Character Profile: Vinnie

Name: Vincent of Merket, Vincent Starling (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Vinnie, Onyx Lily

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Build: Soft

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Hemi (boyfriend), Moira (girlfriend), Thomas and Garrett (roommates/friends), Theodore Silver (former master)

Family Relationships: Viola (mother, deceased), Ryan, Will, Charlie, Darian (fellow slaves), Ichabod (fellow slaves, deceased), Trey Stoutacre (recruiter)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On top

Kinks: Breeding kink, food kink

Orgies Attended: Academy Shower Room Orgies, The Isaac of Clearwater Memorial Orgy, The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The only son of a martial arts instructor, Vinnie didn’t inherit his mother’s interest in Imperial fighting styles and wanted to be an artist, which she supported him in until her death when he was a young teenager. The city guards taking her body away told Vinnie they’d take care of him and then sold him into slavery, where he was bought by a wealthy investor named Theodore Silver. Vinnie lived with Theodore for about half a year before he manifested powers as a mage and was freed under Dolovin law and sent to the academy, where he is currently a student, trying to pay forward the kindnesses done to him and also trying to avoid his crushes on his friends Hemi and Moira becoming public knowledge, the last of which he’s failed at, much to his delight.


  • Vinnie never learned how to fight from his mom, but he did teach himself to dance watching her move
  • Vinnie tells everyone who asks that his mom died of cancer because it’s easier than telling them she poisoned herself
  • Vinnie doesn’t know that he was adopted; his biological mother was a member of the Empty Moon Assassin’s guild who gave him up
  • Vinnie sometimes feels bad about feeling bad about being a slave. He was only in the market for one day and only in Theodore’s house for six months and he knows most people have it worse
  • Vinnie was often called a crybaby growing up, but his mom always told him crying was healthy
  • Vinnie hasn’t decided what he wants after graduating; his grades are good enough to seek an apprenticeship but he isn’t sure he wants to stay in school and thinks he might prefer to try to be an artist again
  • Vinnie struggles to make most decisions and has occasionally had panic attacks trying to decide what to wear in the morning
  • Vinnie was taught to read by Yancy early in his time as a student. He perpetually feels bad for not being as good as he could be in Yancy’s classes
  • Vinnie is a moderately powerful mage who mostly uses Shadow magic and excels at seeking and divination spells
  • Vinnie is grateful he never managed to confess his crushes on either Hemi or Moira, because if he had he might not have ended up dating both of them


  • “Isaac’s going to fall asleep if you keep petting him like that.”
  • “Well, I’m going to say yes if you’re offering.”
  • “Isn’t it just…because a peacock can’t maul you to death?”
  • “How do you not see a whole tiger?” 
  • “Are you actually going to be listening to the music or just making out? Because I wouldn’t want to interrupt your making out.”
  • “What? Why? I thought you were trying to date each other.”
  • “Thank you. I…it’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just a lot to think about.”
  • “You guys have both been so sad.”
  • “The Hall can be a scary place. I didn’t really feel like I belonged here either, when I got here.”
  • “When my powers manifested, he was required by law to free me, so he did.”
  • “All mages belong here, no matter who they were before they came.”
  • “I didn’t want to ask for help because I was…Because I thought nobody would care.”
  • “If you decide on someone different, just let me know and I’ll call you that instead.”


  • Vinnie is ambidextrous but tends to use specific hands for specific tasks. He writes with his left hand and eats with his right, and jerks off with his left but gives handjobs with his right
  • Vinnie can wiggle his ears better than anyone he’s ever met
  • Vinnie lost his virginity at the age of ten to the daughter of one of his mom’s clients, who talked him into vaginal sex with her. They had sex a few more times in the following weeks and then never saw each other again
  • When he was bought by Theodore and asked his favourite food, Vinnie didn’t have one so he said apples, which he had never had before and immediately hated. They eventually grew on him and are now a genuine favourite
  • Vinnie’s physical development has been completely normal, expect that he’s never grown hair in his armpits
  • Vinnie never enjoyed fucking Theodore. Even as he fell in love with him over the course of his enslavement, he always ended up crying during sex
  • Vinnie has occasionally worked part time as a concession operator at a local theatre when he wanted spending money beyond what the academy stipend gave him
  • Vinnie once flooded a classroom with ice water during class. He pretended it was an accident, but it was on purpose because he had a boner after seeing Moira’s buttcrack
  • It surprised Vinnie as much as anyone when, two months into his time at the academy, he was sucking Hemi off in a privy at night, and when he was fingering Moira in the library to help her focus on studying the next day
  • Smallclothes are Vinnie’s favourite part of being free again; he never used to wear them as a boy but now he has a small collection, half of which he stole from his friends

Modern AU: Modern Vinnie was put in foster care after his mother died, where he was temporarily housed by Theodore Silver, who molested him briefly until Vinnie managed to obtain files proving Theodore had done this and use them to blackmail Theodore to become legally emancipated. Now on his own and having signed an NDA preventing him from talking about Theodore, Vinnie attends St. Sebastien’s Academy, a private school that all but guarantees him entry to the university of his choice, but is considering art school instead. When not studying, Vinnie participates in a group therapy session for sexual assault survivors and paints in a variety of styles as he tries to decide which one he likes best. He is often seen on dates with his two partners, visiting underground clubs and going to concerts and art galleries, and also practices figure skating in his free time.

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