Wing Boy

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Odin woke up with an oof as someone heavy landed on him. “Odin!”

Pierre was whispering, but he was doing it in that loud way he whispered where literally everyone could hear him. “Odin!” he whispered again. “Wake up. It’s Christmas!”

Odin nodded, still really asleep. “Yeah. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas!” Pierre said. “Everyone else is still sleeping. Can I wake them up?”

Ugh. Odin was so tired. He always had a hard time falling asleep on Christmas Eve and he’d also accidentally started fantasizing about Murph wearing some antlers. “Where’s my phone?” He reached for it in the spot beside his pillow where he usually dropped it, but all he found was Pierre’s hand, which grabbed his, so Odin guessed he was done looking.

“It’s over here,” Pierre told him, reaching for the bedside table and grabbing it. He stretched a little too far and started to fall. “Woah!”

“Hey, careful,” Odin said, waking up and catching him. He sat upright, arm around Pierre. He reached over and turned on the lamp. “You okay?”

“I’m fine, you saved me!” Pierre said, looking through Odin’s phone. “Oh, you have a text from Murph!”

Odin held Pierre tighter and snatched his phone. He swiped off his lock screen and read the message, sent at midnight exactly. Merry Christmas!

Odin grinned like a dumbass. Merry Christmas! he texted back, because he and Murph were texting buddies.

Then he saw the time and groaned, falling back onto his pillow. “Pierre, it’s five o’clock in the morning.”

Pierre looked at him for a second. He had his elf onesie on and was sitting on Odin’s waist over the blankets. “So…that means I can’t wake everyone up?”

“Yes,” Odin told him. “Mom and Dad told you like ten times we have to wait until at least seven.”

“But that’s so late,” Pierre complained, flopping down onto Odin’s chest. “It’s been Christmas for five whole hours, and I’m not even tired.”

“I am,” Odin muttered. He looked at his phone again. Murph had texted him back.

You’re up so early!

Yeah, Pierre is in my bed, Odin texted. So are you.

My dads love early starts, Murph said.

Odin wanted to say something funny to respond to that, but he didn’t know what, so he just sent a laughing emoji, then put his phone down.

Pierre was pulling back Odin’s blankets. “What are you doing?”

“Getting in bed with you,” Pierre informed him.

“Your bed is right there,” Odin said, jerking his chin up at the bunk above his.

Pierre nodded. “Yours is better because you’re in it,” he said. He was sitting on Odin’s bare legs now. All Odin had on was a pair of candy cane boxer briefs. “Hey, you have a boner. Is it cause you were talking to Murph?”

“No, it’s because I just woke up,” Odin muttered. It had gotten a bit harder while he’d been talking to Murph, though, because he was a loser. He closed his eyes and lay back, hoping that Pierre would go back to sleep and he could also do that. He was tired.

“Okay,” said Pierre, moving around. He didn’t lay down, and Odin opened his eyes again to see Pierre with his phone.

“Hey, don’t touch that.”

Pierre grinned. “Can I touch your boner instead?”

Odin sighed. Maybe an orgasm would help them both go back to sleep. “Of course.”

“Great!” Pierre gave Odin back his phone and pulled his underwear down, hands wrapping around Odin’s dick immediately.

Odin’s phone buzzed with another text. Hot.

Odin blinked. Why had Murph said that? He opened the chat and… “Pierre!”

“What?” Pierre asked. “I didn’t get him a Christmas present so I thought that would be nice.”

“You don’t have to get Murph a Christmas present and you definitely don’t have to send him horny pictures of me!”

Pierre just grinned and started licking Odin’s dick. Fuck, sorry, Odin texted, glaring. Pierre sent that. Hopefully after today Pierre would stop stealing Odin’s phone—he’d convinced their parents it was time for him to have his own, which wasn’t properly a smartphone but would be able to text and send crappy low-res pictures to his friends, but at least he wouldn’t have Murph’s number.

Just as he sent the second message, Murph sent him back a picture of himself in his mirror, his hair sticking in various directions, his pink boxers riding up his thighs and almost letting Odin see inside them. “Fuck,” Odin whispered, shuddering all over as he came in Pierre’s mouth.

Pierre sucked his cum down, not able to get his mouth over Odin’s head in time. He lifted his head and glared through all the cum on it. “Hey, that was too fast,” Pierre complained. “I hardly even got to taste, let alone suck.”

“Well it’s your own fault for sending Murph unsolicited nudes,” Odin muttered. You’re hot too, he risked texting back to Murph. Friends sometimes called each other hot in a platonic way. It probably wasn’t even weird. He went back to the picture, zoomed in and saw that the pink was actually thin red and white stripes. If Odin hadn’t just splattered Pierre’s face, he would have cum again on noticing that.

“You weren’t naked and did he send one back? I want to see!”

Odin showed Pierre, because he’d steal the phone otherwise. “Oh, so that’s why you came right away,” Pierre said, nodding sagely as he undid one of his buttons and pulled his hard dick out through his onesie. He started stroking it. “You should ask him to send a nude.”

“No,” Odin promised. But he did reach down and start helping Pierre, stroking him between two fingers. It was only fair.

Then his phone started ringing. “Hey! Murph is calling!”

Yes, of course that was what was happening while he had his underwear around his thighs and his hand on his brother’s dick. Murph was video calling him. So Odin hit the decline button, but missed and hit accept. “Hi,” he had to say, because Murph and Murph’s bare chest appeared onscreen.

“Hey,” Murph said. “Sorry, uh. I was trying to text back and I hit the call button instead. How are you?”

