Character Profile: Garrett

Name: Garrett son of Gray, Garrett Gillespie (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Shale Sun

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Isaac of Clearwater (boyfriend), Thomas, Hemi, Vinnie of Merket (roommates)

Family Relationships: Gray son of Garth, Pascal of White Street (fathers), Piper daughter of Pascal (sister)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Missionary, top

Kinks: Dirty talk

Orgies Attended: Academy Shower Room OrgiesThe Isaac of Clearwater Memorial OrgyThe Peter Swiftheart Birthday Party OrgyThe Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The son of two miners, Garrett was born in the foothills of the Amaran Mountains and spent much of his childhood in a tin mine, exploring and looking for interesting things and not really finding them. He didn’t really want to be a miner when he grew up and his dads always told him they wouldn’t be disappointed if he left to go do something else, which was good, since he developed magic upon starting puberty and had to go live in the capital to study magecraft. Garrett’s student career at the academy has been quite normal, he’s made a good number of friends and he hasn’t really decided what to do when he graduates in a year, though he wants to stay in Three Hills. Garrett has recently started dating Isaac of Clearwater, fulfilling an ambition he’s had almost since meeting him, and so is pretty content with where he is in life at the moment.


  • Garrett was assessed as a Light mage who couldn’t use the other Pillars. Since Isaac showed him Dark, he’s found it’s easier to work with than Light
  • The mine where Garrett’s parents work is the southernmost mine in the Amaran Mountains and currently belongs to Franz DiGorre; Garrett’s family learned about this not long before he left for the capital and his dads weren’t very happy about it
  • Garrett and his sister were two of the only children in the mining encampment; most of the other miners’ families lived in the nearby town called Tin Spoke, so Garrett didn’t have many friends growing up
  • Garrett finds it mildly annoying that when he wants to have shapeshifting magic cast on his body, he’ll have to go to a wizard despite having spent several years learning magic himself, and feels that this is evidence that the fivefold division of magic is stupid
  • Since he’s about a year from graduating and isn’t planning to do an apprenticeship, Garrett has started vaguely looking for somewhere to live in Three Hills, mostly trying to figure out what part of the city he’d like to live in—and is likely to be able to afford
  • Garrett always wanted to live in a big city with lots of people, and loves Three Hills now that he’s there
  • Garrett was once trapped in the mine by a cave-in and spent three days in a very small hole covered by rocks before he was dug out; he has been claustrophobic ever since
  • Because he was learning to be a miner and had done some work in the mine, Garrett can easily tell the difference between different types of metal and also several different types of stone
  • Around the same time Garrett left, Piper also left home to apprentice as an accountant for the orchard a few kilometres away, where she still works. Garrett writes to her every few weeks when he writes to his parents
  • Garrett doesn’t have much in the way of career ambition, but he would like to do something that helps people. He’s pretty good at healing magic, so he thinks he might open a healer’s shop


  • “Take your time. Casts a bit of a pall if you fall down the stairs.”
  • “Knowing it gets better doesn’t make it better now.”
  • “Once I forgot what frogs were for two seconds.”
  • “I know you probably thought I was a really great student, but I’m just sort of middle of the road. Sorry to disappoint.”
  • “Am I right in assuming you’re angling to have sex with me too?”
  • “Liar. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that being nice isn’t special, Isaac.”
  • “Maybe you’re a good influence. Maybe I want to hold you to the promise you made. Or maybe I was worried that you’d never wake up and now I want to make sure you know how much I want you around.”
  • “Sometime we’ll talk about the fact that you were going to do it alone when you have dozens of people who’d go with you without even asking why.”
  • “That’s not Nicholas. That can’t be…that can’t be Nicholas…”
  • “This chosen one stuff is harder than you make it look. That was really a demon, huh?”
  • “Girls are really into you being thoughtful and kind and funny? Wild.”
  • “Let’s have a good time tonight, okay? You can worry about saving the world tomorrow.”
  • “Would you have time forever for the whole rest of your life?”


  • All of the common spaces in the mining encampment were mixed-gender, and Garrett was glad when he came to the academy and there was an all-boys’ dorm. He feels more comfortable there
  • Garrett started losing muscle after he stopped doing manual labour every day, so now he works out for an hour every morning
  • Garrett didn’t have a lot of people to mess around with growing up, but he did experiment with Piper twice, which was enough to tell him he wasn’t interested in girls
  • Garrett doesn’t really care about having a dick, but he would like to be able to pee standing up
  • Garrett has always been frustrated by his own attraction to Thomas, who is his best friend and is very hot, but whom Garrett also thinks is a jerk. They have fucked several times, but Garrett could never let it be anything but casual
  • Garrett was always fairly reserved sexually and never did much with other boys (except Thomas) aside from a few circle jerks, even preferring to shower on his own. Lately he’s found himself far more interested in participating in dorm horny activities, which he attributes to Isaac’s influence
  • Garrett dated a fletcher’s apprentice named Cole for about six months in his first year at the academy, but they broke up after a series of arguments where Garrett thought Cole was trying to be too controlling. He’s dated a few other people since then, but never for very long
  • Garrett wishes the academy shower room had a bath as well. He sometimes pays to go to private bathhouses, but not often because they get expensive for people who don’t want to use the common bath with everyone else
  • Occasionally, Garrett will wear his strap-on inside himself during the day, which nobody has ever learned about and which always results in him having several orgasms during his classes
  • Garrett often sings to himself when he’s studying alone

Modern AU: Modern Garrett is a recent graduate from Saint Sebastien’s Academy and is now a first-year university student, taking mostly distribution classes without much thought about what his future major might be. He rents a house with his old dorm roommates (and Hemi’s girlfriend), which is mostly paid for by Thomas’s parents but which he contributes to the rent on by working part-time at the university’s newspaper. Garrett is dating Isaac, whom he makes an effort to see frequently now that they’re not living in the same dormitory. When he’s not studying or working or hanging out with his roommates or boyfriend, Garrett likes ice skating, hockey and comedy shows, and is thinking of taking classes to teach him stage magic.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Garrett

    1. It is not! That orchard is to the northeast, a few days due north from High Haven. This one is south of the Amaran Mountains.

      I thought about having Garrett be from near that orchard for the Significant Connection, but in my mind he was already from southern Dolovai, haha.



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