Character Profile: Ray

Name: Raymond son of Rhonda, Raymond Hobbes (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Ray, Black Sky, Kitten

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Auburn

Eye Colour: Yellow

Height: 146 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Build: Lithe

Distinguishing Marks: Tabby-striped cat ears and tail

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Cal, Wes, Mick, Sully, Travis, Joey, Beatrice, Lillian (teammates), Grey Rain, Greg (sex partners/friends)

Family Relationships: Rhonda daughter of Roy (mother), Rose daughter of Rhonda (twin sister), Sven (Mother’s partner), Eddie, Tristan, Dory, Gail, Charlotte, Jenny, Nils, Cole, Tobin, Candy, Vlad, Willy, Walt, Winston, Brenda, Bobby, Fir, Imi, Kimo, roughly two dozen others (family), Regina daughter of Roy (aunt), Ron of the Black Witch Clan (cousin)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: In someone’s lap, pressed against a wall

Kinks: Prostitution, drunk sex, gangbangs, doggy sex, exhibitionism

Orgies Attended: The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born to a former artist and now prisoner of the Sorcerer King, Ray grew up in a cage surrounded by others who, like him, were subjects of an experiment performed by the evil sorcerer, giving them animal characteristics towards some nefarious goal. Ray grew up very bored and absorbed everything that all his fellow prisoners had to teach him about the world he’d never seen, before finally being rescued one day by God and a hot werewolf. Now free to do whatever he wants, Ray has joined the relic hunting team that saved him, and plans to go everywhere in the world and see everything that he’s heard about in the world, and to have every experience possible, to make up for the childhood he lost.


  • Ray speaks eight languages and is extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of every major nation in the world, and knows a great deal about the local areas his fellow prisoners were from as well
  • The only child Ray’s age in the cages was his sister; everyone else was far older than him except for Bobby, who is only nine months old.
  • Ray is uncomfortable in small spaces, but only becomes afraid if they’re also damp
  • Ray doesn’t consider Sven his dad because he knows Sven only does dad things because Rhonda wants him to. Rhonda has never told Ray who his father is and he’s never asked, but he’s pretty sure he knows anyway
  • Upon being released from the cages and trying many new things, Ray has discovered that he’s allergic to silver, peanuts and honey
  • Ray refuses to hide his ears and tail anywhere he goes, no matter how weird people think they are. He spent his whole life hidden away and he’s not going to hide himself again
  • Ray has no sense of modesty, but also likes being able to wear a variety of clothes now that he has access to them
  • Sometimes Ray sees people looking at him and worries that they’re agents of the Sorcerer King coming to put him back in a cage, and he clings very close to Cal for a while without telling him why
  • Ray mostly sexually likes boys, but he also sees no reason to close himself off to new experiences, and has therefore been sexually active with a number of girls as well. If he’s seeking out a sex partner he usually seeks out a boy; all of his encounters with girls so far have been initiated by the girl in question
  • Ray has enough evidence to accept the premise that people find him sexually appealing, but is still learning what to do with that information. He finds his occasional forays into prostitution to be extremely fulfilling and plans to continue those
  • Ray keeps a detailed and organized journal of everything he does, broken into subcategories for what food he ate, what places and things he saw, who he met, any new cultural practices he observed or participated in, what sexual activities he participated in, what cats he encountered, what clothes he wore, and several other categories he considers important
  • Knowing there are other places like the one he grew up in, with other people trapped in them, makes Ray angry. He is determined to find them all and rescue the people inside them


