Villain, 88

It’s So Weird How Talking to Someone You Love Can Suck So Much

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After being in James’s stupid forest for so long, being back in the castle was a welcome change. It didn’t suck as much as Todd remembered, though that might be mostly because most of the guards he’d really hated were dead. It was nice to have the routine of his work back. He’d get up, do his chores, get fucked a few times, eat a few meals, get fucked more, go to sleep. It was normal.

He’d thought he might start getting fucked less often, too, not because there were less guards—there were only so many hours a day and he could only take so many cocks at once, a hundred guards couldn’t all fuck him every day—but because they had so many more holes to stick them in now that Sam had made it so that some of the guards were butt-boys too, and because of all the dragons who were there for them to put their cocks in. But he hadn’t noticed an actual decrease, because a lot of the guards seemed nervous to fuck the dragons, so Todd was still getting most of it.

The only impediment to them fucking Todd had always been the time it took to get their cocks out, and now that none of them could wear clothes, there was literally nothing between them and him anymore. Now the only thing between them and him was their cock cages, and that was hilarious.

Not that Todd had laughed at any of them, of course. That was a good way to get his ass kicked in addition to fucked. But seeing how miserable so many of them were in their little cages that made it look like they barely had dicks at all was quickly making Todd learn why so many of them had liked to push him around seeing him in his.

Yesterday, Jo had been on the last day of a week in his cage and had actually been kind of nice to Todd when nobody had been around, had patted him on the back like a loser and told him he was cute. Today, he had Todd bent over a hay bale in the stables and was pounding him as hard as he could, calling Todd every name he could think of. Maybe having his cage off had reminded him to be an asshole, or maybe he was trying to make sure that Darren beside him knew that he hadn’t actually liked being a butt-boy last week.

Darren was doing the same thing fucking Arthur, which made Todd angry because only he was supposed to call Arthur names, and also turned him on because Arthur was fucking hot bent over a hay bale.

So it was a struggle, but fortunately the hay was scratchy on Todd’s front so he was able to focus on hating it like a normal person while he waited for it to be over. It went on for about the usual amount of time, maybe twenty minutes or something, Todd didn’t fucking know how to tell time. Anyway, eventually Jo came and that was what mattered, because it meant he was fucking done fucking Todd unless he wanted to go again, which he shouldn’t because he had to get back to work.

Of course, his unit was in charge this week, so maybe he didn’t.

But no, he pulled out, still chatting to Darren, who gave a hard thrust, called Arthur a dumb whore, and then pulled out and came all up his back. And the two of them walked off, chatting, like Todd and Arthur weren’t even there.

Whatever. Todd got up, brushing hay off his chest, and sat on the hay bale, looking at Arthur, waiting for him to get up. He did after a second, also brushing off. He smiled at Todd. “Don’t fucking smile, you just got fucked over a hay bale by someone you thought was your friend,” Todd told him.

“I never thought Darren was my friend.” Arthur stretched, sat beside Todd with a wince. He scratched at his caged dick. “These suck, how do you wear one all day every day?”

Todd rolled his eyes. He didn’t expect Arthur to get it, even if Arthur did get it. “I don’t have a fucking choice.” This would be so much less annoying if Arthur would just fuck him, but he fucking couldn’t, now could he? Stupid Sam, making him talk to Arthur.

“Mm-hm,” Arthur said, kissing Todd’s temple. “Okay. I need to get back to work.”

“Yeah, me too,” Todd muttered. He had to clean the rest of the stables. “See you later.”

“Try not to sound too hopeful.”

“I’m not. I just meant that you’re such a dumbass I know you’ll come find me again later.”

Arthur smacked Todd across the face, and Todd shut his eyes. Then Arthur kissed the spot where he’d smacked. “You free tonight?”

Todd nodded. Derek hadn’t wanted Todd in his bed since he’d been back. His new bed, in his new room, near Sam and Henry’s. Todd had their room—his old room—to himself again.

“Okay. My shift ends after sundown. I’ll come sleep with you. See you,” he said.

Todd watched him go, feeling hot. Arthur was wearing a sword—Sam had decided that the guards who were getting it up the ass all day were the only ones allowed to wear swords, Todd guessed because they couldn’t use their other ones—and he tightened his belt, on which also hung the knife Todd had given him.

He averted his eyes. How was he supposed to look at Arthur when he was dressed like that? He looked like a dumbass. So he just looked at the hay bale until Arthur was gone, scowling. Arthur had looked back at him, which he wasn’t supposed to fucking do.

Todd would chew him out for tonight in bed, but for now he went back to mucking out the stupid stables, wondering for the millionth time why they even fucking had stables when none of them ever went anywhere. And if they did go anywhere, they could ride on dragons now.

