin slapping together. He didn’t give Robby—or himself—any time to get used to it, pulling out and into the first of several long, deep thrusts that had all the power in his hips behind them.

Robby squirmed as Edwin started to fuck him properly, picking up speed. Edwin used one hand to hold him down, the other to pull his leg to the side so it wasn’t in the way. Robby’s dick was twitching, bouncing up and down as Edwin fucked him, but Edwin ignored it, just focusing for now on how good it felt to ram his cock in and out of Robby, with no concern for anything else.

Robby was watching Edwin, his attention undivided, his already big eyes wider than Edwin had ever seen. Edwin leaned down so he could fuck faster, holding himself high enough above Robby that Robby could watch but not kiss him, which he clearly wanted to. Robby reached up to touch Edwin’s face and Edwin caught his wrist, holding it in place. Robby held perfectly still, but his eyes contained a question now.

Edwin smiled, leaned down and claimed Robby’s mouth in a hard kiss that had Robby moaning and cumming against his stomach, hole clenching and unclenching around Edwin’s cock. Edwin didn’t let that stop him as he fucked Robby to completion, feeding Robby’s moan back to him as he came inside Robby without once slowing down.

When Edwin was done shooting, he moved his lips away from Robby’s, looking down at his little brother. Robby smiled at him, head lolling to one side. “That was…”

Edwin covered his mouth. “That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be ‘no, sir.’ And unless I hear that, you don’t decide when we’re done.”

Edwin could feel Robby’s toothy grin on his hand, and he took that hand away, flipped Robby over without taking his cock out of him. Then he started up again, hand on Robby’s back as he started driving in and out of him. With his free hand, he stroked and groped Robby’s perfect ass, wondering how it was possible that nobody had ever pounded this ass the way it deserved until now.

Well, it was a mistake Edwin was going to fix for the rest of Robby’s life. He took in deep breaths as he fucked harder, making sure that Robby felt every bit of his dick as it dominated his ass. He squeezed Robby’s asscheeks hard, and pressed him into the couch. “This is good,” he said. “You feel real good like this. And you look good too. I think this is where I want you all the time, would you like that?”

Robby nodded. “Yes, yes, sir.”

“Good. Not that it matters what you’d like,” Edwin said, giving a hard spank and a harder thrust. “But it’s a bonus.”

“Yes, sir.”

Edwin nodded, kind of wanting to do more dirty talk but not really sure what else to say. Everything he thought of felt demeaning and he didn’t want to demean Robby even for a game. So he just kept fucking Robby, doing everything he could to keep the pace up. At one point Robby tensed again and came, and Edwin smiled, but didn’t stop, not until he’d done the same.

Then he flipped Robby over again, smirked down at him. “Still want to be a squire?”

Robby nodded, a little bleary. “Yes, sir,” he said.

“Good.” Edwin started up again, grateful for the magic that Isaac and his friends had put around the keep for tonight that was letting everyone fuck to their dick’s content. He went just a little slower this time, but kept his thrusts just as hard. This time he kissed Robby every few thrusts, getting him shaking. His hands were on Robby’s shoulders, their faces close together now. Edwin kept moving, and moving, and moving, and he was speeding up again. Robby was staring into his eyes and Edwin was staring back, lost in the darkness he’d never noticed in them before.

“Sir,” Robby was panting, tensing all over. “Sir, sir, yes…”

Edwin gave him a deep kiss for that, cock twitching. “You hold on until I’m ready to cum too.”

Robby nodded again. “Yes, sir.”

And Robby did, as Edwin sped up and up, getting up to the speed he’d been at before and then faster, the couch creaking underneath them as they fucked. And then Edwin leaned down and whispered in Robby’s ear. “Want to know something?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” Robby asked, body pressed against Edwin’s.

Edwin slammed his cock into Robby as hard as he could. “I love you.”

Robby cried out something that might have been Edwin’s name as he came, bringing Edwin along with him in a white haze that felt like it enveloped them both, filling the whole room and taking them away together, just the two of them on that couch, alone in a quiet space. They stared at each other in that space for a good few seconds before they came back to the room.

“I love you too,” Robby said, eyes bright and clear and even shining. He looked so light. “I love you too, Edwin.”

He put his arms around Edwin and held him there tightly, and Edwin sat them up, pulling out and sitting Robby in his lap. “I didn’t hurt you, right?”

“No,” Robby promised. “No, not at all. I liked that a lot. Can we do it again?”

“We sure can,” Edwin said, kissing Robby’s temple. “Not every day. I don’t think my hips can handle it. But we can do it again whenever you want.”

