Grey Rain/High Howl, Well Trained

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High Howl was a weird guy. He looked and smelled like a human, but he was a dog. It had taken Grey Rain a bit to figure out why he was so strange at first, because he’d been standing up and acting like a human and stuff. But now he’d gotten down on his hands and knees and was panting and sniffing people and stuff, so it made so much sense.

He was the only dog at the orgy, so Grey Rain went over to him as soon as he could. He didn’t bother signing, he just got down on his hands and knees in front of High Howl and sniffing him. High Howl sniffed him back, looking excited, though Grey Rain wondered how much he could really smell.

Grey Rain licked his face a little to say hello, and then High Howl got excited and started licking him back, which let to a lot of them licking each other. It might have been more fun to kiss, but High Howl seemed to be having a lot of fun just licking Grey Rain’s face long after he’d licked off anything worth eating, so Grey Rain let him do it for a few seconds. Then he started sniffing around the rest of him.

He mostly smelled like soap like a lot of the magic humans who’d come with Fire Eagle and Dog Spirit and their friends, but there was also sweat and, when Grey Rain got around behind him, lots of cum up his butt, which was good. Lots of humans seemed really weird about fucking dogs, but obviously though were okay to fuck High Howl since he was human shaped. Grey Rain gave him a lick back there, noticing that High Howl did the same for him.

Tail wagging, Grey Rain happily moved in a circle as he and High Howl tried to sniff each other at the same time, but after a minute, since it wasn’t working, he turned and climbed on High Howl, wanting to wrestle with him a bit. High Howl rolled with him a little, but he was showing Grey Rain his belly almost right away, so Grey Rain smiled and climbed on top of him. He had a feeling High Howl hadn’t been a dog for every long, but he knew that he should show subservience to a real wolf, so that was good.

Grey Rain popped his dick inside High Howl and started humping away, and High Howl let him do that, a pleading look on his face as Grey Rain went. Since Grey Rain had hands, he used them to jerk High Howl off as he went. He had a pretty big dick, but if he didn’t learn to get more dominant soon he’d never be allowed to use it on anyone. Of course, he seemed pretty happy with that. Grey Rain liked to be on bottom usually too.

But he’d ride High Howl after it he could make him understand that was only because it was he wanted to and not because High Howl was the boss. Lots of people got that confused and thought they were Grey Rain’s boss when they definitely weren’t. But for now he just fucked him normally, and then, when he got close to cumming, Grey Rain had an idea. A lot of the other guys here tonight had liked it when he’d done this, so Grey Rain partially shifted, his dick growing a lot inside High Howl, who looked shocked but didn’t try to get away. Grey Rain came inside him with a growl, and as his knot came out, he pressed it inside too.

High Howl squirmed but didn’t try to get away, and Grey Rain leaned down and licked his face for a bit. High Howl licked him back, obediently staying in place.

Grey Rain would have to go find his owner later and tell him what a good job he’d done training his dog. High Howl was a really good boy.



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