Character Profile: Robby

Name: Roberto son of Rosalyn, Roberto Johnson (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Robby, Honeybird

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Build: Lean

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Sir Edwin the Stalwart and Sir Erik Carpenter (brothers), Hope, Matthias, Aiden, Alexi (friends)

Family Relationships: Merle and Rosalyn of Techen’s Stand (parents), Millicent of Techen’s Stand (sister)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: On his knees in front of his brother

Kinks: Incest, public sex, bondage

Orgies Attended: Priestly Orgies, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born in the small, mountainous traveller’s town of Techen’s Stand, Robby is the second child of the owners of the local general store, which he sometimes helps out in. Having always dreamed of becoming a knight, Robby was overjoyed at getting to meet some who were close to his age, especially when one of them turned out to be the actual best person he’d ever met. After that meeting, Robby fell prey to a local mind control cult and became one of its priests for a few months, during which he and several of his friends were forced to do a number of things they didn’t want to do. Now freed from the cult’s influence thanks to his brother, Robby has killed his former god and is planning to enroll in the knights’ training school like he always wanted, though he’s recently been told that he’s likely to have to cross-enroll at the academy for magecraft as well, which he’s less interested in, but willing to do since he knows his family would be proud of him for it.


  • Robby used to ask every traveller who came into the general store about the places they were from, and would give them discounts if they told good stories. Now he can go to all the places he wants, but he still gives people discounts sometimes
  • Robby met his first party of knights when he was six. He’s wanted to be one ever since, despite his parents telling him they were deadbeats
  • Robby has never felt bad about not wanting to take over his parents’ store, even though they want him and Millicent to do it together. He knows they’ll be proud of him no matter what he does
  • As one of Lyren’s priests, Robby had no choice but to do as he was ordered. He enjoyed most of the sex he had, despite it being against his and his partners’ wills, and is still trying to reconcile that. He knows he wasn’t responsible for anything he did under Lyren’s control, but if he were brought to trial he knows he’d still plead guilty
  • Robby was supposed to enslave Edwin more than once but couldn’t do it, and Lyren and Drew ended up rescinding their orders because they feared forcing the issue would break Robby’s compulsion
  • Robby sometimes still worries that his thoughts aren’t his own, and he’s afraid he’ll have that doubt for his whole life, but he knows he loves Edwin and that helps ground him
  • Robby wanted Edwin to be his brother more than anything. He never counted on getting Erik too, but he’s ecstatic that he ended up with two brothers instead of one
  • Now that he knows he’s going to be a mage soon, Robby has started reading books about magic in libraries to get a headstart, because he knows it’s the only way the mages’ academy will let him stay enrolled at the training school, which is far more important to him
  • After killing Lyren, Robby doesn’t know if he can live in Techen’s Stand anymore
  • Robby has been practicing with Edwin and Edwin’s friends and has already started picking up muscle mass; he hopes to grow up and be just slightly smaller than Edwin


  • “You’re outside. And this is my house. I can watch you if I want.”
  • “Are…you coming back again tonight?”
  • “When you didn’t come back everyone was super worried, but I knew you’d be fine.”
  • “I hope she does. I know it’s her decision so I’m not going to say anything to her or anything. But I hope she does. I’d like to be an uncle.”
  • “I’m saying I’ve wanted to suck your dick since the last time I touched it.”
  • “You never said I couldn’t fuck you and suck your dick.”
  • “I can’t believe the prince just gave you a castle. A castle, Edwin!”
  • “Wait, actually? You think of me like that? Like a brother?”
  • “I was thinking we should have like a sex dungeon. You know, for whipping people sexily and stuff. I guess we can put it in the cellar if there’s room?”
  • “There’s no such thing as an embarrassing dick, just different shapes of awesome dicks.”
  • “What’s the point of having an older brother if you can’t wait until he’s not supervising you and then eat all his food?”
  • “I’m sorry. I know it’s not your fault. But I have to stop him. And that means I have to stop you.”
  • “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay now, Drew.”
  • “People keep telling me I was brave and heroic, but I wasn’t, Edwin. I was just scared and angry.”


  • Robby is allergic to horses, which always makes him sad because he thinks stables are cool
  • Robby likes having his own room at Stag Keep not for the privacy but solely because he’s never had a space that was entirely his before
  • Robby’s very first sexual experience was messing around with Hope, and then later with Alexi and Aiden together. They never did anything penetrative. Giving Edwin a handjob was the first time Robby had approached someone with explicitly horny intentions
  • Robby likes to have new clothes to wear fairly often. He used to save up all his spending money to get the tailor in Techen’s Stand to make him new clothes. Now he uses Edwin’s money and goes to a variety of tailors in the capital. The only time he doesn’t wear new clothes is when he wears clothes he’s taken from Edwin
  • No matter what day of the week it’s actually on, Robby always thinks his birthday is in the middle of the week and he isn’t sure why
  • After his encounter with Edwin, Robby was much more curious about sex generally and ended up initiating a sexual encounter with Millicent over their shared horniness for Edwin. They decided not to do it again after the first time, and Robby further decided that he wasn’t into girls
  • Over the course of his enslavement in the cult, Robby had sex with over a hundred people at Drew and Lyren’s behest. He considers the time he fucked Edwin in the bath to be the day he lost his anal virginity
  • Robby loves heights because he loves being able to see really far and imagine what must be just beyond where he can see
  • Robby is pretty sure that Edwin is the best sex partner he’s ever going to have, but he feels it’s his duty to have sex with as many other people as possible, just to confirm that
  • Now that Robby’s world has broadened beyond Techen’s Stand, he is exploring a variety of new interests, including whips and chains, singing, recreational drugs, carpentry, baking, and martial arts

Modern AU: Modern Robby was a normal boy whose parents ran a convenience store, until he met the boy his sister had a one-night stand with, who immediately became his new favourite person and not just because he took Robby’s virginity in a public shower. Meeting Edwin changed Robby’s life and now he’s sure to be the best possible little brother so Edwin can be proud of him, and the best possible slut so he can be proud of himself. Robby is a frequent user of the boyHive app, a mobile game he has a mild addiction to, though he hasn’t played it lately. He also swims recreationally and competitively with a local team, a sport he got into so he could hang out with boys in bathing suits and kept up because he was good at it and liked the way he looked in a bathing suit. When he’s not swimming or at school, Robby helps out at his parents’ store, role plays with his group of friends, and spends as much as he can with Edwin, clothed and, more often, not.

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  1. So, there is a MAU kid named Roberto Johnson that is not Bob? It seems like they would get each other’s mail.


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