Character Profile: Ty

Name: Tyler the Red, Tyler Rose (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Apple Juice, Starnamer, Ty

Title(s): Squire of the Dolovin Order

Hair Colour: Auburn

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Freckles all over his body

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Percival son of Patricia (father/lover/mentor), Edwin Carpenter and Leo the Pale (crushes), other squires (sex partners/friends)

Family Relationships: Tiffany Rose (mother), staff of the Lavender Shell, the Dolovin order (families)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: On bottom

Kinks: Incest, competition, daddy kink, marathon sex, gangbangs

Orgies Attended: Lavender Shell Orgies, Regular Squire Orgies, The Squires’ Pre-Anointing Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born to a prostitute in one of Three Hills’s many brothels, Ty grew up in the Lavender Shell, helping out mostly by running errands. He was the only child his age in the brothel, and had to go outside to make friends, which is how he got to know Three Hills as well as he did. From a fairly young age Ty wanted to be a doctor, but as he got older realized that he cared a lot about protecting people, and when he was old enough he left the brothel and enrolled in the training school. He’s now a squire in the order, mentored by his long-lost father Sir Percy, with whom he is desperately in love. Ty aspires to be a battlefield commander and has the full support of his mentor and friends as he strives to become a knight who can protect the entirety of Dolovai.


  • Ty was frequently accused of picking fights growing up; he frequently got in fights with kids who were bullying other children
  • Ty maintains regular contact with his mom and goes to visit the brothel every few weeks, but he hasn’t told her that he’s met his father
  • Though Ty was never formally employed by the brothel, he did occasionally work as a prostitute growing up
  • Ty doesn’t like girls sexually or romantically, but he’s horny most of the time and his time in the brothel has taught him that there’s no point in getting upset about which partner happens to be available, so he’s had sex with a decent number of girls
  • Ty knows he should feel bad letting Percy spend money on him all the time, but he doesn’t
  • Ty decided to become a knight instead of a doctor when a boy he knew named Aiden was killed in a routine mugging and nobody came to help him because he was homeless
  • Ty dated Leo for a few months while they were in training and they broke up after deciding they weren’t suited for each other. Ty only agreed to make Leo happy and is still desperately in love with both him and Edwin, but feels bad saying that when they’re both so happy with their respective boyfriends
  • Ty’s greatest fear is that Percy will almost definitely predecease him by a considerable amount of time
  • Ty always wanted a sibling growing up but his mother never became pregnant again. He hopes that Percy has made some other kids somewhere
  • Ty doesn’t want a war to break out, but he wants to be prepared to lead an army just in case one does. If a war doesn’t break out, he plans to devote his entire career to keeping the peace


  • “Sucks to be you, kitty. Percival does me three times a day and it’s fucking awesome.”
  • “I mean, does the fact that we like it when it’s obviously kind of not okay mean there’s something wrong with us?”
  • “I have…something. And I need to tell someone, and it’s really fucked up and you can’t tell anyone else, Edwin.”
  •  When I realized that he was probably my father. I got really, really hard. And I can’t stop thinking about it. And I want him to keep doing it. To keep fucking me and being my father and…oh, God.”
  • “My dad is fucking me and I don’t want him to stop.”
  • “Just asserting my dominance, sir.”
  • “I love you. Not in a weird way. Just…Yeah. I love you.”
  • “Edwin bugging you, Den? Should I beat him up?”
  • “Yeah, it’s almost like he teleported out or something. Which is obviously impossible.”
  • “Plus everyone wants to be friends with you, and most of them want in your pants, girls and boys both. Totally not worth it.”
  • “Oh, so you want to make sure we talk about the sex you have with them in a polite way instead of a gross way. Got it.”
  • “Hey. I’m more than my parentage. I’m a whore in my own right.”
  • “Dick again? That’s all you ever give me, Dad. Can’t I have a kitty?”
  • “Yeah, me too, but I want a brother, I’ve always wanted a brother. Not even just for horny reasons, you know?”
  • “Now get the fuck up on that stage. So we can watch them promote your ass.”


  • Ty only learned how to read and write in the training school. He has clearer writing with his feet than he does with his hands
  • Occasionally, growing up, Ty would follow his mother’s clients home and steal from them, but only the ones he didn’t like
  • Ty’s virginity was sold to a carefully selected client of the brothel when he was seven
  • Ty once participated in a “best tasting cum” contest with several other boys in his neighbourhood. He won in a unanimous decision
  • Ty once tried to painstakingly count all his freckles, only to wake up one morning and find a new one on his foreskin
  • On his second night in the training school, Ty had sex with all of his new friends in sequence. That was when he was sure that being a knight really was what he wanted to do
  • Ty feels sexually pent up if he doesn’t cum between five and ten times a day
  • Ty claims he’s better at bare-handed combat than any of his friends. This is not true no matter how many times he claims Leo is a cheater
  • Ty loves Percy being inside him, but his favourite time with Percy was the first time he was on top, which was the day they both revealed that they knew what their real relationship was
  • Ty naturally wakes up at sunrise every day, regardless of how late he was up the night before and regardless of whether he’s sleeping somewhere where the sun is visible

Modern AU: Modern Ty is a recent high school graduate who was lucky enough to be dating his high school basketball coach and even more lucky to discover that his coach was also his father, and is now making plans to live with him while he goes to university to study political science so he can become a diplomat. He is currently planning to play basketball at university and is struggling with crushes on his two best friends, both of whom have boyfriends. Ty works part-time as a sex worker to earn extra spending money, most of which he spends on sexy underwear. When not doing schoolwork or taking his clothes off professionally, Ty plays competitive online games, does woodworking, and draws horny fanart for children’s TV shows, which he posts online.

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