Todd snorted. Maybe the dragons could live in the stables. They were living in a corridor in the north wing of the castle, four to each room, and they kept complaining about it, but not where Sam could hear. Maybe Todd would suggest to Derek that they make the dragons sleep out here with the horses. He’d taken Todd’s last suggestion about the cock cages, hadn’t he? Maybe he’d…

“Hey, Todd.”

Todd jumped at Derek’s voice. Like he’d been fucking summoned because he’d heard Todd thinking about him. “Hey,” he said, not pausing in his work. Derek wandered into the stables, petting one of the horses on the nose. It tried to bite him, and he withdrew his hand. “Did you need something?”

Derek nodded vaguely, coming to sit on the hay bale Todd had been bent over earlier. He absently touched one of the scars on his belly. He wouldn’t tell Todd where those had come from. Or, more plainly, he wouldn’t tell Todd who’d stabbed him. It didn’t matter. Whoever it was, he was definitely dead. Todd kept working, keeping an eye on Derek, who was sitting at an angle, like Todd and Arthur hadn’t flattened the top of the hay bale for him.

Derek beckoned Todd over, so Todd came, putting his pitchfork down. Derek pulled him into a hug, wrapping his arms around Todd. He was cold to touch. Todd hugged him back. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Derek said, into Todd’s shoulder. “I just wanted a hug. You smell kind of bad.”

“Horses shit a lot.”

“Yeah.” Derek giggled. “That’s okay. I need you to scare the dragons for me, can you do that?”

“Uh…how the fuck am I supposed to scare a dragon?” Todd wasn’t exactly intimidating.

He could feel Derek smile like he was doing it with his whole body. Hugging him felt a bit weird. Derek was fat, and Todd felt like he could feel his bones. “Just tell them about what happened to you when you upset the king. They think they can bully Sam into doing what they want, and I’d like them to realize what happens to people who think that.”

“Oh,” said Todd. Todd had…gotten so used to getting fucked constantly, to getting treated like shit by everyone. He’d gotten so used to it that he’d forgotten it was a punishment for something he’d actually done, and not a punishment for just existing.

He’d forgotten…fucking Arthur had made it fun for him, and Todd had forgotten that he wasn’t supposed to fucking like it.

Todd swallowed. Thank God Derek had shown up and reminded him that he was supposed to feel like the shit he smelled like. “Yeah,” he said, nodding. His heart was pounding so hard he couldn’t feel Derek’s heartbeat. “I can do that.”

“Great, thank you.” Derek kissed Todd’s shoulder. “Go have a bath first, okay? Someone else will finish cleaning the stables.”

“Okay.” Derek hadn’t let him go.

Derek sighed, holding Todd for another minute. “Okay,” he said. He loosened. He didn’t let Todd go, he just seemed to loosen. “Sleep in my new bed tonight, okay? I miss you.”

Todd swallowed, thinking of Arthur. “Yeah, okay,” he said. At least this saved him having to deal with sappiness. His chest hurt.

“Awesome. See you tonight,” Derek said, finally releasing Todd. “Love you.”

“L-love you, Derek,” Todd said. Derek was still sitting on the hay bale, so Todd left the stable, heading for the castle baths. It would probably take him a half hour to get there.

He sniffed at nothing on his way there and wiped his face. Maybe he was getting a cold or something. Wouldn’t that fucking suck.

Wouldn’t that just fucking suck.

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4 thoughts on “Villain, 88

  1. I’m starting to suspect that this pattern of Derek coming in and ruining any happiness Todd might have found for himself is entirely deliberate. Because Derek can’t have his position as Todd’s only anchor and safe harbor and source of solace threatened, now can he?


    1. I do think there’s a deliberateness to Derek’s behaviour, yes. In his last PoV we saw him think to himself that Todd was happy without him before immediately and without provocation going to ruin that for him. You’re right, Derek wants to be the the only solid thing in Todd’s life, and if he has to accomplish that by unmooring Todd from everything and everyone else, he will.

      The only saving grace here is that if the amount of time he took to do this is any indication, he may be starting to lose interest in Todd. We just have to hope he does that before he completely isolates Todd from everyone but him.



      1. I wonder how much of that is Derek’s natural manipulative tendencies, and how much is the side-effects of being resurrected as a centipede-infested undead abomination by the Demon of Ceaseless Hunger. Don’t think I missed that line about him being cold to the touch.


        1. I’m glad you didn’t! Derek is definitely nowhere near as human as he used to be. And we’re definitely in a position with Derek right now where it’s hard to tell him from Scott at times, so it’s very possible that some of his possessiveness is more about Scott wanting to have/eat All The Things rather than his own personal feelings. I’m sure if you asked Derek he’d tell you that he has it under control and he’s just the same as he always was, but that’s clearly not true. 🙂



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