Character Profile: Percy

Name: Percival son of Patricia, Percival O’Patrick

Aliases/AKAs: Percy, Iron Stallion, Knight Light

Title(s): Knight of the Dolovin Order

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 91 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Small scars on his knees and calves

Dick Size: Very large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Ty the Red (son/squire/lover), Stanley Fletcher (former squire), other former squires, Tiffany Rose (favourite prostitute)

Family Relationships: Patricia daughter of Peter (mother, deceased), the Dolovin order (family), The Band of Bright Fighters (family)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: On top, partner against a wall

Kinks: Dirty talk, marathon sex, public sex

Orgies Attended: Regular Squire Orgies, The Squires’ Pre-Anointing Orgy

Bio: Born to a travelling mercenary, Percy spent his early years travelling Dolovai with the Band of Bright Fighters, the band for which his mother worked, where he learned how to fight and how to tell right from wrong. Unfortunately, his mother was killed in a battle with a clan of orcs, and though Percy could have stayed with the Band, he chose to leave and become a knight in Dolovai’s capital of Three Hills. Now a seasoned knight, Percy has taken on a new squire, who he later discovered to be his son Ty, accidentally fathered on a prostitute he was fond of as a boy. Percy’s goal in life is now to make Ty the best knight he can be and help his son achieve all of his dreams.


  • Percy’s father was a travelling mage who worked with the Band a few times, during one of which his mother became pregnant. That’s all Percy knows about him, because his mother wouldn’t talk about him
  • Percy loved the Band of Bright Fighters and felt they were a force for good in the world, but never liked that they only did good work if they were paid. He always thought that money was less important than doing the right thing
  • Percy was the only child in the Band and never had friends his age until he entered the training school
  • The battle in which Percy’s mother was killed by an orc was the first battle Percy ever fought in
  • When Percy left the Band he did it with the full support of its members, including some financial support, and they took him all the way to the capital. He still felt like he was abandoning them
  • Percy squired under Sir Eustace the Wise, who is currently the head teacher at the knights’ training school
  • Most of Percy’s career accomplishments have involved monster hunting, but the things he’s proudest of are the knights he’s mentored to do great things themselves
  • Percy has always had a very high sex drive and used to sneak out of the training school to visit prostitutes constantly as a student and then a squire. The only thing that changed as he got older was that he stopped sneaking. He believes it’s very important for squires to be sexually available to their knights, but also for knights to be sexually available for their squires
  • Percy knew Ty was his son the minute they met, because Ty has his mother’s freckles and his mother’s smile. He wasn’t planning to tell Ty until Ty made it clear he also knew
  • Percy thinks royalty are important enough, but that protecting them should be low on the list of the order’s priorities, certainly below protecting ordinary people


  •   I’m just tuning the boy up a bit before our bath. Care to join us?”
  • “Get those asses moving if you want them full again. Knights don’t dawdle.”
  • “Having fun, Ty?”
  • “Every group of boys needs that one, if you ask me. One who’ll bend over for the others when needed.”
  • “Principled and honourable. Good lad.”
  • “Go on, son. I won’t have you fighting with your friends.”
  • “Erik, a man who helps me fuck my son can call me Percy.”
  • “Your Highness. We weren’t…told you’d be arriving today.”
  • “Am I invited to the gangbang?”
  • “Get your freckled ass over here, you son of a whore.”
  • “I’ve already got my happy family right here,”
  • “You make me want to be better.”
  • “You know, we have so many squire-gangbang rituals in this order, I can’t believe we don’t have one to commemorate their last night of squirehood.”
  • “You’re at an orgy and you’d rather hang out with your dad than your friends?”
  • “The point would be that you’re supposed to follow orders, son.”
  • “We don’t get to question our superiors, that’s how it works.”  


  • Percy still owns the set of clothes he wore when the came to the capital. He has dressed Ty in them a few times
  • Percy can get anywhere in Menechit without a map just by looking at the stars
  • When Percy was nine and started getting erections regularly, some members of the Band explained sex to him. His mother then explained it better and included a hands-on demonstration that led to them being sexually active together for several years. These were the only times when he wished his father were around, as he wondered what it would be like to have sex with him as well
  • Percy has never bothered to find a place to live in Three Hills, but recently he’s started thinking about buying a house with Ty
  • When Percy was younger, the Band used to make sure he found someone his age to sleep with in every town they helped, and failing that they’d hire someone for him
  • Percy and Tiffany were sex partners several times a week for nearly a year before she became pregnant and he was told she’d moved to a different brothel
  • Percy was once trapped in a thornbush for six hours because he had forgotten to tell anyone in the Band where he was going, and nearly bled to death before they found him
  • Percy can’t snap his fingers, a source of eternal frustration for him
  • Percy fucks Ty multiple times a day and never gets tired of it. He’s grateful they both have jobs and career aspirations or else he’s quite sure he’d never stop
  • Percy once ate the best grilled fish he’s ever had at a campfire the Band shared with a traveling merchant named Dane, and he has been trying to figure out the recipe with no avail ever since

Modern AU: Modern Percy is a high school social studies teacher and basketball coach who was as surprised as anyone when he discovered that one of his players was his son only after they’d fallen in love with each other. Though he doesn’t have any right to legal custody of Ty, Ty is almost old enough that that doesn’t really matter, and he’s not at all unhappy about giving up his bachelor lifestyle to spend the rest of his life with his beautiful son. When he’s not at work, Percy is the chairman of his local neighbourhood watch group and is known around his neighbourhood for always having room in his house for anyone who needs to stay there. He is also known to frequent underground kink bars, coach basketball for a community team and build houses with Habitat for Humanity.

4 thoughts on “Character Profile: Percy

      1. Sorry for the later reply.

        And despite his infrequent appearances, Sir Percy, and Ty are one of my favorites.

        I’m hoping we see more of them, especially if it involves sex. Either in the main series or a snippet.


        1. No need to apologize, it’s a busy time of year and the internet is great for asynchronous communication!

          I’m really glad you like Sir Percy and Ty so much. They’re favourites of mine as well, and I always really enjoy their appearances. I’m sure we’ll see more of them, and definitely more of their sexytimes, since I enjoy those a lot as well!


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