“Fine,” Odin said, nodding. Pierre was moving his hips, humping Odin’s hand. “Good. How are you?”

“Good. You know. Christmas stuff.”

“Yeah,” Odin agreed. “Do you guys have a lot of Christmas stuff?”

“Yeah, we’re going to do a whole thing. You?”

“Yeah,” Odin agreed. “We have to do a lot of family stuff and we’ll go over to my grandparents’ house later and everything.” Odin loved their house all the time but especially at Christmas; Grandpa Lionel was super into Christmas and he always had this huge hoard of gifts to give out and it was really warm and fun.

“That sounds awesome. Have fun.”

“Yeah, you too.”

“I will. Is Pierre still in your bed?” Murph was looking around as if he could see beyond the scope of Odin’s camera.

Pierre was shaking his head, but he was also moving down, so Odin didn’t see him until he’d already said, “Yeah, he’s here,” just as Pierre’s mouth covered half his dick at once.

Murph nodded, a little colour in his face. He probably wanted off this awkward as hell call so bad. “Cool. Hi, Pierre. Merry Christmas.”

Rolling his eyes, Pierre lifted his head. “Merry Christmas, Murph,” he said. “I tried to pretend I wasn’t here so you and Odin could talk about horny Christmas stuff, but he’s too dumb to notice.”

Odin coloured. He could have talked about horny Christmas stuff with Murph, shit. “Stop being annoying,” he muttered, giving Pierre a hard stroke that had him swallowing. Pierre took Odin’s wet dick in hand and started jerking him off too.

Murph chuckled. “Well, thanks for the picture, Pierre. It definitely woke me up.”

“Odin really liked yours too!” Pierre reported. “You should come over today!”


Murph smiled, though. “Can’t, because of family stuff. But maybe we could hang out tomorrow?”

Odin nodded a lot. “Sure! That sounds fun. We can compare family traditions and show off presents and stuff.”

“Yeah, awesome,” said Murph. Beside Odin, Pierre had his eyes closed, shaking all over as he came, so Odin stopped stroking him. “Uh, I guess I should probably go. Sorry for calling suddenly.”

Odin shook his head, trying to keep the phone steady as Pierre moved and put his mouth over Odin’s dick again, taking a lot of it in this time. “No, it was, uh, it was good to talk to you. You could call me again sometimes if you want. Whenever you want, I usually have my phone even if I’m in the shower or something, so…”

Murph grinned, giving a chuckle. “Okay well…let me know when you’re having a shower and I’ll call you.”

“Okay,” Odin squeaked, trying to laugh. “Sure.”

“Awesome. Uh. Bye.”

“Bye. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Odin. Merry Christmas, Pierre.”

“Memi Cwithmis, Muff!” Pierre said, not taking Odin’s dick out of his mouth.

Odin tried to hang up, nearly dropped his phone, his camera definitely falling too low for a minute, but he was pretty sure the call disconnected before anything happened. “Holy shit.”

Pierre grinned at him, coming up to sit beside Odin. “I bet he was jerking off too.”

“He wasn’t.” Murph wasn’t weird like that, no matter how much Odin fantasized.

“If you say so,” said Pierre, moving to sit in Odin’s lap. Odin felt bare skin on his. The ass flap of Pierre’s onesie had come undone, again. “Can we fuck?”

Odin nodded, rolled them over. Pierre stuck his butt in the air, and Odin felt it up, found lube there. When had he done that? Probably before he’d jumped on Odin. Odin rolled his eyes, pressed his wet dick against his brother’s waiting hole.

Hot and bothered from talking to an almost naked Murph, Odin had to struggle not to cum right away as soon as he was inside. He made himself go slowly, fucking Pierre as gently as he deserved. Pierre buried his face in Odin’s pillow, letting it catch most of his sounds.

Odin reached around and jerked Pierre off again, using his whole hand and making sure every bit of Pierre was being touched all the time, smiling when Pierre’s muffled sounds got even louder. Not loud enough for their parents to hear, hopefully. But louder.

Odin made a sound of his own when Pierre came, clenching around his dick really hard, and he couldn’t help but follow suit, shooting a Christmas present right up Pierre’s ass. Then he felt weird about thinking that, but he was too happy about having had an orgasm that he just lay there, rolling them onto their sides, the head of his dick still inside Pierre.

“Hey, Odin?” Pierre asked, resting on Odin’s arm.


“If you start dating Murph, you’re not going to stop liking me, right?”

He was so quiet. Odin frowned, put his other arm around Pierre. “No,” he said. “I’ll never stop liking you. I love you.”

Pierre turned around, Odin’s dick popping out of him. He hugged Odin, burying his face in Odin’s chest. “Okay, I love you too. And I think you should start dating Murph, because you’re very horny for him.”

Odin chuckled, kissing the top of Pierre’s head. “Yeah.”

“Hey, what time is it now?”

Odin looked at his phone. “Five-thirty,” he sighed.

“Ugh, I want to open Christmas presents now,” Pierre complained. “I can’t go back to sleep with all this stuff on my face.”

“Me either.” Odin was way too awake now. He reached out and gathered some of his cum off Pierre’s face and let him lick it off his finger. “But we’re not bugging Mom and Dad yet.”

“Fine,” Pierre pouted. “Can we fuck again and look at your collection of horny Murph pictures?”


“Awesome! Can I be on top?”

Odin laughed. “Sure, Pierre.”

“Yay! Merry Christmas, Odin.” Pierre gave him a kiss and started pulling his underwear the rest of the way off.

Odin let him do it, rolled onto his belly, and opened the biggest folder on his phone. “Merry Christmas, Pierre.”

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