  • “So what? He’s old. He’ll probably die in a few years. You should kill him.”
  • “I know you’re probably busy and stuff but I just wanted to…well I want to say thank you for killing the monster and stuff. It was really cool, is all I mean. And…not that I think you’re cool, just that what you did with the demon was kind of cool, and…are you even listening to me? Hey, come on, at least say hello!”
  • “I heard that there are old buildings underneath the big pond in the middle! Gail said that they’re really old churches!”
  • “I want to hear it! I want to hear all the stories about everywhere you’ve been! I want to go everywhere! I want…I want to do what you guys do. I want to see everything I’ve heard about. And I want to meet more people and hear more stories so I can see those things too.”
  • “Why is it called Teown’s Sound? There’s no sound there, right?”
  • “You guys talk about dicks a lot. Like a lot.”
  • “Shark dragon sounds way cooler.”
  • “I guess you have to have given yourself a big something, it may as well be your brain since it’s not anything we can see.”
  • “Hey! Don’t pull my tail, you pervert!”
  • “Next time you turn into God and start freaking out I’m going to kick you in the balls extra-hard.”
  • “I…I know about pregnancy and semen and orgasms and masturbation and all that. I learned about it from Sven a few months ago. And I know about or-oral sex and anal sex and other stuff!”
  • “Whatever, I forgot to masturbate today.”
  • “I think I should tell you all about the subjunctive mood now. Shut up and listen.”
  • “Okay. Hi, Greg. My name’s Ray.”
  • “What if he hates me forever?”
  • “I just, I’m sorry, I’m sorry and I don’t know what I did but please let me fix it.”
  • “He…he rescued me from something awful. I think I was in love with him from the minute I saw him. I didn’t think that he could do anything bad. I didn’t think…”
  • “You…want to have sex with me? Really?”
  • “Are…are you okay? You have that weird ‘I’m going to try to blow up the world’ look again.”
  • “I, um, grew up in a prison. Like in an actual cage, for my whole life. And I’m free now. Darby and Cal freed me. But sometimes if I’m in a small room I feel like I’m still there. Sometimes I hear water dripping and I can see the bars in front of my eyes. Sometimes the things that remind me of it are weird and I don’t know they’re coming.”
  • “I hope so too. If it helps, um. You could call me Black Sky, instead of Ray. Raymond is a boring old man’s name anyway.”
  • “Hello. I’m Black Sky. It’s okay if you don’t want to call me that since it’s technically a dog name, but I thought that might be preferable to my human name. What’s your real name? I don’t really need to pee that much, I just said that so I could have an excuse to get up from the table and come pet you without everyone thinking I wasn’t cool. I know it’s silly to worry about being cool in front of humans, but these humans are the coolest people I know and I like them a lot, so it’s actually very important.”
  • “I’ve recently learned the importance of giving people permission to touch me, so I want you to know that if you’d like to touch my ears or tail or other body parts you have permission to do that.”
  • “Thanks. I’m going to go make out with more people and see if I can find Minstrel and also go to the privy since I forgot before. But I’m going to come back and give you a blowjob later and also I’m having a lot of fun, Cal, I know we haven’t actually gone anywhere yet but I’m having so much fun and this is everything I’ve ever wanted and I really love you and I’m so grateful to you because you’ve really given me actually everything I’ve ever wanted for real.”
  • “They saved me and my family. They’re going to save yours too, and they’ll find somewhere safe for you to live, or help you find your families if you want.”


  • Ray feels that the Sorcerer King really ought to have done him a solid and given more of his prisoners feline attributes
  • Ray finds it impossible to lie when someone touches his nose
  • Ray learned about sex from Sven before being freed from the cages, but nobody thought he was old enough to have it so aside from masturbating at night, he never had any sex with anyone until he started giving Grey Rain blowjobs after being freed, then started having sex with Cal and his team
  • Aside from his ears and tail, Ray also has retractable claws and the abilities to see in very low light and to lick his own balls
  • Ray plans never to tell Cal that he is the one who coined the term Calvinists to refer to his group
  • Because Rose is shier than Ray, instead of going out and finding someone who could educate her, she just asked her brother about sex in the newfound privacy of their shared bedroom at Gavin’s house. Ray was happy to demonstrate things for her, resulting in them having sex several times
  • Ray is still half-sure that when he gets older he’ll grow fur
  • Ray has a tendency to stick his head into things and then get stuck in them; he did this with the cage bars several times as a child and has done it with several pots and jars now that he’s free
  • Not counting the orgy, Ray has had forty-one sex partners to date, generally finding one or two in every town he has stopped through with Cal. He keeps track only so his records are accurate
  • Ray would like to have sex with a dog someday, just to see how it compares to having sex with a werewolf
  • Ray is really excited for summer, because he has heard good things about it

Modern AU: Modern Ray grew up in a dilapidated apartment complex that the mob had trapped his family in through a passport scheme, and was never allowed to leave to attend school or do anything that would prove his existence to the outside world. When some urban explorers found his building thinking it was abandoned, he and his family were rescued by a local billionaire and now live somewhere much nicer, where Ray is allowed to exist, participate in society, play DnD, have sex with people, be a brat and do basically whatever else he wants, which has overall been really beneficial to his social life and emotional development.

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