“Awesome,” Robby said, resting his head against Edwin’s chest. “Awesome. Hi, Denver.”

“Hey,” said Denver, coming over tentatively. “Sorry, am I interrupting?”

Robby shook his head. “No, I’m happy to see you. I love Edwin, I hope that’s okay because I’m not going to stop.”

“Me either,” Denver said, sitting next to them. “He’s pretty great. And have you met his brothers? They’re awesome.”

“I’ve noticed,” Robby said with a cheeky smile that didn’t disguise the red in his face. “So are his boyfriends.”

“Okay, you flirt. I came to invite you guys upstairs. I got invited to a game of guess the dick with Isaac and Sir Owen. I’m going to lose so hard, it’s going to be great. You want to come watch?”

“Sure,” said Edwin, shifting Robby in his lap a little. “I can be one of the dicks if you want an unfair advantage.”

Denver kissed him. “Nah, Gavin already disqualified anyone dating one of the contestants, so you’re doubly disqualified, plus I’m not allowed to know who’s participating before they blindfold us, that’s cheating.”

In his lap, Robby moved just enough to let Edwin know what he was planning. “I’m going to go to the privy,” he lied, sliding out of Edwin’s grip. “I’ll meet you upstairs.”

Edwin nodded, giving him a kiss on the belly. “See you.”

“See you. You too, Denver. I met your husband earlier, he’s really cool.”

“Which one? Oh, doesn’t matter, that’s why I married both of them,” Denver said, replacing Robby in Edwin’s lap. “See you in a bit.”

Robby nodded, and headed away, walking a little funny. “He’s lost his sea legs suddenly,” Denver teased Edwin.

Edwin shrugged, giving Denver a grope. “All part of his training.”

“Of course it is.” Denver kissed Edwin, and pulled him to his feet. “Do you think I’d have made a good knight?”

“Of course, but I also think you make a good king,” said Edwin, as the two of them headed for the stairs.

Denver blushed. “Normally this is the part where I say I’m not a real king, but I kind of think I’m good at it, a little.”

“Of course you are. Is Louis?”

“He is. You should see the social reforms he’s been pushing Alse to make. Plus, all of Alse’s advisors are afraid he’ll eat them if they make him mad, so it’s gotten really easy to bully them into doing what we want.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s what Gavin uses Owen for too,” Edwin laughed. “So, you’re going to be blindfolded for this, huh?”

“Yeah. Oh, and it’s so awesome! Pax figured out a way to use the portal rings to fuck people from afar, like you can put your dick in one and if someone is touching another one your dick goes right into their ass even from a different room! We’re going to use that for the second round where we get fucked, so all we can feel is the dicks in us. It’s going to be so cool.”

Minimizing hands-on time sounded mildly insane to Edwin, but hey, if anyone was going to figure out how to have long-distance orgies, it would be Pax, he figured. “That’s pretty cool.”

“Yeah, Pax is pretty fucking cool,” Denver sighed.

If that was true, it gave Edwin an idea. He saw Grey Rain hanging out on the landing, wiping his mouth, which probably had something to do with Wes, who was just headed up the stairs. Hey, Edwin said to him. Did you know Owen is about to be blindfolded?

Grey Rain blinked. Where?

Come with us, I have an idea for you.

Really? Grey Rain demanded, following them up the stairs.

Of course really. It was clear he wanted Owen’s cock, and Owen wasn’t giving it to him, which was fine and all. But Edwin had a solution to this problem that was harmless and would give everyone what they wanted without making Owen feel like he’d done something inappropriate to his son.

They got to the room where the contest was being held, and Edwin gave Denver a kiss. “Go get blindfolded,” he told him. “I’ll be cheering for you, not that you need it.”

“I already told you I’m going to lose,” Denver said, pouting royally. “Isaac and Owen both have sex magic.”

They’d see about that. A convenient side-effect of Edwin’s plan would be that Owen would get his ass kicked in this contest. “Good luck anyway,” Edwin said, giving Denver an ass-squeeze for good luck. And then he went over to Owen, who was already blindfolded, and gave him a kiss too.

Owen took him by the waist and kissed him back. “Now, I know who that is,” he said. “This game is easy.”

“I’m disqualified,” Edwin told him. “But I wanted to say good luck and also find out what you’re going to pay up if you lose.”

“I’m not going to lose,” Owen promised. “But a free sexual favour to every participant plus an extra one to every missed guess, and the winner gets the two losers as his sex slaves for a full day.”

