Bertrand, The Tower

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“Don’t worry,” said Gray, smiling up at Bertrand. “You’ll have lots of fun.”

Bertrand nodded, unconcerned. “I trust you, lad.” He’d have likely had more fun staying in the inn cellar with Gray for further hours after slaying the slimes, but the boy had insisted on taking Bertrand to this party that was occurring this eve in an abandoned tower, and who was Bertrand to deny such a bright-eyed youth?

So they’d dressed and come here to this old tower. Voices were present inside, indicating that the party was already begun, and Grey knocked on the four five times in quick succession, followed by a sixth time a few seconds later.

A small window opened atop the door. “Password.”


“That’s not the password, Gray,” a man’s voice sighed.

“And the password thing is stupid when you know who I am, Blaine,” Grey said, rolling his eyes. “I have a guest. He’s cool.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, no, because I couldn’t get him take his cock out of my mouth long enough for me to ask him. Sir Bertrand, you’re cool, right?”

Blushing at the boy’s uncouth brazenness, Bertrand nodded. “Uh, yes. Verily, lad.”

“See, verily. Will you open the door?”

With an audible sigh, the door was opened, and Gray led Bertrand into the tower.

Bertrand paused, shocked by what he was seeing. Across the floor of the tower were men his age and older, and boys Grey’s age and younger, and they were all of them copulating in every conceivable position. Bertrand’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on a boy penetrated by three men, pleasuring two others with his hands. Even Blaine the doorman had his sword buried in a young lad’s throat as he shut the door behind them, locking it firmly. “Gray…”

Gray smiled, taking off his shirt. “When I saw how eager you were to show me your sword, I thought this would be your kind of place,” he said. Within seconds he was nude again. “Come on, get naked and I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

Bertrand had never undressed so quickly. Gray took his hand and led him into the tower, telling him names and introducing him to as many people as he could, particularly the adult men.

Bertrand made many friends quite quickly, and within a few minutes one of his new friends had offered him a freshly-fucked boy—his own son, in fact—to penetrate.

Though he’d only planned to stay in Teown’s Sound a few days, Bertrand decided right then that he’d stay for several weeks, maybe even longer. Maybe, just maybe, Bertrand had finally found a place to call home.



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