Character Profile: Ashton

Name: Ashton Murkwain

Aliases/AKAs: Ash, Quick Lake

Title(s): Knight of the Dolovin Order

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Faded burn scars on his buttcheeks and thighs

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Warren Downhill (fiancé), Evan Brown, other squires (friends)

Family Relationships: Alistar and Adrienne of House Murkwain (parents, deceased), Anders, Andreas and Antony of House Murkwain (brothers), Harper of House Murkwain (sister-in-law), Antonio of House Murkwain (nephew), Sir Gabrielle of House ven Sancte (mentor)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Missionary, on his back

Kinks: Drunk sex, sensation play, muscles, being manhandled

Orgies Attended: Regular Squire Orgies, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born into a noble family that happened to be out of royal favour, Ashton was his father’s youngest child and knew from a young age that he’d inherit nothing of his family’s lands or fortune. His brothers knew that too and saw no issue with using Ashton for sexual gratification, which is father supported and participated in. As soon as he was old enough, Ashton left to become a knight, and squired under Her Highness Sir Gabrielle, where he received top-tier training. Ashton is now an anointed knight and a member of Prince Gavin’s retinue specifically assigned to bodyguarding his two sons, and is engaged to his fellow knight Warren, whom he was apparently secretly dating for five years.


  • Ashton didn’t know how to so much as hold a sword when he entered training, and is very proud of how far he’s come since then
  • Ashton was always treated reasonably well by his brothers, as long as he did as they said and they didn’t drink too much. His father was never very kind to him
  • Knowing his family’s standing with House ven Sancte, Ashton was very concerned when he was appointed Gabrielle’s squire, but his fears were assuaged a few days into his assignment when she told him she hadn’t even known who he was until he told her
  • Ashton’s brothers started molesting him after they and some of their friends were teasing him at a party, which escalated into him blowing them all, and then escalated from there. When Ashton’s father found out about it, he began to similarly use Ashton for sex, though slightly less frequently
  • Ashton has considerable education in history and art, especially music, as well as household management, on the presumption that he was going to marry someone more important than him and be expected to manage their property for them
  • Ashton’s father died a year after he entered training. All he was left in his father’s will was a small farm at the edge of their family’s lands, which he sold to a neighbouring lord out of spite. He did not attend the funeral
  • Ashton and Warren were best friends from the minute they met, Ashton had a crush on Warren from a week after they met, and when they drunkenly agreed to date each other if they didn’t meet someone before the end of training. After a few months, Ashton knew he was in love with Warren
  • Ashton’s brothers once tried to brand their names on his ass, which they did poorly, leaving him with light scarring
  • Ashton loves Gabrielle non-romantically and would do anything for her
  • Ashton kept his family name after leaving home, but is planning to change it once he marries Warren


  • “Dammit! You suck.”
  • “I don’t get it—we trained for this for years, went to school and learned from anointed knights. You’ve been holding a sword for two minutes according to what they say. Why the hell are you so good?”
  • “You’re a commoner. And even if you weren’t, you can’t talk to a prince that way! You…”
  • “No, sir.”
  • “I also think if you let me top I could make you forget about the other thing,”
  • “I’ve been thinking about trying to get a place.”
  • “And, this is so stupid but remember how we said that if we got all the way to being knighted and we were both still single, we’d just date each other?”
  • “What? You’re not dating Evan?”
  • “What? You want to live here? Yeah, it’s nice. We could look in this neighbourhood when we…”
  • “It’s a bit awkward to have everyone staring at us is all.”
  • “Sorry. We were busy.”
  • “Yeah. Turns out we’ve secretly been dating for a while, so…”


  • Ashton writes music when he’s bored, but he only writes symphonies so nobody can ever ask him to play or sing anything he’s written
  • Ashton doesn’t consider himself as having been to a place unless he’s been there with Warren
  • At the party where he lost his virginity, Ashton sucked eight dicks multiple times. He was getting fucked a week later
  • Ashton was widely regarded as the best rider in his class and of any class in recent memory
  • Ashton had to teach himself to be sensible about money, since he’d never had his own money or had to deal with the idea of money being finite before becoming a squire
  • Ashton and Warren had sex the first night they knew each other, which Ashton considers as the night he actually lost his virginity
  • Ashton is allergic to silver and gets rashes from it
  • Despite his love of muscular men, Ashton is very smug about having squired for the hottest knight in the order
  • Ashton and Gabrielle did have sex frequently during his training, but after Gabrielle’s fiancé arrived, they agreed to stop even though they both knew Franz had another partner, because Ashton didn’t want to be subject to any rumours about the legitimacy of Gabrielle’s children
  • Ashton practices Kyainese martial arts, but isn’t foolish enough to try using it on someone when he has a sword on him all the time

Modern AU: Modern Ashton was cut off financially from his family after getting emancipated at the age of thirteen, and supported by the odd jobs Gabrielle gave him like mowing her lawn and picking up her dry cleaning, because he refused to just take money from her. He is now a first-year university student who got in on a soccer scholarship that he’s pretty sure Gabrielle invented for him. He believes he’s a good enough player to eventually go pro, but he’s also going to pursue a degree in social work just in case that doesn’t work out. When he isn’t studying or practicing, Ashton can be found hanging out with his teammates, on long walks around the city with his fiancé Warren, or doing community service.

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