Owen would look good as a sex slave, Edwin thought. He had just the ropes upstairs to hogtie him. Robby was over talking to Gavin. “Okay. Well, I look forward to watching you get your ass fucked.”

“You could see that any time.”

Edwin kissed him again, giving him a pat on the balls. “See you.”

“I guess I won’t see you for a bit.”

“Yeah, if only being hilarious counted for anything,” Edwin promised.

He went over to Isaac, who was leaning against the wall talking to Leo. “Hey,” said Edwin. He gave Isaac and Leo both a kiss. “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” Isaac said, grinning. “I’m pretty confident, but it’s going to be fun either way, and that’s what matters.”

Robby had gone over to join a group of guys, and Ty was in one of the others. There were three groups in total, which made sense. Pax really had done a good job. Edwin smiled at Leo, giving Isaac a nipple pinch. “I’ll be cheering for you.”

“Really? Aren’t the other two competitors your boyfriends?”

“Exactly. I heard what the penalty for losing is, so I’ll be cheering for you,” Edwin said.

Isaac laughed, and Edwin let him have some more time with Leo, heading back over to Grey Rain, who was on the far end of the room with the other spectators. Lots of people were starting to gather up here.

Okay, said Edwin, looking at the third group for a second. Gavin was dispensing portal rings to the second group, clearly so they could fuck from afar. Here’s the plan.

Grey Rain nodded intently, dick twitching repeatedly as he paid close, close attention to what Edwin said.

“Okay,” said Gavin, clapping his hands. “Welcome to the game, everyone. I’ll explain the rules and then we’ll go right to the first round. Our three contestants have to guess whose dick is in them—and in the final round whose ass their dick is in—with no clues except for the dick itself. The winner gets fabulous prizes and sexual favours, and the loser gets to be tied up and become the cumrag for the rest of the orgy. We’ve blindfolded them and put earplugs in them too, so they don’t hear each other calling out their guesses. Let’s get started with the blowjob round.”

Owen, Isaac and Denver got down on their knees and the group of guys that included Ty came over, lining up in three lines of five, wordlessly organized by Gavin. Grey Rain had disappeared, and Edwin saw him over on the other side of the room, talking intently to Jacob, who was wearing cute smallclothes with a bat sewn into the ass for some reason.

“Bet you a week of blowjobs Isaac wins,” Leo said, behind Edwin.

“Nah,” said Twig, who was finally Owen’s squire now. “Sir Owen’s got this.”

Edwin smiled, watching Denver swallow one of Gavin’s noble friends. “You’re both wrong.”

Denver closed out the blowjob round one point behind Owen, who tied with Isaac at fourteen. Denver missed Nikolai and Rudy, which was way more forgivable than Owen somehow not recognizing Warren.

Gavin took their earplugs out. “Okay, boys, hands and knees,” he said, putting a portal ring on a string around each of their dicks. “Hands and knees, you’re a door now.”

Once they were in position, Gavin put the earplugs back in and went over to the group Robby was in. “Okay, one at a time. Since they don’t know who’s inside them, you have to imagine you’re opening their doors. Go ahead and get started.”

“I’m so glad I get to witness the deployment of the most important magical invention of our generation,” Twig muttered.

“Hey,” said Isaac’s boyfriend Peter, tapping Twig’s shoulder with his cane. “It’s the most important magical invention of any generation.”

“Right, sorry.”

Grey Rain was watching intently as Gus, Frederick and a mage named Thomas stuck their dicks into the rings, and their dicks seemed to disappear. Judging by the three contestants’ reactions, it wasn’t hard to guess where they’d gone.

With the contest underway, Grey Rain took Jacob over to the next batch of guys, getting Warren to help them hand out portal rings that they’d clearly pilfered from wherever Gavin was keeping the lot of them. Grey Rain caught Edwin’s eye, and Edwin smiled at him.

Just because he anticipated Grey Rain was going to need a lap to sit in, Edwin went over and pulled Grey Rain into his just in time for the fucking round. Thank you, his charge said to him.

Edwin nodded, unable to say anything since his arms were around Grey Rain.

The next group of guys, each with a very necessary portal ring on his dick, lined up against the wall. Gavin guided the contestants over by their own dicks, starting with Owen.

Owen slid his cock into what looked like Archie’s ass, and Grey Rain closed his eyes, the biggest smile coming to his face. Edwin kissed his forehead, but otherwise just held him there and let him whinge and enjoy himself, and then let him enjoy himself again, and again and again.

Owen and Isaac ended up tying the game, but Denver’s massive third-round cumback meant he won by three points. Nobody seemed unhappy. Not with the outcome, not with the night, not with anything.

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