Character Profile: Tanner

Name: Tanner son of Tommy, Tanner Tompson (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Build: Bulky

Distinguishing Marks: Missing right upper incisor tooth

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Jason of the Black Witch Clan (boyfriend), Tommy son of Titus and Ivan Stonehoe (fathers), Isaiah, Taylor, Indy, Tony, Irving (brothers)

Family Relationships: The mercenaries of the Cloud Band (friends), Hunter (dog)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: On the floor

Kinks: Hypnosis, daddy kink, secrecy, anonymity kink, watersports

Orgies Attended: Teown’s Sound Tower Orgies

Bio: The eldest son of a advocate and an accountant who both work for the civil magistrate of Teown’s Sound, Tanner grew up in respectable society and knows how to navigate it, and learned quickly how to avoid scandal or unwanted attention but keeping his family’s nighttime activities confined to their basement and not talking about them elsewhere. Paperwork wasn’t for him, so as he got older he decided to enter civil service as a mercenary for hire, hoping to someday manage his own group. His plans are rapidly changing of late now that he’s met the boy of his dreams, an anxious witch who lives in the woods and whose high maintenance everything Tanner is all too happy to have around permanently.


  • Tanner received apprenticeship offers from lots of people in Teown’s Sound’s government, but chose to become a mercenary because he thought he could help more people that way and match his own talents better. His family fully supported him in this decision
  • Tanner has been sexually active with his fathers and brothers for his whole life, but only in the basement. He is not ashamed of this, only protective of his family’s public image
  • When Tanner was young, he purchased a sketchy hair-removal cream from a shady apothecary that has left him almost completely unable to grow body hair to this day
  • Tanner loves Teown’s Sound and never wanted to leave it until Jay decided to build a house, then suddenly he didn’t want to live anywhere but there with Jay
  • Tanner doesn’t like fighting. He became a mercenary to protect people, not fight them
  • Tanner is ambidextrous
  • Tanner likes animals but finds them mysterious and has no idea how to take care of one
  • Tanner still plans to run a mercenary group someday; he’s in the process of figuring out how to do that while living in the forest
  • Tanner decided that Jay was his life partner after their second date, but is waiting what he feels is a reasonable amount of time before asking Jay to marry him
  • Tanner always thought the witches who lived in the woods south of Teown’s Sound were scary and weird and unknowable. Now that he’s met them, he knows they’re scary and weird and unknowable and he loves them anyway


  • “I’m fine to sleep outside.”
  • “Doing everything your host says is just good advice normally, but I think especially when they’re a super powerful witch.”
  • “I mean sometimes you just have sex with people, right? I’ve never actually had sometimes sex with the same person every day and also actually really thought about them all the time when they weren’t there. I’m really glad we are, you know, dating, and I’m really glad I have Jay. I’m just…still getting used to it. That’s all. God, I probably sound like an asshole, huh?”
  • “Is it true that we all have to be naked for the wedding? Jay said that, but he also sometimes likes to mess with me, especially when it’ll get me to take my clothes off.”
  • “You want to space out together or by yourself?”
  • “I’ve…been known to swing a hammer now and then, yes.”
  • “I was just talking to these faeries. Is it really true that you guys can turn any tree into a door and walk through it?”
  • “Witches have a lot of weird rules.”
  • “People tell me I’m pretty good at sex, so I can help too if you want.”
  • “The real trick has to do with where you put your thumb…”


  • Tanner owns three (metal) swords; his regular one, an enchanted shortsword that only cuts clothes and armour that he uses when he needs to teach people a lesson, and a cursed broadsword that causes his shadow to start attacking people. He has named them Pointy, Ripper and Spooky respectively. He also owns a set of light armour that makes him invulnerable to all harm for a few hours, but only if it is worn without any clothing underneath
  • Growing up, Tanner always thought that boys had dads and girls had moms and the reason he had no mom was because he had no sisters
  • Tanner lost his virginity to his dads when he was eight
  • Tanner once tried to have an apprenticeship at a tannery and discovered that his name did not give him an innate talent for tanning, but he is content with the fact that in the summer he tans very nicely over his whole body
  • Tanner sucks his thumb—or anything else he can get in his mouth—in his sleep
  • Occasionally Tanner has attended local orgies in an old tower in Teown’s Sound. On costume nights his dads sometimes also attend and they fuck while pretending not to know each other
  • Tanner’s feet look the same size when he’s naked, but he has to wear two different sizes of boot
  • Despite Ivan’s best efforts and Tanner’s own eagerness, Tanner is completely useless in a kitchen
  • The longer he spends with Jay, the more Tanner grows interested in the weird rules witches have, especially the ones where he has to strip on command and have sex with Jay for important magical rituals
  • Tanner has recently learned what a sound is and is very confused as to why there isn’t one near Teown’s Sound

Modern AU: Modern Tanner is a farmboy who isn’t as naïve about big city life as he pretends no matter how far out of the city he grew up. He commutes to the city for school and to run his family’s stand at the farmer’s market on Saturdays, and has recently been visiting a lot more often thanks to his new boyfriend. He wants to work on his fathers’ farm forever, but they’ve convinced him it’s a good idea to at least explore other interests, just in case. When not farming, dating or at school, Tanner enjoys clubbing, playing soccer, playing with his brothers and learning about neo-paganism.

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